The Wished Up Friend

In the heart of a lonely person was a wish for a best friend. This wish manifested itself as a lonely wish spirit with freckles and red hair, who realised the truth about himself but was then immediately filled with existential angst.

He didn't know who made the wish that wished them, so he was gripped with worry that someone out there was left lonely and friendless. He was worried that when the wish that was him was granted, that he would disappear - because he's not the outcome of the wish, he's just the wish, right?

And he went out into the world, and discovered that he *liked* being a real person with real person hobbies and talking to other real people. Wish spirits don't *do* that, which means that if other people know he's a wish spirit, then *they will know he's a fraud*.

And then he discovered Shokyou and her marvelous Wish Granting Tree, and he realised that his existence was predicated on the growth of this tree. And he thinks that she's the one who wished for a best friend, but- but what if *telling* her about that makes her not wish for a best friend and then he goes *POOF!* and then he doesn't exist anymore?!

So now he's dedicating himself to helping her with the tree and being a good friend to her, and he's throwing himself into the secret world of Old Molder's Mad Machine Makers, learning how to tinker with machines and such in the hopes that it will help.

It's also a fun hobby that distracts him from worrying about his own existence!


Academics Skill: Good
Sports Skill: Ordinary
Favorite Foods: Teriyaki, Ice Cream
Blood Type: A
Animal: Ox
Age: Appears 15

XP Emotion: Thumbs Up
Will: 8/8
Miraculous Will: 3/3
MP: 5/5
Health: 1 Divine, 2 Tough, 1 Normal
Arcs: Impresario 2, Creature of Delirium 1, Gatecrasher 0

Issues: Something to Deal With 1, It Never Stops! 2, Trust 1


Superior Wish Spirit 2
Being A Good Friend 3
Ghost Magic 2
Doing Stuff 1

Connection 1: Shokyou (The Wish Gardener, and maybe the one who wished for me..?)
Connection 1: Forneus (The Guardian, who protected and adopted me..?)

Level 4 Connection to Demesne (The World of the Wishing Tree) (Impresario)
+1 MP
Bond (Linked to Calling): Shokyou's Best Friend


Current Arc: Bindings (Gatecrasher)

XP Emotion: Thumbs Up

Basic Quest:
Over The Top! (3/9)
You're a very worried wish spir- person, PERSON. Yeah, you don't want other people to know you're a wish spirit. What if they try to wish on you but then you can't actually grant their wish? They'll get sad! Or if Shokyou ever finds out you're a wish spirit, then she'll capture you and make you live in that tree of hers and then you can't go around and do people things because you're not actually a person!

So you're pretending to be a real person doing real person things, and sometimes you go over the top. When this happens, hold up the Over The Top sign!

Quest 1 (Bindings)
Going Under (12/15)
So you're throwing yourself into the hidden underground world of robots and machine engineers and people who dive into Molder, people who make battle bots to battle each other in seedy underground arenas or people who try to outdo each other in making marvelous machines… Normal people seem a bit scared of them and the things that they do. It's probably because of all the mad scientists.

You're trying to study up how to make mad machines like the rest of them, but you're a bit worried that this makes you a little mad yourself. When you finish this quest, you'll gain a point of the Deviant Science skill.

Major Goals (3 XP)

  • You neglect basic needs like food or drink or rest because you're so engrossed in your study/hobby
  • You're literally trapped underground or somewhere dark
  • You mess up someone else's machine or project by accident

Minor Goals (1 XP)

  • You propose a new theory about how what's happening fits into the underground world
  • You tinker around with some machinery without really knowing what you're doing
  • Someone tells you why its not worth pursuing this
  • You take a moment to gape at the wondrous works and ideas of other people
  • For a moment you consider giving up because its too hard and overwhelming but then you dive back in

Quest 2 (Setting)
The Family Tree (12/15)
A place where you fit in… you never imagined that it's possible, and even now you don't really believe it. You don't exist, why should there be anything that accepts you? Well, the wish spirits seem to have accepted you and want to make friends with you. But with your amazing powers of denial, you keep pushing them away.

As a reward for this, you're going to get Connection 2: Wish Spirits as something happens and you realise that you do care about this newfound family after all.

Major Goals (3 XP)

  • You help fulfil a wish spirit's wish
  • You offend a wish spirit or someone who you're close to in your denial
  • You reeeeeeeeally want to vent or talk to somebody, but nobody's available, so you give in and confide in a wish spirit.

