Glugglug The Monster Merchant

One of money can get many of food. One of sword can get many of money. Many of food is better to eat than one of sword.
A character in the Rustic Vale: The Long Spring campaign.

Occupation: Hungry
Hobby: Trading things
Favorite Foods: Yes
Age: About a year since he started caring about such things
Trinket of Choice: His little red hat


  • Normal Health: 2
  • Tough Health: 1/1
  • Will: 8


  • Superior Gaping Maw 3
  • Too Adorable 2
  • Shopkeeping 1
  • Digestomancy 2

Non-Magical Techniques
- [Obstacle 0] eat ridiculously spicy/sour/bitter foods without any outward sign of discomfort
- [Obstacle 0] throw up on command
- [Obstacle 1] swallow and regurgitate inedible objects unharmed (stones, sword, goldfish, etc)

Magical Techniques
- [Obstacle 1] gain some sustenance from eating inedible things
- [Obstacle 1] learn some secret about something you have in your mouth
- [Obstacle 1] launch something in your mouth or stomach out of you with unbelievable force
- [Obstacle 2] gain deep insight into something you have in your mouth
- [Obstacle 2] take on the properties of something you just ate, often by manifesting some Tell or Accessory
- [Obstacle 2] store something in a timeless pocket dimension inside of your stomach OR in a somewhat-fragile stasis prison (bubbles, eggs, gems, etc)
- [Obstacle 2] consume vast quantities of food to repair physical or emotional damage
- [Obstacle 3] absorb all of the knowledge of a thing within you, making them a part of you
- [Obstacle 3] perform internal alchemy, fusing the properties of things you have inside of yourself
- [Obstacle 3] perform conceptual fission inside of your stomach - splitting two combined things (either created through internal alchemy or in some other way) — into their constituent parts

Performing Internal Alchemy has one of two effects. Either, you use it to grant yourself a very short-term ability that can be reasonably described as a combination of the things you've consumed — i.e. if you swallowed a fiddle and Principal Entropy it would make sense for you to gain the power to sing songs that transform birds into Ogres — OR allow you to regurgitate a chimera of the alchemized items — i.e. spitting out First Chair Entropy, a maestro whose viol drips with the black ichor of evil!

Arc Traits

  • Bond [2]: I must be able to eat anything
  • Affliction [0]: I cannot be attacked if I do not attack first


  • Connection: [2] - The Dark Woods
  • Connection: [1] -


  • Complex 1



  • Current Arc: A Monster of Rustic Vale (Mystic) (0)

Arc XP: 4/72
Free XP: 0

XP Actions (0/2 Used)

  • Emotion XP: Head-Desk
  • Genre: Gothic

Basic Quest: Paradigmatic

0 out of 9 XP

Description: Catch phrase "what does it taste like?"

Arc 1: Quest "Your Hungers (comedic)"

4 out of 15 XP

Description: Glugglug is super hungry, a void that things get tossed in.

3 XP Actions [0/2]:

  • You extravagantly avoid sating your hungers or passions on a willing volunteer because ‘they don’t get it’.
  • You try to cover up evidence that you’ve given in to your passions.

You can earn either of these bonuses repeatedly, up to a total of 6 XP.

1 XP/Chapter Actions

  • You bemoan your Vice while indulging in it.
  • You try to find deserving targets of your Vice.
  • Someone yells at you about something you did wrong.
  • You compare your Vice to some problem that someone else is having.
  • You use your Vice in a way that helps people out.
  • You resist indulging your Vice to avoid hurting someone.

Side Quest:

0 out of 0 XP


3 XP Actions:

You can earn up to two of these bonuses, once each, for a total of up to 0 XP.

1 XP/Chapter Actions

Completed Quests

  • None


A story.


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Will 8/8; special effects[/size]
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