Known Attributes of Reuben Maksimov

The Vampire Establishment

Arcs: Awakening 1+, Keeper of Gardens 1+

MP Shop

  • 1 MP: Anxiety Extraction Services: A machine that does what it says, providing a +1 Tool for resisting fear
  • 2 MP: A stopwatch strapped to a piece of amber (at least you hope it's amber) that freezes a small object in time.
  • 2 MP: A spider-shaped harness with mechanical limbs, grants a +2 to climbing surfaces.


  • Science or Engineering
  • Superior Vampire 3
  • Superior Physical Control 1
  • Preservation 1


  • Garden: Reuben's Refrigeration
    • You must hold onto what is meaningful
    • You must offer respite from the light.
  • Superior Vitality 2


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