The Trickster

Emily Kanda

  • Occupation: Student and absolutely nothing else!
  • Hobbies: Experimenting with the limits of her magic, hanging out with friends, exploring strange new worlds with the club
  • Academic Ability: Above average
  • Athletic Ability: Pretty good
  • Favorite Food: Fried tofu, red bean paste
  • Blood Type: O
  • Animal: Fox, of course



Fox Magic (Transformation) 5
Deceive 2
Academics 1
Helping out in a café 1
Superior Grace 1
Shine 2 (Knave of Hearts)

Connection: Justinia 1 - She's a blast to be around.
Connection: Migi 1 - I know what it's like to want to be something else.
Connection: Pari 1 - She saw me at my worst and I got to understand her trying to convince her of how I really am.


Shine 2 (Knave of Hearts)

Fox Magic 5
Since the fox spirit awoke in me, I've found a depth of skill with fox magic beyond what I ever knew.

Variable Bond: I must always repay a favor (Vice)
As Emily gives into her urges to manipulate the people around her for her amusement, the universe and her nature binds her with arcane rules governing behavior.

Add this bond to intentions aimed at repaying a favor, whether directly fulfilling it or bringing you in a position where you can.

Should you get in trouble trying to repay a favor - you cross the student council trying to get somebody out of disciplinary action, or you cross the Headmaster of the Bleak Academy to make him relinquish the hold of the Bleak in somebody you owe something, or you have to miss a major test traveling far to repay it - you gain MP equal to your Bond level.

It's possible to sustain yourself without food, water or air indefinitely while trying to repay a favor. It's not easy, it's not comfortable and it's likely to leave you in deep trouble if you finish repaying it at the wrong time, but it's possible.

Connection: Justinia 1
Connection: Migi 1
Connection: Pari 1

Quests and XP

XP Emotion: Fist Shaking

Basic Quest: Amoral Urges
Face the temptation to deceive and manipulate others and try your best to not let it show, to not have to deal with it yet. Even if everybody probably know already. Gain XP when acting visibly awkward from trying to suppress the desire to screw with others.

Mystic Quest 1: The World Is Changing
Even being a fox spirit, you've only just starting to get used to it. In fact you're coming out of your shell, learning what it means to be one and trying to find the limits of what you're comfortable doing as one. Whenever you feel like you've gotten closer to grasping or expressing the full nature of the fox, say something to the effect of "it's so much more interesting this way."


Child of the Ash

While some would think that the fox spirit was always a fox who learned to become human or that a human turning into a fox spirit would simply take on the qualities of a spirit, but remain the same, you know better. There is something primordial in you, calling to the world of the palace, if not the very idea of the palace, where the fox spirits of legend made their home sowing chaos while enjoying a life of luxury at the expense of others. You feel like you can spread the kind of indulgence and decadence that outsiders have always said happen in such places. This does little to reassure you that you are truly you and not just an illusion created over a far older, more mysterious being. At least you know that if you tie your hair up, you'll put it under control, letting your self-control take over and even strengthening others against the impulse to indulge in their baser urges.

Set the Mood
Whether you want it or not, you radiate a sense of lowered inhibitions and increased confidence in reaching for your desires. Given a bit of time to let it radiate, you can temporarily create the region property:

Your inhibitions are lowered and you feel confident that your desires are within reach

By spending 4 MP, you can do this immediately.

You can also target a single person or object, making them do this as much as is reasonably possible for them. If used on an ascetic monk after thirty years of training, you'll probably only succeed in making him remember how nice it was to eat meat for a few seconds before he puts the hesitation behind him.

Once per book, you can invoke a sense of lowered inhibitions on a grand scale. This functions as the wish:

I wish that these people would let go of their inhibitions and reach for their desires!

This gives the HG and the group broad discretion in working out just what it means. It might create a frenzy of people letting go and cutting loose or it might create a safe space where people are free to be honest with themselves and reach for their desires without having to worry about repercussions.

You may spend 4 MP to use it a second or later time in a book.

Wicked Mode
By tying your hair up, you can instead reverse your mood to one of self-control and assertion of will over the vagaries of feelings and desire. You do this far too often, probably to an unhealthy degree.

Kaiju Form
Over the course of a few minutes you can turn into a giant, nine-tailed demon fox. It doesn't really help you much except by allowing you to do things that can be more reasonably done as a building-sized fox than as a schoolgirl and you're not really sure you can change back, but you can.

You may spend 4 MP to turn into a giant fox instantly.

Mortal Form
Fortunately, you can turn back even though you're not sure you can. Unfortunately, it's pretty hard and takes a long time. You can turn back for free between chapters once per book, taking time away from distractions to think about your normal life and your connection to it. You can do this more time or faster by paying MP. 1 for doing so a second time within a book. 2 for doing so over a few minutes mid-chapter. 4 for doing so instantly.

Shed Scales
You turn into a giant, nine-tailed fox. However, giant is a relative term and you can adjust the size to match your task 1-2 times per scene, ignoring up to 1 point of size-based obstacle to mundane actions as you adjust to a size where doing the action is feasible. For 1 MP you can adjust your size an extra time in a scene, starting mid-scene, while 2 lets you adjust it as often as you like starting mid-scene. 4 MP lets you freely adjust it in a scene.

