Jasper Irinka

The Child of The Sun

Name: Jasper Irinka (a girl)
Academics Skill: Ordinary
Sports Skill: Ordinary
Favorite Foods: Evildoers, Taiyaki
Blood Type: AB
Age: 15
Emotion XP: Players use gratitude hands (e.g., hand-on-fist bow, hand-to-heart, fistbump) because

  • their character’s gratitude to you/your PC reached the player’s heart;
  • you/your PC supported/played up their character concept/direction

Nature: the new Sun.
Anti-Nature: turn the black uniform looking jacket I usually have inside-out-around-my-shoulders right-side-out and put it on.
Favorite Scenes:

  • Getting confused about who and where you are?
  • Transforming in some unexpected and unplanned way?
  • Exploring Fortitude and the lower world?
  • Listening, wide-eyed, to old stories about the sun and the Bleak Academy?
  • Sitting out by the water and watching the clouds go by?
  • Putting on a little play with a collection of dolls or puppets?


When my powers mark you with a symbol of them, that usually means …

  • … jewelry with that symbol

I am prone to

  • develop distinct and obvious extra limbs.

I am more likely to have

  • a pair of flexible tendrils

I am more likely to go for

  • the imposing but embarrassing “sorry, this is going to be a bit freaky now” look?

I tend towards

  • Nerdy
  • Fancy

Mundane Abilities

Will 1


  • Courtly Manners 3. You’re very graceful.
  • Incarnation of the Sun 2. You’re in tune with the sun.
  • Riding 1. You’re familiar with horses and bicycles.
  • Art/Craft (your choice) 1. You’re familiar with something else.
  • Lore 1. You know scraps of secret lore about the sun, the sky,the lake, and the Bleak Academy beyond the



  • The Prodigy ** 2
  • Little Island** 1
  • Nightmares's Angel 1

Miraculous Abilities

Otherworldly (Child of the Ash) 1

Light to Encourage Hope
Invoke Light to Encourage Hope and you can communicate a feeling of hope, either using your mortal body and language or by mixing that feeling into the light radiated by the sun. After a few minutes, this qualifies for a Region Property, either where you are or anywhere in the sunlight (your choice):

There is Reason to Hope..
For 4 MP, you can invoke this instantly.

Once per book, you may fire off a tactical hope-burst of exuberance, lightheartedness, and cheer. This functions as a wish, though a fairly specific one — something like:
“I wish everything in this [[ situation/place ]] would be full of hope!”
For 4 MP, you can invoke this instantly
Wicked Mode
un-invert you jacket and untie it from around your neck and wear it properly to switch from "Hope" to "Inevitability" This changes the Region Property you create to
It can't be stopped.
Kaiju Form
Turn into a sun monster. It won't help unless you need to burn a lot of things, but you can do it. Normally takes several minutes. For 4 MP, do it instantly.
Mortal Form
Turn back from a giant sun monster
  • 1/book, between chapters.
  • For 1 mp, a second time or later time per book.
  • For 2, switch mid-chapter.
  • For 4, do it instantly.
Shed Scales
Invoke Shed Scales while taking a mundane action appropriate for a different size and, if you can overcome the appropriate size-related Obstacle, this power automatically re-scales you to somewhere between insect- and Regional scale where taking the relevant action with the relevant level of success is feasible.
  • 0 MP — starting mid-scene, adjust your kaiju form’s scale 1-2x/scene
  • 1 MP — starting mid-scene, adjust your kaiju form’s scale an additional time
  • 2 MP — starting mid-scene, adjust your kaiju form’s scale as often as necessary this scene
  • 4 MP — adjust your kaiju form’s scale as often as you’d like this scene.
Otherworldly Divination
By means of a quest, use your dreams to learn more about certain stuff.

Mystic (Primordial) 2.

