Dnd The Rebelling Angel

Pari Hajek

  • Academic Ability: Tests Well (Currently Good)
  • Athletic Ability: Good
  • Favorite Foods: Chocolate Cake
  • Uniform Colors: Black and Red



Superior Holiness 3
Superior Wings 3
Academics 1
Music 1
Shine 2 (Perk)
Lying to Parents 0


Shine 2
Bond 2: Be Beautiful - The worlds are, for the most part, an ugly place. You, however, are different. You are not from those worlds. You are from someplace better. And now, more than you did when you fit in, you need to adhere to that. The beauty of the heavens is not merely physical, although it is also physical. Your actions and intentions should exemplify this, to he best of your ability.

Connection: Emily 1 - Ran into her while shopping for food - Pari had complained about how expensive beef was, so Emily (Already in full fox mode) showed her an easy way to purchase it cheap - after declaring the cut was terrible, the piece too fatty, and otherwise humiliating the shopkeep in front of everyone so he'd reduce the price. Pari was mortified, but later ran into a contrite non-fox-mode Emily, whom explained her situation.
Connection: Justinia 1

Quests and XP

Emotion XP: Putting my faith in you (With this XP token)

Basic Quest: Helpful (Purple)
Pari helps her fellow students with tasks that would help them or the school in general, such as standard chores, homework (Actual help; you can't copy her work because she hasn't done it), or setting up the decorations for an event.
0/15 XP

The Guitar:
Amongst the objects Pari brought with her to Town was a sublime lyre. It is, as can reasonably be expected, gilded, and Pari has learned to be at least somewhat good with it. She enjoys playing it, and upon resolving to be less secluded from the Town in general, has decided she would try playing it with others. She has something of a problem though: Nobody needs (or wants) a lyrist. How's she going to actually get to share one of the things she can actually do with the people of Town? (She's going to turn it into a guitar, that's how).

The HG can award 5 XP if:

  • Your lyre is stolen
  • Another guitar (Or possibly bass) serves as a useful reference in deciding some conflict or resolving some mystery
  • the lyre helps you sort out your head on something
  • your lyre either contains some important secret, or people believe it does

0/20 bonus exp

Quest Flavor:
1/chapter earn a bonus xp towards this quest by

  • You use the object as the framing device for a monologue or montage
  • The object is involved in an interesting incident from the daily life of Horizon
  • You and the object witness a detailed, interesting sight in Horizon
  • People act goofy about you and the object
  • You refer to your object for organization, inspiration, or security

Can be combined with an XP Action, but it's not required.

0/40 XP


Creature of Light

Pari's an angel. This is literally the stuff of her being. She could probably be less of this if she tried really, really, hard, but then, why would she?

You have access to Miraculous Will, whenever.

The universe wouldn't ordinarily see fit to have one of its own in less-than-the best lighting. When she consciously chooses to manipulate the lighting of a scene, Pari prefers manipulating this subtly, though she has been known to make herself glow on some occasions.

The Auctoritas Magister
At times, her actions almost feel fated and predestined - only a foolhardy mortal would think otherwise, and they just might be right!

  • 0 MP—starting mid-scene, swathe 1-2 actions in the Auctoritas Magister
  • 1 MP—starting mid-scene, swathe an extra action in the Auctoritas Magister
  • 2 MP—starting mid-scene, swathe yourself + your actions in the Auctoritas Magister
  • 4 MP—swathe yourself + your actions in the Auctoritas Magister

Manifest above something that is evocative of me, such as jewelry, or Clarimond (She too is often annoying and thinks she's better than everyone else), or out of something that could reasonably be confused with Pari. Doesn't technically require those things, but it serves as a useful focus.

  • 0MP—1/chapter, appear to someone you have a Connection to
  • 1 MP—use this power a second or later time per chapter
  • 4 MP—appear in seconds instead of minutes, or even less

than that if dramatically required

While taking a mundane action, you may transfix those observing you. The applications for use with an instrument are seemingly limitless.

  • 0 MP - 1/book
  • 4 MP - more than that

Miraculous attack that causes the target to obsess over Pari's actions, and carries just a hint of the metaphysical weight of her Bond to be beautiful. Can be used simultaneously with Transfix, pay the higher relevant cost

  • 0 MP - 1/chapter
  • 1 MP - second or later time within a chapter
  • 2 MP - Second or later time within a few hours

Open the Vault
Name an emotion/experience, and bring it forth in the target, calling on a flashback in the target. They'll emote the experience if they can - they can take actions to hide this if they wish, but face an obstacle of 3 to do so.

