The Wish Gardener

Academics skill: Ordinary
Sports skill: Unexceptional.
Favourite Foods: Salads, apples, rhubarb pie
Blood Type: O
Animal: Snake.
Age: 15
Arcs: Keeper of Gardens 3/Gatekeeper 0
Current Arc: Gatekeeper
Emotion XP: Head-desk XP



Gardening 2
Kindness 2
Superior Land-Rule 2
Catching Things With Nets 1
Getting Lost 1

Connection: Seizhi 2


Garden: the Rooftop Gardens and Window Boxes of Old Molder
Garden: the Hopes, Wishes and Dreams of the People of Old Molder
+1 Divine Health Level

Quests and XP

Emotion XP: Facepalm XP

Basic Quest: Head in the Soil
Catchphrase: ""You never know what a seed will become.""

Bindings Quest 1: The Incomparable Dulcinea D'Avignon

  • Major Goals (up to 2)
    • you tell people that you think you Dulcinea is lonely.
    • Dulcinea reveals her identity as your corruptor.
    • some quasi-abandoned or pointless member of the cast takes on new story life as a minion of Dulcinea D'Avignon.
  • Flavour
    • you’re spending too much time in Dulcinea's Chapel.
    • you fall under the sway of Dulcinea's voice, power, or dreams
    • you’re sucked into a dramatic dream or memory of Dulcinea D'Avignon
    • Dulcinea or one of her minions comforts you
    • Dulcinea, some power you got from her, or one of her minions helps you out with your chores or your ordinary life.

So, the current draft:
Side Quest: Full Ahab, or Shokyou vs. the Amaranth Arrowhead

  • Major Goals
    • go Full Ahab
    • break a Special Net
    • rescue an Amaranth Arrowhead from someone who would misuse it
    • have a nightmare, hallucination, or phantasmagoric other-dimensional encounter where you're trapped under glass, caught in a net, or impaled by massive pins
  • Flavour
    • accept dubious aid in your quest for the Amaranth Arrowhead (Dulcinea, Maksimov, etc)
    • spot an Amaranth Arrowhead perched on something dangerous (i.e. on the nose of a sleeping dragon, an outcropping of rock in the center of a lake of acid, on the brim of Principal Entropy's hat unbeknownst to him, etc.)
    • catch something that is not an Amaranth Arrowhead in your net
    • get lost while chasing an Amaranth Arrowhead
    • monologue about the injustice of the universe.
    • watch a flutter of Amaranth Arrowheads fly across the moon overhead


Keeper of Gardens 3


The Rooftop Gardens and Window Boxes of Old Molder
Once or twice per Book, Shokyou can ask the HG to give a bit of description of what is going on the rooftop gardens, in the plant boxes by the window, or in her own central garden atop the Yggdrassil Arms where the Wishing Tree grows.

The Rooftop Gardens and Window Boxes of Old Molder grant a +1 Tool to gardening actions when you're working inside of one.

The Hopes, Wishes, and Dreams of Old Molder
Once or twice per Book, Shokyou can ask the HG to give a short description of what's going on, generally, in the flow oFocus on the general impression of a bunch of dreams or common elements in them.

When you dream or lose yourself in daydreams in Old Molder, you can gain a +1 Tool for actions that involve dealing with things you've been avoiding.

Green Thumb / The World, Like Clay [Imperial]
Dusty / Toxic [Bond 2]
The Great Magic [Imperial]
Guide [Imperial]
Guardian [Imperial]
Wish Granter / Symbiote [Imperial]

Gatekeeper 0


Wish Lore

Current Status

  • Health Levels
    • 2/2 Normal
    • 1/1 Tough
    • 3/3 Divine
  • Resources
    • 8/8 Will
    • 7/5MP
  • Issues
    • Trust 2
    • Complex 1
  • Progress
    • Active Arc: Bindings 0/72xp
    • Quests
      • Head in the Soil - 3/9xp
      • The Incomparable Dulcinea d'Avignon - 14/15xp
      • Full Ahab - 7/15
    • Unspent XP: 0xp


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