Immortality (Arc Power)
damage and enchantment only has temporary, appropriate effects on you. For 1 MP, you recover 1-2 times mid-scene; for 2 MP, starting mid-scene, you shrug off everything; for 4 MP you're basically unaffected by the world around you.
Inspiring Radiance
The practical effect of this power is that if you say “I’m going to make a great dawn today” or “I don’t like this guy. I’m going to glare at him all day from the sky and make him uncomfortably hot” or something the HG should ask you for an action level instead of just squinting at you with a dubious look.
The Heart of the Sun
Spend a few minutes concentrating and you can send a mote of sunlight out into Town with your senses of sight and hearing in it. It can:
  • move through sunlit areas very quickly; Practically speaking, it usually takes around an hour to search a Region for a specific person-sized object that is visible in sunlight, but this is only an average
  • focus your senses to see and hear from any specific place in sunlight.
  • 0 MP — after a few minutes concentrating, send out a mote of sunlight to find/see/hear something
  • 1-4 MP — speed this process up
These are absolute and unquestionable truths:
  • You can digest anything you eat over the course of 2-3 hours, making it a part of you.
  • There is nothing that is notionally impossible for you to devour.
Connect to Someone
When you’ve spent a while talking to someone about their hopes for the future, their wishes, their dreams, you have the power to “hold” their dreams — to connect to them, take those dreams into yourself without taking them away from your target, and use those dreams to manifest a limb.
  • 0 MP — after a conversation, bind to someone’s dream or hope
  • 4 MP — skip the conversation & do this after a single (metaphorical) glimpse of their heart.

    While you hold their experience, your body changes and you gain a power. This manifests as:
    • an inconspicuous and probably pleasant physical or attitudinal change and a tiny power, like a level 2 Bond or level 1 Superior Skill, which you must “store” in an unwounded Normal Health Level;
    • a conspicuous but concealable physical or attitudinal change and a larger power, like an Affliction, level 2-3 Superior Skill, or a miraculous ability that you can use 1-2x/scene, which you must “store” in an unwounded Tough Health Level.
    • a disturbing and inhuman (though possibly aesthetic) physical or attitudinal change, with roughly the same power level as those stored in your Tough level, which you must store in an un-wounded Divine Health Level.

Current Limbs

  • Seizhi - Affliction "I am dressed in an appropriate way, a Princess in every place and time."
  • Leo - Red feathers that amplify air movements woven into her hair
  • Miramie - (this limb is weak and in the process of developing.) A pair of hair tendrils.
Sight of the Hopeful Heart
If you're “holding” someone’s hopes and dreams you can have an insight into their life and circumstances. They can emote to you from wherever they are, although there’s a level 4 Obstacle in the way of your parsing this to get detailed information.
  • 0 MP — someone whose dreams you hold can tell you what they’d want you to know
  • 1 MP — after a few minutes, know the rough location/status of such a person
  • 4 MP — know this information immediately
Sight of the Hopeful Heart [Powered Up]
Once per story, you may invoke Sight of the Hopeful Heart to know all kinds of things about someone whose dreams you hold. Specifically, this functions as a wish on the order of
“I wish I knew how to give you hope.”
  • 0 MP — know many things about someone whose dreams you hold 1/season
  • 4 MP — use this power a second or later time in a season
Sun Lights the Path
Invoke Sun Lights the Path when someone whose dreams you hold is lost or looking for something and any available sunlight (or light that can be described to resemble sunlight) will illuminate the path or thing. If they’re lost or confused in a more abstract sense, this power manifests as a temporary level 2 Bond for them — Sun Lights the Path
In particular, this means that the sun will light a path for them even if that doesn’t necessarily solve the problem they’re having — or even if it’s not clear to anyone at the table what a solution would look like or what a given path being “right” would mean. If they then follow that path, they’ll at least get a potential bonus on their mundane actions, potential Strike for their miracles, and most importantly, if it turns out to be the wrong path, or a path that gets them into trouble, they can earn 1-2 MP or some Will from that!
  • 0 MP — the sun lights the path for someone whose dreams you hold 1/week
  • 1 MP — use this power a second or later time this week
  • 2 MP — use this power a second or later time in a handful of hours
Sun Lights the Path [Powered Up]
Once per season, you can use Sun Lights the Path to illuminate a better-than-average path for someone.
This functions, effectively, as your choice of the following three wishes:
  • “I wish that there’d be something at the end of this journey that’s worth the trouble.”
  • “I wish that by the end of this journey you’ll understand that you’re worth the trouble.” or
  • “I wish that the sun would keep you safe on the course of this journey.”
  • 0 MP — 1/season, reveal an improved path with Sun Lights the Path.
  • 4 MP — use this power a second or later time in a season.
Limb to Create Hope / Limb to Devour Evil
Once per season, when hope is distant and far away, when darkness threatens to consume you, you can invoke Limb to Create Hope or Limb to Devour Evil and craft a new limb to resolve the situation. There’s something more raw and primal to this than a wish — the key rule for this new organ or limb isn't any of the wishing rules but rather that

