Wishes are a fascinating phenomenon.

Inside of many things — most things? Possibly. Definitely not all things — there lives a Wishing Heart. It is that thing, that quality, which a thing must have to make the Impossible into the Possible.

And sometimes, that's all you need. You fire up your Miraculous Wish-Granting Engine and you put your Desires into the world and that which you would have wrought is wrought. But that's not always the way of it. That's not even usually the way of it.

There are, in this world, Wish Spirits. Little knots of Desire, loosed into the world to make a mark. Once, the world was full of Wishes, and they dwelled among the branches of the World Tree like Christmas lights for the entire universe. But when the Sun fell and the World Tree burned, the Wishes were loosed and lost. They became tangled in the world, wrapped up in Maya; they lost their harmony.

In their natural harmonious forms, Wishes are usually adorable critters whose forms and abilities are suited to the hopes they represent. Inharmonious wishes are dangerous things. Beings of unbridled and unfulfilled desire incarnate, they manifest as demons, as ogres, as monsters, polluted by the impure essences of this fallen world.

The Wishing Sapling

Atop the Yggdrasil Arms, a new World Tree has sprouted, a sapling whose bows are hardly wide enough to hold even a very small world. It is being tended and protected. And even now, the Wishes have begun to find their way home.

Seizhi Wishes

Wishes and Other Minions under Seizhi's Impressario Arc


"I wish I had some ice cream."

Wishing Spirit (Storyteller) 0

Adorable 2
Superior Cold-Body 2
Confectionery 2
Synchronized Dancing 2

Affliction (0): TBD
Bond +2 "I am driven to reunite with my other flavors"


"I wish for a giant fighting robot!"

Wishing Spirit (Storyteller) 0

Adorable 2
Superior Robot 2
Welding 1
Beatboxing 3

Affliction (0): I can power machinery I'm plugged into.
Bond (+2): I must repair broken machinery.

Free Range Wishes


"I wish I was at the beach."

Wishing Spirit (Storyteller) 0

Adorable 2
Superior Wind Spirit 3 (Controls a breeze around it)
Sand Castles 1
Political Buff 2 (Technical Wind Spirit)

Affliction (0): TBD
Bond 2: I am full of hot air.


"I wish to break the rules of Wishing <because I think I deserve it>."

Wishing Spirit (Storyteller) 0

Adorable? 2
Superior Connection to Selfishness 3
Perseverance 1
Rules-Lawyer 2

Affliction (0): TBD
Bond: I cannot deny a game.


"I wish I had a best friend."


"I wish I knew what was going on."

Wishing Spirit (Storyteller) 0

Adorable 2
Superior Fungus 3
Encyclopedia of Events 2
Competitive Minesweeper 1
(Symbiote) Superior Fitting Into Their Lives 2

Affliction (0) "I can connect to Myconoid-1 at noontime"
Bond 2 (TBD)


Wishing Spirit (Storyteller) 0

Adorable 2
Superior Wings 3
Maps 1
Forecast 2

Red Wishes

Wishes that Dulcinea has done some work on, at minimum using her Extraction to remove their nightmares. It should be noted that they're technically White or Yellow Wishes, only really becoming 'Red' when Dulcinea uses Manipulate or similar miracles.


"I wish I could take a nap right now"

Wish Creature (Storyteller) 0

Adorable 2
Superior Cotton 3
Shhhh! 1
Storytelling 2

Bond +2: TBD
Affliction 0: I cannot lose my soft, cottony texture.

Red Wish Effects
Larger and can float.
Convention: Anything within Pile's admittedly extended hugging range falls asleep.


Wish Creature (Storyteller) 1 - Mound's been with Dulcinea for some time.

Adorable 2
Superior Vitality 3 (Tentative)
Dig 2
Sculpture 2
Hauling 1

Bond +2: I am driven to open up caverns.
Affliction (1): I can collect unused dirt into explosive balls.

Red Wish Effects
Indeterminate at this time.


Wish Creature 0

Adorable 2
Superior Metronome 3
Singing Voice 1
Poker Face 2

Bond +2: ???
Affliction: "Can transmit self to where someone is speaking or singing."


Wish Creature 0

Adorable 2
Superior Noisemaker 3
Sudden Action 1
Run For It 2

Bond +2: "I Am Not Getting Popped!"

Myconoid-0 aka Myc0

"I wish I could make sense of time."

Adorable? 2
Superior Computation 3
History 1
Drum Machine 2

Affliction 0: "Mycotronic"
Bond +2: "I am driven to keep a tight schedule."

Wishing Template

Wish Creature (Storyteller) 0

Adorable 2
Superior Wish-Related Skill 3
Skill Useful to Wish 1
Comically Unrelated Skill 2
1 Affliction, and a Bond.

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