The Illusion of Time

A player character in Dig Deep Build High

Who Are You?

The child of Jade Irinka and the Headmaster of the Bleak Academy. He who is and was the Sun, and the Tower and custodian of everything from the beginning to the end of the world. Except that even an existence that transcends time has to start somewhere, and just as Raven's got to going back in time to start building the tower that will define his past self his mom shows up as a teenager and now she's the Sun again, and has ideas about changing history.

This was always going to happen of course, Raven has been dreading this moment for years but events cannot be indefinitely postponed. It's all going to end in tragedy, because what Jade wants is proven impossible by the existence of the Tower. Which isn't to say Raven isn't experiencing momentary and impulsive flashes of doubt every time his mother does something miraculous. Doubt and fear, because if the Tower doesn't hold together then something very, very bad will happen.

But then again, there's always hope…


Current Status

Will: 4/8
Miracle Points: 4/5


  • "Guide Seizhi's sleepwalking so that he catches Pile and throws him into the Wishing Tree."(8)
  • "Come to understand the Orrery." (3)

XP Actions this Chapter

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Health Levels and Wounds

Normal Levels:    [    ] [    ]
Tough Levels:     [    ]
Divine Levels:    [    ] [    ] [    ]


On-Going Issues
[1] In Over Your Head


Immersive fantasy
Genre XP actions: Shock; Sympathetic Action; Foreshadowing; Discovery.
Common Out-of-Genre XP Actions: Shared Reaction; Slice of Life; Science, Faith and Sorcery; Suffer (Corruption); Suffer (Trauma).


Academics Skill: Hard to measure when you can use time travel to cheat at tests.
Sports Skill: Ordinary
Favorite Foods: Baked Alaska, Mackerel, Mushroom Omelette, Chicken Tikka Masala
Blood Type: AB
Animal: Hen
Age: A very timeless sort of late twenties

Emotion XP: Fist Shaking.

Skills Description
[3] Superior Dreamer Raven has a perfect internal clock and always knows where he is in space and time. Basically he’s some sort of Time Lord, completely at home even in weird situations. He’s not quite at the level where he can instantly act with knowledge of oncoming events (that would be this skill at rank 4) but he puts on a convincing act of it.
[3] Courtly Manners Raven is very graceful and refined.
[1] Architect Raven has a decent sense of geographical planning and the working of buildings.
[1] Tinkering With Clocks Raven has a natural affinity with time-telling devices. He doesn't exactly have the technical expertise of a professional watchmaker, but he knows the basic principles.

[2] Bond: In their Shadow. The Sun/Jade Irinka.

  • Raven is nominally the Sun, though this is a function he shares with his mother and his constant crossing of his own timeline has somewhat diluted his link. At this point it's more that Raven is nominally the Sun mostly because his mother is. This Bond can be channelled to impersonate, mimic or act in the style of Jade Irinka, or to gain MP/Will when being spiritually indistinguishable from her is inconvenient.

[2] Bond: Unworldly. Aura of Predestination.

  • Raven projects an aura of destiny and order around him, just being near him makes you question your perception of time and free will. This bond can be channelled to attract attention, or to gain MP/Will when such attention is inconvenient.

Perks (Maximum of 8)

Extra Divine Health Level

[3] Jade Irinka: Raven's mother. Her deeds and death defined his early life, and despite their differences he sees more of himself in her than he'd comfortably admit.
[1] Dracon Celdinar: The old codger's been around long enough to run into Raven across multiple incarnations and points in time. Raven is familiar with him and feels a certain sense of kinship.
[1] Bob: The legacy of Dantalion Fisk lies within Bob's metal shell. Bob has a place in the world, and a place in history, but Raven cannot deny that within Bob is the potential for the tower to be a lie and for time itself to be undone. Paradoxically this drives Raven to try and understand him.

Treasures of Raven Irinka

Realm: The Tower of Babel


Estate: Continuity

A tower out of time. A mishmash of architectural styles from across the aeons; ancient ziggurats, medieval European castles, Chinese pagodas, modern skyscrapers. It notionally has entrances and exits at every point in time and space.