This limb or organ must be instrumental in inspiring or invoking Hope,
or in suppressing Despair, Resignation, or Death,
in a meaningful and well-grounded way.
The HG assigns the transformation to one of your Health Levels — normally to a Divine Health Level, but the limb can use one of your subtler Health Levels if appropriate. It displaces a held experience if necessary and can even displace a wound. However, if it displaces a wound, the change is temporary: it lasts only as long as necessary to fulfill its function, and then, unless the wound would have healed by then, the change goes away and the wound returns.
Limb to Devour Evil [Powered Up]
0 MP — instead of warping your body when you use Limb to Devour Evil, warp the sun.
Mystic Quests
If you want to learn more about being the sun properly you have to kind of feel it out, exploring nameless and wordless sensations that hardly anybody else in the universe shares and nobody really has language for. Here’s how that works.
Over the course of a 15-XP Symbolic quest, you can:
  • develop a unique extension to your normal thematics and abilities that helps you with the problem — probably unnecessary because your main powerset covers most of this, but it could be useful if you’re ever stranded in the Antarctic with no MP and nobody’s hopes and dreams to hold; or
  • dissociate from your quasi-human self — you find yourself ripped from your life, given a new form, insights, powers, and location, in some fashion that fits with your nature as Hope and the Sun. Do you fly through the world as a bird of the sun? Manifest as a sun-dream in someone’s head? Preach to the fire people of some distant land?
    This quest miracle is usually a tradeoff between control and power: if you just let divine hope and the light of the world work through you, then you’ll do some pretty awesome things, but really, it’s just the HG doing them. If you insist on total control over the process, it’s like, you can maybe hear a few whispered words of the world talking to itself, walk through a wall or two, or gain a temporary level 1-2 Superior Skill.
    In the time you are not yourself, you will almost always hear a secret; when you return to being yourself, abandoning the quest, you will almost always wake up somewhere you weren't expecting to be.
    These powers aren't likely to be very useful, but they’re a part of growing up, so I’d recommend experimenting with them sometime anyway. Later on, when you’ve reached Primordial 3, you’ll be able to use this kind of quest to create powerful blessings and mystical servants instead.


The Prodigy 2
She fascinates you. You’re not sure why.
Little Island 1
You love Little Island, though you don’t feel ready to live there.
Nightmares's Angel 1
your heart spins faster and colder when you are near him.
you have 1 extra Divine Health level.
you have 1 extra Normal Health level.

Changing Things


Isolation 1

Mystery 3

Something to Deal With 2

It Never Stops 2




Arc : Primordial

12/100 xp.

Light of Hope.

9 XP Chibi-Quest
4 / 9
Bonus XP: Once per 15 minutes decide that you’ve done a good job at being the sun, say, “Ding!” or “Ting!” and claim an XP for The Light of Hope.

A Mortal Life

15 XP Quest
6 / 15
Bonus XP: Once per 15 minutes propose a theory about the lower world or the upper world, all scientific-like, to claim an XP for A Mortal Life.

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