Minor Goals (1 XP)

  • You meet a new wish spirit and reluctantly interact with it
  • You ignore someone trying to get your attention
  • You catch yourself admiring or relating to a wish spirit and snap out of it
  • You sit on the branches of the Wishing Tree and just brood for a while
  • Someone else casually expresses a wish for something, and you freak out about the implications of that.
  • Someone asks you what's wrong, and you can't answer them.


Impresario 2

I'd like to swap out the Arc 0 powers from Self-Made with the Arc 0 powers from Of A Certain Place to more accurately reflect Self-Made as a Sickly Purple arc.

A Choice of Treasures - Arc + 1 Treasures
0 MP - Claim someone as a Treasure, 1/book
4 MP - do so a second or later time /book

Treasure Possession - Take over a Treasure's body
1 MP at Arc 1+—seize control for (up to) a scene, +1 MP each time the target earns XP

Level 4 Connection to your Demesne
Seizhi's Demesne is the World Within/Of The Wish Granting Tree, a wonderful place full of leaves and wishes. It needs regular management, like watering or pruning or whatever you do with trees, which is generally Shokyou's job but Seizhi also helps and makes sure that happens.

Here's What You'll Do
0 MP at Arc 2+
Seizhi can convince someone of a course of action - and he doesn't even need to talk to them about it!

Friendship Is Magic
As a wish spirit embodying the very wish for a best friend, through his friendliness, Seizhi has accumulated a few beings and spirits who like him and are friends with him, he hopes. He's paranoid that he's somehow enchanting them to like him, which might be the case, and that they're not actually his friends! Especially since they act a bit more like minions sometimes. These beings (mostly other wish spirits) also count as Treasures.
(a diverse group of minions with maybe 3-5 different magical or Superior Skills)

0 MP—summon minions or companions out of nowhere, 1/book
2 MP—invoke this power a second or later time per book
Seizhi can summon his minions- i mean friends, local equivalents of his minions, his Treasures or his Connections.

Where Sense
1 MP
Seizhi knows where his minions, his Connections or his Treasures are at all times!

Believe In Me
2 MP at Arc 2
For someone who worries a lot and is scared about not existing, Seizhi can invoke the opposite feeling in other people. He doesn't really think they should believe in him, but they end up doing it and then they embark on a Level 5 Intention on their behalf, which takes up an XP action!

Away With You
0 MP—banish someone, 1/book
4 MP—do so a second or later time per book
"Invoke Away with You and over the course of a few minutes, a minion or someone you have a Connection to is banished from nearby to a Region of your choice. You may specify roughly where they land."

Let's Be BFFs
0 MP—create a temporary Connection, 1/book
4 MP—create a temporary Connection a second or later time per book
Through a Ritual action, Seizhi can form a temporary Connection with someone and make them be his friend.

Creature of Delirium 1

Seizhi can extract the hidden wishes that people keep inside their hearts.

Anywhere Seizhi goes, the Region Property "Seizhi Schwan's wishes must be hidden" will pop up and last for a scene or two until he leaves.

0 MP—extract your Experience, 1/chapter
2 MP—do so a second or later time per chapter
Seizhi can pull hidden wishes out of people's hearts, extracting them in the form of a small but loveable wish spirit (even though these wish spirits are animate and alive, they aren't likely to leave the area or get lost!). With this, he can squish the spirit to manifest tiny manifestations of the what the wishes represent, though that's Obstacle 2 for him and Obstacle 4 for other people.

Automatic—act or listen through your vessels
1 MP—waive the default level 2 Obstacle for doing so

By holding onto a person's wish spirit, Seizhi can sense where they are, talk to them, direct their actions or skim through their senses. Obstacle 2, however.

+0 MP—make a miracle emotionally affecting, up to twice/book in separate chapters
+2 MP—do so a third or later time per book
+4 MP—do so a second or later time per chapter
By adding a bit of oomph to his miracles, Seizhi can name an emotional experience he wants his target to experience and resolve.

Gatecrasher 0

Initiate of a Hidden World
- 4 MP—awaken to a hidden truth for the first time
- no cost—shelter the hidden world from uninitiated eyes
This character is awakening to the hidden world of Old Molder, in which mad scientists and engineers create huge mechanical marvels and compete against each other! (I'm envisioning this as a mix between a bunch of people working on their own machines + some sort of underground battlebots arena, for some excitement)

Seizhi's specialty is that he is a wish spirit. As a spirit, he could maybe haunt his machine..? Or maybe he's not that kind of spirit, but he does have a bit of ghost magic and he might be able to do some cool stuff with wishes!


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