Emmanuel Bogs

The Creepy Student/Older Brother

You did not know fear and it cost you your life. More importantly, your actions almost ruined your family. But they're safe, and you're dead.

Well, almost dead. You learned fear as you died, and that appears to have been enough to ward off Death. Or maybe it was the way the sun shone off your corpse even as it filled you with hope. You don't know, the moments of your death are a bit of a trip, but you retreated to your shadow and detached yourself from your old body.

You know fear now, is the important thing, and it is beautiful. Of course, it is also what keeps you in Horizon for now, ashamed to return to the Walking Fields. When you are innocent though, it shields you from harm.

You enjoy all the things that others fear, especially if you are also afraid of them. You think everything has something to teach you no matter how strange or specific. You're not sure what you want to do with your new life, but you'll figure it out eventually.

Emmanuel "Manny" Bogs

Academic Ability: Fair
Athletic Ability: Above Average
Blood Type: Straw
Favorite Food: Anything with spice, dissolving things in shadow mutes the taste.
Age: 15-16
Animal: Crow
Club: Art or Shop, possibly involved in a Sport


Your 'body' is an old shop project: a 5'11 metal skeleton you've cobbled together with burlap and leather functioning as skin and button eyes, the result appears to be a cross of a marionette and a scarecrow. Besides the school uniform (you wear the black and gold, you're not quite dead), you like to wear typical scarecrow and Halloween fare. You have a fondness for large hats of some kind, usually the scarecrow standard but you'll switch out for whatever your powers give you. Your face is fairly expressive, but as you're actually the shadow pulling your body, you move awkwardly. You appear fairly solid for a shadow.

Mortal Skills

Superior Shadow Entity 3 - You're a living shadow with fair tactile strength. You can also dissolve anything with food-dharma in you.
“It is good to fear, I think” 1 - You bring comfort to the innocent or insecure.
Scrapwork 2 - You're good at making things, provided you use a fair bit of metal.
Guardian 2 - You are more formidable than a sack and frame scarecrow would imply.
Guidance -1 - You learn, but you can't really teach yet.


  • Bond: My scarecrow is like a limb of mine - You've spiritually attached yourself to your scarecrow somehow.
  • Miraculous Power: The Empty Space Inside - Your body is a good way to hide things. Its Miracle Strength is equal to your Sentimental Arc.
  • Kagami 1 You sense something happening with the detective. Something that reminds you of your own struggles.
  • Frantic (No Perk Slot, comes with Arc)

Miraculous Arcs and Powers

Primordial 2

Principle: Fear (Fear is the Shield of Innocence)

You did not know fear, once, and it made you reckless. You once met a true monster in the darkness, and you knew not what to do. You should have been afraid.

Fear is what you need when you do not yet have wisdom. Only in rejecting wisdom does fear become a problem.

But fear can be beautiful.

Element: Shadows

You are a creature of shadows and lesser fears. You do not control darkness, that absence of light, where the great fears dwell. Maybe one day. For now, you are becoming a great shadow beast cast by your scarecrow puppet.

A Shadow Looms (Unnatural Action)
You can emote using nearby shadows. It's also possible, with practice, to use shadows for mortal actions.

I Can See You in the Dark (Scry)
You can create a shadow mote to search for something as long as there are other shadows to use as a medium.

All-Consuming Darkness (Digest)
It is notionally possible for you to digest and incorporate anything, provided you have the proper magics.

I Become the Things You Fear, that You May See Their Beauty (Binding)
You can talk to someone about their Fears, and you change to represent or guide them through those fears. If you are still attached to your body, these changes can include various hats and accessories or an uncanny valley replication of actions. You are always able to grow extra shadows.

You Cast a Long Shadow (Shared Witness)
You can gain an insight into the circumstances of someone whose fears you hold.

Your Fears May Protect You (A Distant Mood)
You can provide aid to those whose Fears you hold.

  • Literal Application: When one is lost, Shadows lengthen and darken around the most dangerous paths.
  • Bond: Your Fears Dwell in Shadows
  • Additional Literal Applications can be gained through a Perk.

Movie Monster Morph/Sudden Slasher Surprise (Evocative Transformation/Transform and Devour)
You transform in a way that invokes fear or removes one's sense of safety.

Wounded Angel 0

Dramatic: Terrible Apparition
You tend to appear to people in the throes of fear and desperation, especially when another aggressor is concerned.

Devices: Master of Your Fears
Whether its through your Haunting Beasts or Bound limbs, you gain renewed strength by exploiting your manifestation of another person's fears.

Superior Shadow Entity gains a Tool bonus when employing the manifestation of another person's fears. This Tool bonus is +2 when used against the very person that fear originates.

Divine Health
1 + Arc Level Health: Currently 1

Bound Emotions/Powers

Kagami (Divine HL)

Kagami's fear and confusion mainly centers around not knowing anything about where her powers come from or how she got them. This combines with the fact that she views herself as a screwup because she's a Vasili Shrine Maiden who never got bonded to an element and now she's gotten what she wanted, but she doesn't trust it. She's scared to accept it.


  • 0 MP - starting mid-scene, take 1-2 enhanced actions
  • 2 MP - starting mid-scene, all actions are enhanced
  • 4 MP - enhance arbitrarily many actions for a scene.

Manny allows his Kagami-shadow to act in his stead, his actions are possessed of Kagami's inner strength for a time, granting a +1 Tool bonus.

Vasalisa (Divine HL)

The fear that was taken was Vasilisa's fear of alienation and friendlessness. As such its power is to bind people to you and force them to be your friends.

Imperial Power

  • 0 MP - You may invoke this power 1/chapter
  • 1 MP - do so a second or later time per chapter
  • 2 MP - do so a second or later time in a handful of hours

By invoking this power, Manny and Vasalisa are considered members of a targeted group while this miracle is sustained. This doesn't create a history for them in the group, it just makes their presence in that group unquestioned.

XP And Quests

Free-Floating XP: 0

XP Emotion: Place your Faith (And an XP Token) in Emmanuel Bogs

Basic Quest

Life Lessons Everywhere
XP: 1/9
Any-Time Work and Study/Melodramatic Quest

You see lessons everywhere these days, even if they can be downright esoteric or of limited utility. Sometimes, disaster happens and where others would say "Maybe you shouldn't have…" or "I told you so" you only say "There's a lesson here, I think."

Wounded Angel 1

XP: 10/60

Wounded Angel Quest: Science (Simple) - Chuubo's Corebook (Edited Backer Draft July version, pg 651)
XP: 10/12
The revelations of the Crypt lead to a jaunt into the Ghost Realm. Dare you entangle yourself with Ghosts and other unfamiliar things?

3 XP options (6 XP total)

  • you fall under the burden of the quest: something explicitly puts the problem in

your hands, or you explicitly take it up;

  • you construct some sort of defensive perimeter.

1 XP options

  • witnessing the fates of the wicked
  • dragging other Main Characters into your work
  • proposing new theories about the subject of your investigation or calling—e.g., the Outside, tsukumogami, Bluebell Park, the Bleak Academy, or the Titovs.

Paradigmatic Quest Miracle: The Many Transformations of Kagami Vasali

You've offered Kagami a glimpse of her potential future by grafting a bit of your own nature to her. 1/chapter, gain an XP when proposing a theory regarding Kagami's journey or transformation.

Mutable Stats

Will: 8/8
MP: 5/5


  • Over His Head: 1
  • Calling: 2

Health Levels:
(WA) Divine:

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