Natalia Koutolika


  • Mathematics 3
  • Martial Arts 3
  • Dance 1
  • Student 1
  • Russian Émigré 0


  • Child of the Sun -1
  • Miramie 2
  • The Koutolika Family 1
  • Fortitude Rats 1


  • Cool 3
  • Mad Skills- Bond based on Hero rating. Natalia has mad skills (works only with skills rated 3+)
  • Frozen Heart- Affliction based off sickness rating. Natalia's heart is frozen solid. Receives protection from things which would make her think things are okay, makes it impossible to discern Natalia's well being and protects from all brooding induced damage. Also Natalia may sink into the wintery depths to control herself amidst even the worst transformations.


MP: 5

The Ace 3


Natalia may take the Be in Trouble action whenever she meets it's condition. Doing so earns her MP equal to the XP earned in this action.


Natalia has 3 miraculous will which may be spent on any mundane intention save magical skills or connections.

The Prodigy

Natalia is just that good. When she chooses her actions are perfect in timing and grace, beating anyone else's mundane intentions and just being perfect.

0MP- Take 1/2 perfect actions.
2MP- Starting Mid-Scene all your actions are perfect
4MP- All your actions are perfect this scene

Push Yourself

Natalia can do better than that. Add incredible strength or force to actions augmented by the Prodigy

1MP- Starting Mid-scene, push yourself past the prodigy's normal limits
4MP- Do so at the beginning of the Scene

Legendary master

Add perfect control and precision to any action.

2MP- Do so at the beginning of the scene
4MP- Do this at any time.

Anime Moment

And sometimes Natalia may need to outrace a laser.
4MP- Invoke arbitrary strength and speed. Take effectively impossible actions.


Peaceful Moments 2/15

Basic Quest: Natalia gets 1xp whenever she holds up a sign saying that she's enjoying a simple quiet moment in life. (The back tells her she doesn't have time for this.)

The Golden Snake of the Rooftops 10/25

Thaw Your Heart 24/25

Slowly Natalia's frozen heart begins to chill. She gets 1xp whenever she holds up a card reading "touched" whenever events have managed to reach Natalia, to break through the ice around her heart and get to her. The back reminds her that it will only end in pain.


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