  • Same cost as Obsession

Appear, Powered Up
Pari appears when someone she cares about really needs someone to talk to, and can't find someone else.

  • 0 MP - 1/book
  • 2 MP - second time or later a book
  • 4 MP - second time or later per chapter

Slip to the near-outside, leaving behind only a thing that could reasonably be confused with Pari (Most likely, a statue). If there's Auctoritas between there and the Near Outside, you'd better spend MP on Strike! Unless right now, you are just filthy, horribly disheveled, or otherwise in need of some time at home to preen and look a bit better again - then you can use your bond to go outside, then home, then use Appear to get back to the effigy you left, I suppose.

  • 0 MP—1/book, fade away into the Outside
  • 1 MP—use this power a second or later time per book
  • 2 MP—use this power a second or later time per chapter


Construct an intention, and invoke Transition to make it come true? Not super clear on using this in practice, will not lie.

  • 0 MP - 1/book
  • 4 MP - Again within a book.

Current Status

  • Health Levels
    • 2/2 Normal
    • 1/1 Tough
    • 2/2 Divine
  • Resources
    • 8/8 Will
    • 3/3 Miraculous Will
    • 5/5 MP
  • Issues
  • Progress
    • Active Arc: Knight 0/72
    • Quests
      • Helpful - 1/9xp
      • The Guitar - 1/24xp
      • Unspent XP: 0xp


Pari's bronzed skin belies many hours spent outdoors, which she certainly has - What she's disliked most about School (Aside from the crowds, the attention, and the general proximity to others) has been that it's almost all indoors, in a stifling environment, when it's perfectly nice outside! How her tan is even is anyone's guess. Her shoulder-length hair is fairly dark, and her features are definitely soft - even her fingertips lack calluses in spite of her time spent playing the lyre; this tends to make her angry glares (Which were and still somewhat are frequent) come off more as cute.

Outside of school, she tends to wear longer dresses, like sun dresses. Although part of her says to go barefoot and fly outside of school, she likes the different view when walking, and has found flats and sandals look nice with it. Better than cutting up one's feet.


Pari had, as one could reasonably expect, spent her life in Heaven. She had gardened, practiced with her harp, studied, sang with the choir… her life was, all in all, fairly uneventful. After all, Heaven stood apart. One day, a few weeks ago, she had been interrupted in the library by her parents, whom informed her that it was time for a change; she would move to Town. She'd been unhappy about this, but someone would need to do it. Her parents were not going to join her, for Town was terrible. She would be provided for, of course. She'd added a few embellishments to the house that was formed out of wholecloth, then placed in Horizon (moving a few other houses to the side - no doubt surprising neighbors, but not actually breaking any laws). Her parents had also given her some paper rectangles with dead people on them. They told her that these would be her lifesblood with humans, who valued them over all other things, and that she shouldn't waste them. She'd laughed… but the joke was that they were serious and basically correct. She would be given more rectangles over time, of course, and spending even a bit of time in Town better acquainted her with them.

She had made her time at School as short and reclusive as was possible for a bit. This made her first week completely miserable, since people were trying to form friendships/enemyships, get into clubs, hang out and smoke, and otherwise do things that they might actually enjoy (Or at least, tolerate) during their time at the School. All the while these people tried to bother her. Pari just wanted to do her time (Which she understood would be completed upon graduation. She needed to see if there was a way to accelerate the process) and leave. Someone, on what was the worst day of her life (A friday, of course), kept trying to get her attention as she was on her way out, and she finally let him have it. "What do you want, you foul thing? Stop bothering me!" She wheeled around and glared at him for a moment, and in that moment, one of the longest of her life, Pari learned the meaning of regret.

He was crying. Pari had no earthly idea why, and still doesn't, though she's occasionally thought of a variety of horror stories, and initially had tried to write it off. He bumped into her as he ran off, spilling a bunch of the paints he'd been carrying on her uniform. This would ordinarily get written off as another minor inconvenience… until she found that, against all logic (and indeed, past experience even on Earth), they /actually stained her uniform/. So as to not waste her relatively limited rectangles, she'd spent all of saturday scrubbing her uniform with soap, lye, and similar, which gave her a lot of time to think. Pari came to the conclusion that even if this was basically terrible… she was stuck here for four years, and there was no way to really speed that up. She needed to adapt - certainly by withdrawing from the world around her, she wasn't making it /better/. She'd made that boy cry, and wasn't sharing her innate (and of course, wonderful) beauty with the world at large. She needed to change - just while she was here, of course. So she's started to try to involve herself in the world at large!

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