Dnd Dulcinea

Dulcinea de Montreal

  • Hobbies: Breaking
  • Academic Ability: Variable(Some classes are just beneath me!)
  • Athletic Ability: Ordinary
  • Favorite Food:Ramen, chocolate, Shameful Joy
  • Blood Type: B
  • Animal:Tiger



Deviant Science 5
Superior evil Genius! 2
Paperwork 1

Superior Portals 2(Allegory)


Superior portals 2 (Allegory)

Taboo (2 Bond) (Allegory)

Portable Basic Science Kit(Accessory)

Quests and XP

XP Emotion: Fist shake

Basic Quest: Natural Science
To earn a bonus XP for this quest, just propose a theory — aloud, usually, although internal monologue can count if necessary — about something in the natural world, the pseudo-natural world (including things like the Outside), or in the worlds and places born of nightmares

Storyteller Quest 1: Adventure Get


Allegory 3

Role: Muse of SCIENCE!
Truth:I lost my heart before I fell.

Someone else's problem

Dulcinea can make the world grow tired and weary a level of ranting and madness where people on a subconscious level place her as someone else's problem. This makes it a Level 3 obstacle to notice her if she doesn't wish to be noticed or notice anything weird about her.

A Legendary Weapon
The Arsenal of Science-Every proper scientist has a wide variety of dooms day devices, its keeping track of them that's the strain
Omp 1 per book she may draw from it.
4mp a second or more times per book she may draw from it.

Wonder Worker

As is her nature her Science transcends mere physics and even mere magic to become Miraculous and even effect the miracles of others.

0mp 1 per book embue her Science with miraculous power
1mp a second or more times per book do so
4mp a Second time per chapter.

A Tangled History
Dulcinea's nature and experimentation gives her a deep knowledge of problems… and is often the cause of them(those not caused by Rinleys), this functions as a wish saying "I wish I was involved in something like…" either as a bystander or participant.

0mp 1 per book she may use this
1mp a second time per book she may use this
2mp a second or more times per chapter.

Mechanism of Transport
Every so often she just needs to be able to get some where thus she makes up something. This functions as a level 2 superior skill.

0mp to claim one per book.
4mp to claim a second per book.


Any secondrate scientist can bring life to the dead, or machines to life. Dulcinea's science transcends this allowing her to bring life and sapience to even the most base of objects or creatures(like cheerleaders). She may do so an individual level or as a group. She may sustain this effect as long as she wishes.

0 mp once per book
1 mp a second time per book.
2 mp a second time per chapter
4 mp immediately

Bring to Fruition

While her devices normally grant her the ability to lay down whatever vengence she desires sometimes she makes use of this technique for its difficulty in thwarting her capacity to change others to bring them in line.

0mp transform or curse someone once a book
1 mp do so a second time per book
2 a second or later time per chapter.
4 do so instantly


Rules are for less beings! With this power Dulcinea may make anything possible in a localized area…

0mp 1 per book
4mp a second or later time per book.


Self Made 0

It is the Nature of Existence and Nonexistence to in fact be jealous of Dulcinea and thus constantly thwart her goals… really, totally not a drama whore nope.

Lets Talk
The words of Dulcinea are understood by all, and thus she understands all. Such is the truth of her perfect grasp of language.

Lets coordinate
Only through her boundless capacity could such a club as this be organized. Dulcinea's skill at organization functions as a level 2 bond.

Current Status

  • Health Levels
    • 1/2 Normal(Pyrokensis)
    • 0/1 Tough(Deadly wound:Alternative personality, the Jester)
    • 2/2 Divine
  • Resources
    • 8/8 Will
    • 5/5 MP
  • Issues
  • Calling 2
  • Sickness 2
  • Mystery 1
  • Progress
    • Active Arc: Storyteller 0/72xp
    • Quests
      • Natural Scientist - 1/9xp
      • Adventure GET - 17/21xp
    • Unspent XP: 0xp
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