Embarking On A Club Sponsored Expedition


Horizon School's Mystery Club is a place for the like minded to trade hints, hunt down leads, and, when necessary, gather a team to delve into the unknown. When the begin a club meeting to prepare for an expedition, this Ritual begins.

Specifically, the Ritual is officially invoked whenever the highest ranking member of a School Club, calls a meeting of that club to order by saying something like:

"I now call this meeting of the <Club Name> to order!"

Then everyone gets to do one of the following:

  • Explain what you know about the central Mystery at hand.
  • Add hints or mentions of other Mysteries that may or may not be related.
  • Reacting or emoting at a description made by someone else.
  • Describe your character's preparations (getting supplies, putting on war paint, buying snacks)
  • Describing or simply imagining what your expedition might entail.
  • Doing something that starts a different Ritual, if you can, and combining the two Rituals thereby

The Ritual ends when someone, usually the person who began the Ritual or the de facto leader of the group, says something like "Looks like we're ready. Let's go!"

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