Rusty Bucket O'Bolts

or B.O.B

or Rusty Bob

A player character in Dig Deep Build High

Who Are You?

There was once a Strategist who rusted away to dust when Old Molder fell. At times throughout the long decay of what was once Progress, discarded machines and bits of metal would come together and try to pull itself out of the garbage heap. It took a long time but this spontaneous machine kept trying, teaching itself robotics and going through a strange artificial evolution. Eventually he grew into a sentient being, with only a hint of Excrucian taint at his core. For the most part he is a very nice robot. He just needs more vacuum tubes, springs or sprockets, whatever he is out there scrounging for today. Old Molder people started calling him a rusty bucket of bolts, and he eventually took it to be his name. Now Rusty Bob has built a nice little junk yard garden for himself in an old machine shop where he can practice his craft and continuously improve himself. One day he will be complete, but Rusty Bob doesn't really know what he's working towards.


Current Status

Will: 8/8
Miracle Points: 7/7


  • -
  • -

XP Actions this Chapter

  • -Foreshadowing on Larvandad, Gushnasaph and Hormisdas
  • -Corruption from Sickly in the Broken Palace

Health Levels and Wounds

  • -Rust Dragon Mode (1/chapter Miraculous transformation into a mechanical dragon
Normal Levels:    [    ] [    ]
Tough Levels:     [    ]
Divine Levels:    [  x  ] [    ] [    ] [    ]


On-Going Issues
[1] Sickness


Immersive fantasy
Genre XP actions: Shock; Sympathetic Action; Foreshadowing; Discovery.
Common Out-of-Genre XP Actions:


Academic: Self Taught
Athletic: Hydraulic
Blood Type: Oil
Favourite Food: Iron nails
Zodiac Animal: Dalek

XP Emotion: Offering you Comfort, pat on the back

-Superior Junk Bot 3
-Scrounging 2
-Self Taught Robotics 2
-Old Molder Local 1
-Well, I meant well -1
-Human Feelings -1

Perks (Maximum of 8)

-Affliction: I often cause glitches, malfunctions and spontaneous manifestations of sentience in machines (2, tied to Accursed)
-Bond: I must be constantly self improving (3)

[1] Jade Irinka
[1] Dracon Celdinar.


Current Arc

Bob is currently pursuing Wounded Angel 2

You are prone to trials and your life is a sorrowful thing. Once per session you may declare yourself under attack by corruption or trauma, invoke a suitable (Suffer) Corruption or (Suffer) Trauma XP Action, and automatically pick up a point of Sickness unless your Sickness Issue is either at 5 or has just recently been resolved.

Sickly Triggers

  • - Basic social interaction with people
  • - Water

Accursed 2

My Curse is Rust

-Sanctuary (the Trash Palace, available from any scrap heap, particularly his own junkyard)
-MP Bonus (+2)
-Falling from the World (Affliction tied to Sickly Issue)
-The World Breaker's Hand (usually manifests as well placed robot punches, rusting touch or black laser beams)
-Nourishment (Can become Shiny and Chrome, with new high tech and efficient upgrades and some drone servitors. Goes away if wet)

Wounded Angel 1

-Dramatic (Can always show up when things go wrong)
-Devices (Junk bot servitors, +2 Tool to using Self Taught Robotics)
-Divine Health (+2)
-A Cage For a Blasphemy (The rebirth of the Strategist Dantalion Fisk, a creature of the cruelest black science, the dark side of Progress)
-Empowered Wounds (turn a wound into a Miraculous power)


Current Quests

Basic Quest: Glitched in the Head (Flip a sign 1/scene for 1XP, one side says: "Friendly robot" the other side says: "KILL. DESTROY.")

Storyline Quest:
Bindings 1 Quest (Am I Okay alternative)

"A Flower in the Asphalt"
24 XP Purple Storyline Quest

This is the story of your daily life as a junk scrounging, self improving robot. It's a cross section of your status quo we explore before it becomes shattered. In it you'll cause trouble even as you try your best to help. You'll mean well but your powers are destructive and wrong and you just need to learn to live with that. Maybe you're a weapon that shouldn't be. Maybe you can change that. At the end you come to terms with what you are a little and find someone who needs your help because of what you are.

Major Rewards
-Malfunction in a disastrous or at the very least extremely inconvenient manner
-Suffer an unexpected upgrade and just run with it
-Find a valuable bobble in the ruins much desired by some dark enemy

Minor Rewards
-Scavenge the ruins of Old Molder
-Build a sentient robot out of scavenged junk
-Be recognized by Old Molder residents
-Assist an animal or small child in need
-Lurk in your trash palace and babble to yourself
-Try an experimental device out by integrating it into your system
-Have a talk about human emotions or life with a real live human

Quest Miracle:
"The Rusted Halls of the Trash Palace"
9 XP Silver Anytime Quest

You're navigating the twisted extradimensional space of your Sanctuary. After making a sort of home in a junkyard in Old Molder you fell through the junk into this abandoned and ruined palace that seems filled with haunted broken relics and defiled decorations. It used to be yours when you were someone else but it has fallen into ruin. Now you spend your off time walking its rusted halls aimlessly, experiencing something between an amnesia search for answers and bitter but addictive nostalgia twinged with regret. You don't know when you'll stop. Maybe when you've walked the whole palace.

Even when you're not actively doing it, you're still navigating the palace, piecing together your broken mind. Outside in the world you often look out at the fallen glory of Old Molder and say something like: "Isn't the sunlight off the broken metal beautiful?"

This might not seem related but it is. It's how you're coping. When it's over you'll understand who or what you are a little more.

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