While the tower is inhabited by many people and monsters from various times and places who are being shunted elsewhere in time and space, the only “natives” are the plant life; various fungi which can form organic computers which either simulate technology or (in the case of the cordyceps) can actually take control of other machines. Many of the “employees” of the tower are vehicles or automatons of varying technological level which were brought to the tower and were then hijacked and taken over by the fungus.

Properties of the Tower of Babel
What will happen has already happened.
Everything that has happened has a room in the tower.
The architecture of the tower is appropriate to the room.
West is the future, East is the past.
Clocks are vehicles, doorways, windows and maps.
The Sun rises and sets only once, and is visible through the windows.

Mushroom robots and assorted flora:

  • A species of toadstool that grows in radios and tunes them to a private network for long-distance communication.
  • a type of moss that grows metal and walls to attach itself to rather than the other way round, and is used to build telephone pylons and the like.
  • A predator-fungus that takes over vacuum cleaners and disinfectant sprays and uses them to purge and devour other lifeforms.

Blessings of Time Travel

Raven's blessings are actually instances of using time travel in your favour. At a mechanical level they work by allowing a degree of retconning your character's actions, though in-game it's assumed the retconned events always occurred. Usually when someone else buys the Blessing it is assumed Raven time travels on their behalf, but it's perfectly possible for Raven to teach someone a route through the Tower that will allow them to perform the acts themselves. In these cases Raven usually gifts them with a stopped pocketwatch or similar device that will tell them the relevant information when they set it going.

Blessings (Maximum of 6)
1MP A +1 Tool to interpret a contract in your favour. (You made the agreement with knowledge that it would come in handy in the future.)
1MP A miracle to have just the right amount of mundane currency to purchase something. (E.g. By having recently picked a winning lotto ticket or scratchcard. This cannot be used to possess unique treasures or payment that can't reasonably be thought of as currency.)
1MP A +2 Tool for convincing people that an attack killed you. (Using time travel to escape and then go back and rig the scene.)
2MP A miracle to allow you to escape from a building, neighbourhood or similar sub-region area completely undetected. (By travelling back in time after you escape to prepare the scene and give yourself hints.)
2MP A +1 Tool for winning races. (Travelling through time and space using the Tower.)
2MP A miracle for acting with perfect timing. (By travelling to the required point in time and space.)

Past and Future Ravens

  • Young Raven Irinka: The Raven Irinka of the present day, currently a nine year old child who sat on the throne of Celestia before crashing into Fortitude. It's only been a handful of years since his mother died, and he's still pretty unsure about his place in the world. This Raven possesses a much stronger connection to the Sun than future-Raven and has an affinity for riding, but has a more shaky grasp of time-travel, possibly because despite existing everywhere the Tower has yet to be built in present-day Old Molder. He is dimly aware of his other selves.
  • Jasper Akniri: At some point in the future (or maybe past?) Raven regenerates as a girl named Jasper, who contracted vampirism in Horizon several years ago. Jasper moves between jobs as a caretaker, security guard or night-time shop assistant as is convenient for her goals. In her spare time Jasper studies archaeology and plays guitar. She and future-Raven (inaccuracy of such a term aside) are aware of each other and their shared timeline through the Tower and ultimately share the same goals.


Current Arc

Raven is currently pursuing Awakening 3.

You are prone to trials and your life is a sorrowful thing. Once per session you may declare yourself under attack by corruption or trauma, invoke a suitable (Suffer) Corruption or (Suffer) Trauma XP Action, and automatically pick up a point of Sickness unless your Sickness Issue is either at 5 or has just recently been resolved.

