The Student Body President

Clarimond Weiss

Academic Ability: The best in School
Athletic Ability: Also the best in School
Favorite food: Protein Bars, Coconut Milk
Blood type: AB
Animal: Dragon

Record of Changes

  • Health Levels
    • 2/2 Divine
    • 1/1 Tough
    • 2/2 Normal
  • Resources
    • 8/8 Will
    • Intention:
    • Intention:
    • 1/5 MP
  • Experience
    • Current Arc: ??? 0/72
    • Any-Time Quest: Over The Top 1/9
    • Main Quest: Most Likely to Succeed(?) 1/25
    • Side Quest: ???



Superior Academic Excellence 4 - You excel in everything related to Schoolwork. This includes such things as studying, remembering facts, creating art (albeit of a rather mechanical, passionless type), scheduling, showing up to places on time, and even physical excellence from you hard work in gym class. There are few in School who can outwrestle you!
I'll make you what you should be 3 - Your Shine skill. When you see a person you know exactly what they should be doing, and you aren't afraid to tell them. This might seem annoying, and it is! What makes it really annoying is that you're usually right!
Unflappable 1 - Your cool skill. You're pretty much the queen of School. The other kids take one look and they know nothing will break your poise or dissuade you from your goals!
Do things that won't fit on a college application -1 - Sometimes red-faced boys and girls ask you to meet them in Bluebell Park. What are they talking about? How is walking around the park going to get you into a good college? Maybe if the two of you brought some cleaning supplies you could pick up trash and call it an extra-curricular activity. Yeah, in fact, why just the two of you? Why not bring the whole class so they can get some volunteer work for their own applications? This is usually when the boy or girl mumbles "never mind" and leaves for reasons you've never quite figured out.


Affliction: Child of War Your parents are Warmains. Not the tame kind, either; the kind you lock your doors and cower from when you hear their hunting horns in the night.

Their blood is in your veins. The most obvious consequence of this is that, when you really respect somebody, when you finally see them as a person and not just a college application, you begin to physically resemble them. This may or may not have an adverse effect on them.

Additionally, others of the host will recognize you as one of their own, and extremely pure or real beings may find your presence distasteful.

Student Body President You have the drive to be in charge. You've been elected Student Body President every year you've been in School. The last election had a record voter turnout of nearly 6%! You are also the head of most of the official clubs at School, because you need to be well-rounded if you're going to get into a good college.

This means that you have certain pull. You have a lot of pull with the clubs, as well as the dreaded Student Council. In School, you can pretty much always find some useful club member or even a Student Council member nearby, who will be willing to listen to you. By spending MP, you can even order them to do something major. There are, however, usually consequences to using such a power; The Student Council expect to be paid in more than just MP!

Quests and XP

Emotion XP: Facepalm

Basic Quest: Over The Top.

You're here to help your fellow students prepare for the rest of their lives. To do that they need to get into a good college, and if they don't understand how important that is, well by gosh it's up to you to show them. Sometimes you really need to show them and they don't get it. Sometimes you get really worked up over it. Well, you do, or the world does.

Ridiculous, absurd things happen. Things get hectic.

So, look. Arrange for a sign.

It should say “Over the Top.”

You can earn a bonus XP towards this quest at any time (but only once per scene/15 minutes) when your quest, or its consequences, or what you do about it, gets a little over the top.

Or, for that matter, when you decide to make them a little over the top.

When that happens, hold up the sign or otherwise declare/observe that things have gotten over the top and you can claim the XP.

You don’t even have to say anything in character! You just have to be willing to hold up a sign. It’s even OK if sometimes you’re being ironic or making a suggestion instead of an observation, as long as an observation is more typical.

Most Likely to Succeed(?) - 25xp
Major Milestones:

  • You use a trick that works EVERY Time… And it doesn't work
  • Someone unexpected reveals their deep affection (romantic or otherwise) for you
  • It starts raining during an event/ceremony/party in your honor

You can collect all 3

Minor Milestones

  • another student expresses resentment toward you
  • you win some sort of competition or ace a test
  • someone calls you the wrong name and you can't or don't correct them
  • you are offered a unique opportunity
  • you accidentally alienate people by being the best
  • you eat lunch alone

Miraculous Powers

Spiritual 3

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