Knave of Hearts

A prodigy was born to a pair of tenko in Fortitude. They were ordinary shop foxes, tending to their small café and lacking any of the magic, and if we are to be fair, the mysticism of their people, yet their daughter was the greatest prodigy of the fox magic that Town had seen in a lifetime. Before her tenth birthday she'd mastered the ways of taking not just the shape of a fox, but of any animal she wanted if she was willing to expend the effort. Still, for all that she spend more time studying the magic of trickster animals, she was still largely a normal, if somewhat nerdy Fortitude kid.

That changed as she grew and started preparing to attend Principal Entropy's school. She started getting urges to seduce, deceive and manipulate and laugh at the chaos it would sow. That was when the truth struck her, she wasn't truly a tenko, but a true fox spirit and a powerful one at that.

Being a fox spirit would be pretty cool if not for the urges, but it does come with a nagging question. How come she was born to abnormally ordinary tenko like her parents? She's already had several thoughts like maybe she's an elaborate illusion created by the true fox spirit, deceiving even herself for some great act of chaos? Or perhaps she's bound by somebody hoping that wholesome Fortitude life would redeem her? Or maybe it's something mundane like her mother having had an affair with a fox spirit and she's the offspring or that it was her own pursuit of fox magic that caused the change.

Regardless, she's mostly a normal, somewhat nerdy girl who is horribly awkward about the mere thought of sex or romance, making some of her new urges particularly unwelcome. In general, she hopes to find some grand, cool destiny in her nature, being a shopkeeper seems a bit too ordinary by now and she always liked magic better, without actually having to give into it and sowing chaos. She's got morals, she's a Fortitude fox after all, and toppling dynasties or playing with people's hearts and sending them to their doom very clearly violates them. Still, sometimes trying to be a good girl despite all gets too tiring or she really needs to adopt a more flexible approach to truth and morals to succeed. That's when she undoes her hair, letting it loose along with her fox nature and draws people into the story of the trickster fox.

While foxes are renowned for their skill at manipulation, they have a history of having virtuous outsiders oust them or their victims finally have enough and turn against them. You can take the (Be in) Trouble action whenever you meet its conditions. When you do you earn 1 MP, up to your normal maximum.

Assessment [Strike 2]
Foxes are perceptive beings and their spirits are all the more so. Hearing how you might play others and manipulate them is as simple for you as hearing the words they say. So is spotting the virtuous who would be invulnerable to your charm and your words and how they might not be quite so virtuous after all.

Dressing the Part
Foxes must fit in with the wealthy and the powerful that they prey upon. To this end you can glamour yourself and those following you to take on the look of a noblewoman and her entourage or what would fit better for the society you're in, should you find yourself in Soviet Russia, you would instead swath yourself in the appearance of an elite worker and Marxist scholar.

You can also dispel this, returning to a mundane look to slip away unnoticed.

Keeping Track of Your Victims
Using the secret perception magic of the fox, you can send your consciousness out to follow those you have chosen to manipulate or who have sworn to remove your influence from the court. It takes a bit of a toll on your perception of what is around you, but so is the cost of learning what happens to your targets so that you may adjust.

Knowing What to Say
Following your targets gives you an opening to understand just what to say to them, even as it opens them to you. You each get a +1 Tool bonus to Connection skills with each other.

The Way the Fox Sinks Its Teeth in You
You have the essence of centuries of trickster spirits and you follow a higher law than mere mortal con artists and manipulators. When using this power, you may apply one of the following laws to yourself as an affliction. Spend 1 MP to apply a rule for the first time in a chapter, subsequent invocations of the same rule are free.

The laws of the fox are:
The powerful cannot refuse to speak to me.
Once people follow my words, they cannot stray under their own power.
Those I manipulate are offended at the suggestion that I'm manipulating them.

You may add additional rules for a Recharge Token.

Make Them Yours
You can bring somebody into your story, binding them to your rules as an Affliction and making them impossible to stray from once you listen to them or making it impossible for the powerful to deny them an audience. Or instead you can make them a part of your story, for example becoming the object lesson in why you must beware of foxes or the virtuous noble trying to rid the court of the fox and the chaos she's sowing. Either use costs 2 MP.

Not everyone's rules
Not everybody follows the rules of the fox, some live by their own and are simply mistakenly seen through that lens. By spending 4 MP you can ensure that it is so. Somebody will find that their requests for meetings can be denied or that others can stray from their directions. Or perhaps it turns out that the virtuous noble trying to rid the court of your influence was simply doing normal politicking or the other seductress was sincerely in love and it was simply malicious slander to suggest otherwise.

Current Status

  • Health Levels
    • 2/2 Normal
    • 1/1 Tough
    • 2/2 Divine
  • Resources
    • 8/8 Will
    • 5/5 MP
  • Issues
  • Calling 1 - Something involving lying to Tad
  • Mystery 2 - What is it her family wants to tell her?
  • Vice 1 - She's kind of a troublemaker
  • Progress
    • Active Arc: Mystic 19/72 xp
    • Quests
      • Amoral Urges - 7/9 xp
      • The World Is Changing - 11/15 xp
    • Unspent XP: 1 xp


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