The Wishing Boy

Name: Chuubo. I have a last name, I'm sure. No one ever seems to need it.
Academics Skill: Ordinary
Sports Skill: Ordinary
Favorite Foods: Teriyaki, Ice Cream
Blood Type: A
Age: 15

Nature: Secretly a river dragon, who turned human to enjoy things
Favorite Scenes:

  • Stressing out over simple things
  • Wandering Fortitude with a snack
  • Daydreaming

Mundane Abilities

Will 8


  • Domestic Tasks 2
  • Kindness 2
  • Good Smile 2
  • Sailing 1
  • Model-building 1


Miraculous Abilities

MP: 8 / 5

Knight (Reality Syndrome) 3

Effective Daydreamer
After a few minutes daydreaming, the area picks up the Region Property You can Perceive and Adjust Chuubo's Daydreams. For 4 MP, you can invoke this instantly.
Dreams Made Flesh
Once per week, you can use a daydream to interact with reality. For 1 MP, use it a second time this week; for 2 MP, a second time in a handful of hours; for 4 MP, you can invoke this instantly
Once per week, you can go to the Wish-Granting Engine and make a wish.

Wishing Map

  • Chuubo
    • Inventor of the Marvelous Wish-Granting Engine
      • peaceful
      • enjoys life
    • Self
      • A little lonely sometimes
    • Entropy, the Angel of Fortitude
      • Should be planted and turned into a tree of worlds one day
    • Leonardo, Nightmare's Angel
      • I definitely don't have a crush on Chuubo, where do you get these ideas?
    • Jasper, the Child of the Sun
      • is like the sister I never had
    • Seizhi, the Best Friend
      • is kind of goofy
    • Miramie, the Dream-Witch
      • is the key to my memories

Otherworldly (Child of the Ash) 0

Immortality (Arc Power)
damage and enchantment only has temporary, appropriate effects on you. For 1 MP, you recover 1-2 times mid-scene; for 2 MP, starting mid-scene, you shrug off everything; for 4 MP you're basically unaffected by the world around you.
After a few minutes, you give the place you're in the Region property Things Become More and More Peaceful.
once per season, make a grand mess of peace. For 4 MP, do it a second time in a book.
Dark Chuubo
wrap your tie around your head to be Dark Chuubo and invert the effects of Peaceful and Peace-splosion.
Kaiju Form
Turn into a giant snake. It won't help, but you can do it. Normally takes several minutes. For 4 MP, do it instantly.
It's Not Forever
Turn back from a giant snake, 1/season, between chapters. For 1 mp, a second time in a season. For 2, switch mid-chapter. For 4, do it instantly.
Otherworldly Divination
By means of a quest, use your dreams to learn more about certain stuff.


Affliction I am an ordinary boy (with a rating tied to the Calling Issue).
The Best Friend 2
The Dream-Witch 1
The Child of the Sun 1
you have 1 extra Divine Helth level.


Surface Wound
Bond 1: Chuubo's dreams belong to Chuubo!


Unassigned XP: 15

Emotion XP

Head-desking in exasperation

Precious Memories

15 XP Chibi-Quest

XP: 2 / 9

Bonus XP: Once per 15 minutes, emote that a scene is a precious memory, by, e.g., saying "Scrapbook".

Learning the Ways of Fortitude

25 XP Quest
XP: 6 / 15

Bonus XP: Once per 15 minutes emote, "Well, I'm learning the ways of Fortitude"

Wishing for Ease

35 XP Storyline Quest
XP: 0/21

Major Goals

  • You discover that something you were trying to give up/get rid of is actually important to you
  • You learn an important life lesson
  • A rival or enemy is making good use of your power — coming up "smelling of roses" as it were — even as your wish blows up in your face.

Bonus XP 1/Chapter, for:

  • A Wish becomes goofy and self-defeating
  • You double down and use one wish to fix another
  • A wish somehow strengthens the power of the Outside in Fortitude/your life
  • A wish somehow strengthens the evil former identity of the Dream-Witch
  • You're lured to a secret place
  • Trying to understand the changed world and the wish that caused that change
  • You have to make a public apology for a wish

Completed Quests


  • Calling 3
    • There's something wrong somewhere. You feel like there's something you need to do, something you've forgotten or haven't figured out. Maybe if you talked about it to your friends? Took a second look at your priorities and your routine?
  • Complex 4
    • You know your issue: __ You're supposed to be a hero, or something __. This is something you are not doing enough about. You have to try harder. Don't give up!. Say something like that to yourself, or even out loud, right now.
  • Trust 1

Lifepath Responses

  • Step 1: I am Chuubo, the Wishing Boy
  • Step 2: I am a river dragon, who turned human to enjoy things like bagel bites and comics. Well, I'm sure that's not really true, but that's what I pretend in my dreams. Or maybe that was just what I made up the time I wished for 'A really awesome daydream.'
  • Step 3: I am most often seen:
    • Stressing out over simple things
    • Wandering Fortitude with a snack
    • Daydreaming
  • Step 4: initial quests
    • I've always wanted to just live my life, and make precious memories with your friends.
    • Now I definitely want to find out who the woman in my dream is, and become her friend. Or maybe more than friend. I don't think I understand my feelings about her!
    • I'm probably looking to learn the ways of Fortitude life.
  • Step 5: Wishing map.
    • I'm skipping this for now. It's going to look more or less like the default.
  • Step 6: Connections
    • The Best Friend 2
    • The Dream-Witch 1
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