Entropy The Second Rvm

The Angel of Fortitude

Name: Entropy (the Second) (a girl)
Academics Skill: Scholarly
Sports Skill: Hit - and - miss
Favorite Foods:Sandwiches, French Fries, chicken wings, ribs,apples, pomegranates, pudding
Blood Type: AB
Animal: Rabbit
Age: 22


  • A Map In Your Head 2. - You've got an eerie sense for how places are laid out.
  • Tinker 2 - You're pretty good at tinkering with stuff.
  • Vehicular travel 1 - You're familiar with getting around
  • I Know Somebody 0 - You might be familiar with somebody who could help out.
  • Superior Magister 1 - You're not quite human - For seeing the big picture, resisting social power plays and manipulation; also, for getting under people's skin - can give a point of Edge in an otherwise fair conflict based on any skill whenever you can bring it into play
  • Superior Land-Rule 2. - The creatures of your garden are safe for you.


The Child of the Sun 1 - What a charming child!


Cool 1 Anyone trying to hurt you, embarrass you, corrupt you, co-opt you, or mess with something you're actively watching/protecting takes a -1 penalty to their mundane actions.
Accessory: Your motorcycle, Jenkins. With this perk you can use your Health Levels (and implicitly your Immortality) to keep it from being stolen from you, misused, destroyed, corrupted without your player-level consent — if somone tries to steal it, for instance, you could wound one of your Health Levels to say, "No, they don't steal my bike, the battery is dead."
It's like a home to me.: The Evil World (The Evil Island, Circling the Sun) 1-2x per books, you can invoke this to have the HG describe something going on there — just a few sentences to help set the tone of the place. Also, the evil world has a level 1 Auctoritas against the influence of the Outside.
It's like a home to me:: The Streets of Fortitude - one of your gardens. Specifically, this refers to the paved streets, an the space between the residential streets and the houses. HG can do the same as the previous one. Also, a +1 Tool bonus to breathing freely.* (available to anyone who knows to claim it.)
It's like a home to me: School - another garden. Can invoke, same as in the other ones. Also! A level 1 Auctoritas against the influence of the Outside, a +1 Tool bonus to connecting to the ghost world of vice versa, a +1 Tool bonus to discovering strangeness (both Tools available to anyone who knows to claim the bonuses)
Connection: The Daughter of the North Wind what a charming child!
Connection: TBAbold text

Miraculous Arcs

Creature of the Light 2

Tireless (0 MP)
Type: Miraculous Action
A pool of 3 Miraculous Will, replenished every time you take an in-genre XP Action or share a scene with someone who does.

type: Imperial miracle Cost: —
Details to be added, page 498

The Auctoritas Magister
Type: Imperial Miracle Cost: —
Details to be added, page 499

Type:Miraculous Action, Major
Details tba, pg 500

Type:Miraculous Action
Details tba, pg 501

Type: Miraculous Action
Details tba, ohmygoodness this sheet is loooong

Open the Vault
Type: Imperial Miracle
You know the drill

Quests and XP

Emotion XP: Shivers

Mutable Things

Will: 8/8
Miraculous Will 3/3
MP: 5/5


Health Levels:

Free-Floating XP:

Active Arc:

  • Basic Quest -


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