Sickly Triggers

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Called Away 1

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Estate: Continuity

Realm: Tower of Babel

Shadow: Jade Irinka/The Sun

In their Shadow A 2 point Bond representing Raven's link to his mother Jade, and her opposing conception of time.
All Places are One Even when he’s not physically present raven can use the tower to be present at any point in time and space. However when it’s not actually part of his personal timeline this is purely notional and a Bleak effect stops him from changing anything beyond maybe other characters imagining he was there, or what he would do or say if he was there. Even when he uses Superior Dreamer to get around it, from his perspective it’s more like history just unfurls in a way he originally misunderstood but was always going to happen anyway. The main condition on using this power is that it must theoretically be possible for a random witness to stumble upon the event, or for a sufficiently dedicated scholar from the future to find out about the events of the scene through research. (So dedicated-to-the-point-of-overkill measures to keep a meeting secret can lock Raven out.) This costs 0 MP the first time, 1 MP to do so within a handful of hours of the last time, 2 MP to do so a second or more times in a single scene or 4 MP to be present in multiple locations simultaneously.
The Tower Behind the Curtain Raven typically uses Superior Dreamer to intuitively grasp the connection of his current location to the Tower, or to anchor the local reality in its principles. Raven may summon the borders of the Tower for 0 MP once per chapter, 1 MP to do so a second or later time per Chapter, 2 MP to do so a second or later time in a handful of hours, 4 MP to invoke this power instantly.
Foreknowledge and Interconnectedness Raven uses knowledge of the flow of events and his affinity with the principle of Continuity to set things up so that he is prepared for future events. It will turn out that something Raven did that was seemingly trivial or random earlier on will have a ripple effect that causes good fortune for him in the present. This effect is magnified considerably within the Tower. This power costs 1 MP.
Everywhere a Doorway Since the Tower is present throughout all time and space, Raven can access almost anywhere given enough time. Raven may open a lock, door, path, or mode of travel once per book for free, a second or later time in a book for 1 MP, a second or later time in a Chapter for 2 MP, may create a sustained path-opening or transportation-enabling effect for 4 MP, and can pay 8 MP and take a Deadly Wound to weaken the all applicable barriers on a regional scale.
Eyes to See Time Raven may evoke the mana of Continuity, granting someone the weight of a non-linear perspective of time and history. This acts as a +3 Tool to mundane actions to inspire someone towards a relevant experience. A 5+ intention will generally create an experience akin to the first point of an Issue. This costs 1 MP to do so the first time in a Chapter, 2 MP to do so a second time or later in a Chapter, 4 MP to do so a second time or later in a few hours.

Awakening 2

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Principle: Time Travel

Second Self: The Timeline of Raven Irinka

Weakness: Predestination. Raven knows that time travel is possible, but that time is an illusion and what will happen has already happened. History cannot be changed. This means that while foreknowledge of the future can be useful, it can also be really irritating as it just means Raven knows about something he cannot actually change in any way. Greek tragedy and science fiction has shown us how this can really screw you over.

