Book 1 Chapter 1

Total XP pool: 15

XP Actions taken:

  • Jasper: Slice of Life, talking to the Sun;
  • Seizhi: Slice of Life, talking with Chuubo;
  • Chuubo: Shared actions, talking with Seizhi;
  • Miramie: Shared Reaction, talking with Entropy;
  • Leonardo: Shared Action, talking with Miramie. +1 XP.
  • Miramie: Wicked, taking Leonardo's advice.
  • Entropy: Shared Reaction, opening up to Jasper +1 XP
  • Leonardo: (Suffer) Corruption, nightmares
  • Seizhi, Slice of Life, enjoying a dream
  • Entropy: Obsessive Action. wishing for clean hands
  • Chuubo: Ritual. making a wish, +1 XP
  • Jasper: Discovery. embarrassed fascination
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