Prince Of Reluctant Vices

+Migi Elmuro

Nihilist Philosophy 2
Answer regurgitation 1
Be Scary or Intimidating -1
Be Comfortable 1
Painting 2
Lie 1
Scrounge up a distracting vice 1
Superior Hunter 3

Creature of Fable 3
Between the Boundaries
Skilled at:Getting from Place to Place
Iconic:Roguish Prince
Cut the Soul (at Arc 1+)
Superior Hunter (at Arc 1+)
Resemble (at Arc 2+)
Declare (at Arc 2+)
Blind (at Arc 3+)
Become Somebody 0
Failing:Reality breakingly Lurid
Role:Graduate of the Bleak and bringer of new ways to be.

Migi is (or might be. Or possibly was? Things get confusing at this level of fictionality) a Prince, from the outside who found his way to town. He's a lazy, indolent sort, who gets by with a roguish smile, a wink, and a request to someone for just enough money to get to the next town. Or at least…that's what the world wants him to be. He feels himself being made of that, being all vice and easy moments and dragging everyone to weird Byronic Picnics. But he doesn't want that. He hates that! Wine gives him headaches (sometimes) and it should do that! And people are boring when they're full of vice. And honestly, being studious isn't too bad! When the world lets him actually study that is. So he decided to actually try this school thing. And maybe, just maybe move on to the Bleak, where hopefully he can find a new way to be. Something less…dull *sigh*. (See, see what he has to put up with, now he's gone and unthinkingly reclined on a chase lounge and started to mull some gambling!)

Perk: Affliction:I am always indulging in vice.
Perk: Miraculous Power: Devils Dice. For 1 MP I can make just about any legitimate gamble involving people be true. (Your standard "I bet my shining hair for you doing my homework forever!" deal) **
Perk:Connection Emily 1
Perk:Connection Clairmond 1**


Basic Quest: (Lurid)
You’re torn between two worlds or two selves; between:
The Prince
The Student

Quest:Mental Training. 2 xp

Quest:Running An underground Gambling Ring:
The HG can award you 5 XP towards this quest when:
*Someone in authority finds out about the gambling, and it gets you in trouble!
*Someone goes on a winning streak and you have to work to pay up!
*Someone wins something strange from you and it causes Trouble!

1/chapter, you can earn a bonus XP towards this quest through:
*Talking someone in authority into gambling
*Counting money and tallying stocks
*Teaching someone some strange new gambling game
*Doing something over the top (booking entertainment, getting someone to tend bar)
*wearing one of those green-visor things

Issues: It never stops! 1
Mystery 1

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