Edony Marguerite

This version of Edony is a character from The Nightmare Before Pancake Week, played by ShadowWhispers

You are Edony Marguerite, the Exchange Student. You're not human. You were sent here, long ago, exchanged for someone from Soma Village, and you thought it was to help.

…but lately you aren't so sure.

A few weeks ago, your counterpart came to you in a mirror - the human boy you were exchanged with, a boy named "Chuubo" who grew up in the Halloween World - and he brought you a warning. Halloween is coming… and it's not going to be nice.

The Exchange Student

Academics Skill: Above Average
Sports Skill: Ordinary
Favorite Foods: Seaweed Crackers, Pickled Vegetables, Stinky Cheeses
Blood Type: O
Animal: Mouse
Age: 12
An Interesting Fact About You: You have a stuffed rabbit toy that originally came from the Halloween World.



  • Schoolwork 1
  • Fearlessness 1
  • Cloak of Night 2 (superior skill)
  • Night-Craft 2 (magic skill)
  • Changeling 2 (magic skill)


Emotion XP

  • Aww! XP


  • Basic Quest: The Boy in the Mirror
    • 1xp/Scene: Find a mirror or something mirror-like and say "You there?"
  • The Girl from Halloween
    • 3xp, up to three, once each:
      • Intruders break into your sanctuary.
      • Mirror-world information is helpful in the real world
      • You're in serious trouble, most likely in School.
      • Something associated with your parents shows up unexpectedly in play
    • 1xp/Chapter:
      • you want to run away to the mirror-world
      • you fix up your sanctuary/home/office/nest
      • you drag a friend into some kind of investigation
      • you tell stories of the real world to the mirror
      • you're forced to hang out with somebody
      • you get in a fight, probably over your heritage
      • you take on a new case, or pursue an ongoing one


  • Bond: On the Case (2)
  • Affliction: Inhuman (0)

Current Status

  • Health Levels
    • 2/2 Normal
    • 1/1 Tough
  • Resources
    • 8/8 Will
  • Issues
    • Sickness 1
  • Progress
    • Active Arc:
    • Quests
      • The Boy in the Mirror - 2/9xp
      • The Girl From Halloween - 5/21xp
    • Unspent XP: 0xp

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