The Wish Gardener

Academics skill: Ordinary
Sports skill: Unexceptional.
Favourite Foods: Salads, apples, rhubarb pie
Blood Type: O
Animal: Snake.
Age: 15
Arcs: Keeper of Gardens 3/Gatekeeper 0
Current Arc: Gatekeeper
Emotion XP: Head-desk XP



Gardening 2
Kindness 2
Superior Land-Rule 2
Catching Things With Nets 1
Getting Lost 1

Connection: Seizhi 2


Garden: the Rooftop Gardens and Window Boxes of Old Molder
Garden: the Hopes, Wishes and Dreams of the People of Old Molder
Power: It's Not Like I Like You
+1 Divine Health Level

Quests and XP

Emotion XP: Facepalm XP

Basic Quest: Head in the Soil
Catchphrase: "You never know what a seed will become."

Bindings Quest 1: Haunted

  • Major Goals
    • You've found someone in Old Molder who can help you or teach you how to help yourself.
    • You've put a name and face to the power that’s haunting you from afar.
    • You've formed an important connection to it—recognized that power as, e.g., a friend, enemy, parent, or SO.
  • Flavour
    • doing reckless stuff together with a rival, enemy, or wicked creature.
    • …having a troubled dream.
    • …investigating magic that might help your situation.
    • …talking to a scholar or sailor about your situation.
    • …performing cleaning- or purification-related chores.
    • …talking with somebody about what dreams are, as compared to reality.
    • …talking with somebody about whether the world deserves to exist, whether it’s good or bad, or whether that even matters.

Side Quest: The Rooftop Gardens of Old Molder

  • Major
    • A denizen of Shokyou's Garden causes trouble for Shokyou (or anyone else participating in this quest).
    • Talk someone into implementing a rooftop garden.
    • Organize a community gardening project.
  • Flavour
    • Shoot the breeze about gardening topics.
    • Work on a rooftop garden.
    • Weed out or root out pests.
    • Recover an interesting species of plant from the Garden/Under Molder
    • Create a denizen of the Garden to solve a problem.
    • In an unrelated conversation, shove a mention of gardening or gardens in
    • Make or set aside a trinket with which to decorate the garden (such as a cloth pinwheel)


Keeper of Gardens 3


The Rooftop Gardens and Window Boxes of Old Molder
Once or twice per Book, Shokyou can ask the HG to give a bit of description of what is going on the rooftop gardens, in the plant boxes by the window, or in her own central garden atop the Yggdrassil Arms where the Wishing Tree grows.

The Rooftop Gardens and Window Boxes of Old Molder grant a +1 Tool to gardening actions when you're working inside of one.

The Hopes, Wishes, and Dreams of Old Molder
Once or twice per Book, Shokyou can ask the HG to give a short description of what's going on, generally, in the flow oFocus on the general impression of a bunch of dreams or common elements in them.

When you dream or lose yourself in daydreams in Old Molder, you can gain a +1 Tool for actions that involve dealing with things you've been avoiding.

It's Not Like I Like You or Anything
For her own reasons and definitely NOT because you needed her, Dulcinea can appear where you are and unleash some alchemical problem to help you out a jam. This costs no MP the first time she drops by per Chapter, 1MP the second time a CHapter, and, if you really need help again in the scene and she's already left, it'll cost 2MP.

Green Thumb / The World, Like Clay [Imperial]
Dusty / Toxic [Bond 2]
The Great Magic [Imperial]
Guide [Imperial]
Guardian [Imperial]
Wish Granter / Symbiote [Imperial]

Gatekeeper 0


Wish Lore

Current Status

  • Health Levels
    • 2/2 Normal
    • 1/1 Tough
    • 3/3 Divine
  • Resources
    • 8/8 Will
    • 7/5MP
  • Issues
    • Trust 2
    • Complex 2
  • Progress
    • Active Arc: Bindings 30/72xp
    • Quests
      • The Incomparable Dulcinea d'Avignon - 15/15xp
      • Full Ahab - 15/15xp
      • Head in the Soil - 3/9xp
      • The Rooftop Gardens of Old Molder 5/21xp
      • Haunted - 2/21xp
    • Unspent XP: 0xp


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