Old Molder Regional Council

Reuben Maksimov: The Vampire Establishment


  • Science or Engineering 2
  • Superior Vampire 3
  • Superior Physical Control 1
  • Preservation 1


  • Garden: Reuben's Refrigeration
    • You must hold onto what is meaningful
    • You must offer respite from the light.
  • Superior Vitality 2

Awakening 1+

MP Shop

  • 1 MP: Anxiety Extraction Services: A machine that does what it says, providing a +1 Tool for resisting fear
  • 2 MP: A stopwatch strapped to a piece of amber (at least you hope it's amber) that freezes a small object in time.
  • 2 MP: A spider-shaped harness with mechanical limbs, grants a +2 to climbing surfaces.

Keeper of Gardens 1+

Florida Phyto: The Dryad Naturalist


  • Superior Plant Person 2
  • Superior Walking Fields Spirit 2
  • "but what about the trees?" 2
  • Pulp Explorer 2


  • ???

The Ace 2+

Keeper of Gardens 1+

Theresa: The Elder Spark

Base Skills

  • Deviant Science 3
  • Ornery Old Coot 2
  • Electrical Engineering 2
  • Make a Plan 1


  • +4 Starting MP
  • Accessory: Spiritual Spectacles
  • Power-Up: Theresa has modified her It's Like a Telephone miracle to include people she's taken a shine to as potential students.

Gifted 3

Bond +2: "Science is for Helping People, Duh!"
Affliction 3: "Driven to See a Deviant Solution"
Affliction 0: "I'm a Big Deal With the Spark Men"

It’s Like a Telephone, but, Magic

  • 0 MP—designate someone as a mentor, student, or spiritual guide
  • 1 MP—confer with your mentor, student, or another spiritual guide.
  • 4 MP—abandon a mentor, student, or spiritual guide.
  • +2 MP—contact someone without an established relationship

Magic Hax (1 MP)
Theresa can use Deviant Science to get a +1 Tool and 0-2 Edge to mundane Intentions

Prodigious Magic (4 MP)
Theresa can modify a mundane or miraculous action with perfected Deviant Science, making it impossible for mundane efforts to directly oppose it.

Theresa has discovered how to Deviant Science minor useful gadgets as a level 2 Obstacle. Useful for Utiltiy Men to maneuver around Old Molder.

Knight 2 (The Utility Predecessor)

Bond +2:
Affliction 2:


Aqualina Yatskaya: Far-out Matriarch

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