Aura of Predestination As a higher order of being, Raven has a palpable aura of spiritual majesty and a sense that he is exactly where he should be, as is everything he sets eyes upon. This is represented by a 2 point Bond.
Looking Back on This… His own timeline. Raven is from the future and can travel through time more or less at will. Since he has come from the far future he has the perspective of centuries behind him. This is less useful than it sounds however because it’s not actually possible to use time travel to change what happens. Raven can however use his time travel abilities to gather information that he was meant to gather. Without invoking other powers, the only thing he can always do through Second Self is travel to the far future and spend a few hours researching the past, as he’s basically memorised all the routes through the tower to the far future.
Blessings of Time Travel Minor time travel tricks, represented either by spending MP and declaring you used time travel previously to make them happen. These tricks tend to be a lot more specific than you’d expect, the Tower is really hard to navigate. Where a physical representation of the blessing is required, Raven can provide a time-telling device that’s actually a link to a specific and usually one-off route through the tower. (Maximum of five blessings.) 1-2 times per book Raven may conceptualise a one or more new blessings. For 4 MP he may conceptualise a further blessing.
A Time Machine in My Head Raven may shunt himself through time by conceptualising a clock in his head over the course of a few minutes, allowing him to exit the world. All clocks are gateways into the tower and through sufficient mental discipline you can exercise perfect internal timekeeping and essentially be a clock yourself. Raven has long since perfected this trick to quickly shunt himself forward and backward through time when using Called Away to make a more accessible gate to the Tower won’t do.
After All This is Over, I'll Travel Back in Time And… While spirit walking occurs when Raven is somewhere/when he’s never been within his own timeline, the powered up version of Step Away allows him to use time travel to his advantage within the specific point of time-space of the scene; note that from his perspective Raven is not changing history, he is simply using time travel to make changes that were always going to happen. An Obstacle of 2 impedes Raven taking observable or rushed actions, and other people from interacting with him if he has not revealed himself through his actions. This can be done for free 1-2 times per book, or for 2 MP a third or later time in a book.
Crossing Your Own Timeline. Someone else is revealed to be Raven at another point in his timeline. Raven appears to have something akin to the regenerative ability of a Timelord, so they might not look the same or even be the same species or gender as Raven. (E.g. At point in the past or future Raven was a teenager who inherited his mother’s mantel over the Sun and was/will be a girl named Jasper.) With some setup, it costs 2 MP to reveal that 1-2 people are, in fact, Raven.
Lifetimes of Experience Spend 1 MP and take a surface Wound to gain access to the capabilities of Raven at different points of his timeline. (Such as teenage-Raven’s Sun powers and affinity for riding, Jasper’s guitar skills and vampire powers etc.)
A Black Hole In My Head Raven takes someone or something and shunts them into another point of his timeline via his internal clock. Raven’s not sure why this leaves a piece of them within him. Probably a poorly understood rule of sympathy. This costs 2 MP and requires taking a Deadly Wound, which degrades to a surface Wound when the target is released.


Current Quests

Floating XP: 4

There Are Things Outside Your Book…
Type of Quest: Chibi, Symbolic
XP: 2/9

You have seen the beginning and end of everything and know the approximate spread of events as they must be. You know in your heart that those who seek to change history are either ignorant or deluding themselves, yet somehow you can still be moved to doubt yourself. Gain 1 XP every scene/10 posts whenever you doubt the predestined nature of time, and the knowledge of your own immutable timeline. This will often be expressed by boldly asserting that all that will happen has already happened, but may also manifest as a shiver or sigh when gazing at ripples on water, blossom in the wind, scattered stones or grains on the floor.

A Conspiracy of Irinkas
Type of Quest: Sidequest, Lurid
XP: 1/18

Young Raven, Old Raven, Jasper and probably more, the timeline of Raven Irinka stretches out over many lives. Through their shared connection between the Tower and the Sun at its summit they are all one, but each is also an individual with their own place in history. This quest is about the duality between the overall goal of the times-panning gestalt consciousness known as Raven Irinka and the individual troubles of each separate identity.

Gain 1 XP every time you flip between “The big picture” (symbolic of putting the spotlight on the grand, overall goals of Raven) and “This life, these troubles.” (Symbolising a focus on the more immediate needs and desires of the person at that point in space-time.)

Rekindling the Sun
Type of Quest: Storyline
XP: 1/21

The HG may award you 3 XP when:

  • something rips the wickedness from you or otherwise aggressively purifies you; or, you bleed for an enemy’s sake;
  • you descend below the surface of the world and share in or comfort the grief of something that lives there;
  • you sacrifice a thing or object that could reasonably be referred to as your heart to somebody. At the end of the quest, you have the player-level option to receive it back.

You may claim 1 bonus XP per Chapter when:

  • you receive something, often in the form of a seed or box, from a rival/enemy
  • you travel to/enter the Keep of a deadly enemy or rival or the lair of some sort of literal or metaphorical dragon. There is a sensation of danger…
  • you are torn apart by spirits or birds, or turn into birds (generally in a break from reality)
  • you make a pinky promise with a ghost, angelic being, or in a flashback
  • you do something amazing and transformative with your craft
  • you get a tattoo or other long-term or permanent marking.
  • you retreat to your Tower with a child, pet or wounded friend.

Completed Quests

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