Pterri Ptolemy

The False Orrery

Mortal Skills

  • Star Charts 2 - Pterri can navigate stars and divine things from their positions.
    • Normal Techniques
      • Obstacle 0: Basic acts of astronomy
      • Obstacle 1: Having an echo or oracle-aura around you.
    • Obstacle 1 Magical Techniques
      • Predict a minor fortune or omen for a person, location, or thing
        • I intend for this to function like a melodramatic/red/insight perk. You can ask the HG a question related to a subject that you have astrological information on. Also, as this is magical astrology, it’s not limited to people.
      • Recognize a star spirit, disguised or otherwise.
    • Obstacle 2
      • Perform an investigation of an item or place to put together an astrological profile of sorts for that entity.
      • Predict a major event for a person, location, or thing.
      • Establish contact with a random star spirit in the sky.
      • Navigate your way among the constellations.
    • Obstacle 3
      • Establish contact with a specific star spirit in the sky.
      • Mapping a potential path to a location among the stars.
      • Predict a minor event for the Region you occupy.
      • Plot a course to the constellations from somewhere in Town.
        • I expect actually reaching the realm of stars from Town requires another skill, miracle, quest, or at least a story in and of itself.
  • Guide 2 - She can show you around and tell you things.
  • Love for the Doomed 2 - She has a fondness for those who would suffer.
  • Machines 1 - She can put together and maintain the mechanisms of the Planetarium.
  • Illumination 1 - She has a basic grasp of symbolism and alternate meanings on which she can shed light.


  • Bond 3 (Reality Syndrome): “I am driven to change things for the better”
  • Bond 3 (Reality Syndrome): "I must keep ahead of the rumors."
  • A False Star is Still a Star
    • Miraculous Action (Inherent Power Cost)
    • Mid-Scene, Pterri can use one of her lanterns to cast light on a situation, making it possible for others to discern lies and disperse illusions.
  • Connection 1 (Isolde): You, her, and the foreman are probably the entire government.
  • Connection 1 (Ash)

Miraculous Arcs and Powers

The Star Chart (Wishing Map)

  • Pterri Ptolemy, Star of Illumination
    • As above, so below (should that be backward)
  • Isolde Kikuchi, Planet of Character
    • No matter what, you may endure.
  • Hepzibah, Five-Pointed Star of Sharpness.
    • "What you were looking for was already inside you."
  • Ash, Comet of Retribution
    • "The wicked will get what's coming to them."
  • Abner, the Forgotten Planet
    • "The empty space between the dots of the constellations matters"
  • John, Hidden Planet of Secrets
    • Things are watched by a hidden eye.
  • Ulf, The Wolf Comet
    • "A potential for new meetings, confusion, and loss."

Reality Syndrome 3 (The False Orrery)

Potentiality Plays (Shared Experience)

  • 0 MP—after a few minutes, you can share your experience with others
  • 4 MP—you can invoke this power instantly.

Pterri can create the Region Property "You Share Pterri Ptolemy's Sense of The Future"

Actuality Plays (Dreams Made Flesh)

  • 0 MP—1/chapter, you can manifest your experience physically
  • 1 MP—use this power a second or later time per chapter
  • 2 MP—use this power a second or later time in a handful of hours
  • 4 MP—invoke both Shared Experience and this power instantly.

The Orrery of False Stars

  • Similar to Chuubo's Wishing Engine rules.
  • Uses a Star Chart with each character representing a makeshift astrological sign
  • Wishes not in keeping with possible interpretations risk warping fate and creating false star spirits.
  • Recharge Token to add entries.

Allegory 0 (Star Charter)

  • Role: The Timekeeper, who tracks the comings and goings of the camp.
  • Truth: "I fixed Polaris back in the sky, that we may always have a guiding star."
  • Failing: Destiny

A Dim Star (Somebody Else's Problem)
Obstacle 2 to:

  • recognizing you or your distinctive features when you aren’t trying to be recognized;
  • describing you effectively;
  • spotting you when you’re trying to hide, be subtle, or disappear.

Coronal Cremation (A Legendary Weapon)

  • 1/book, incinerate some fool or purify a corrupt thing into some nice spiritually clean glass
  • 4 MP, incinerate or purify another fool

XP And Quests

Emotion XP: Speechlessness XP

Basic Quest

Basic Quest Template
XP: 1/9
Any-Time Storyteller

Pterri Ptolemy reacts to something with "Not One More Day! Not. One. More. Day!"

Allegory 0-1

0/60 XP
0/3-5 Quests

What, Exactly, Do I Do Here?

4/24 XP
3 XP:

  • You spin the False Orrery for something that later turns out trivial
  • You consult the stars, which remain frustratingly mum on the subject.
  • Someone gets mad at you for doing what they were going to do

1 XP:

  • You give someone a.completely nonsensical but fancy-sounding description of your duties
  • You get into an argument about what, exactly, is in your purview.
  • A camper tries to horn in on your gig.
  • You start to do something you think is your job, but pause and second-guess yourself.
  • One of the PCs consults you on fate and time.
  • You spend an afternoon or evening on personal stuff and realize afterwards that there was something else you should have been doing.
  • You spend time looking up at the sky
  • You use magic or the Orrery to make yourself look better.

Side Quest: The Clock Tower

3/15 XP
3 XP:

  • Rope one of the other PCs in your project.
  • The sun just fails to rise or set one day.

1 XP:

  • Lament how things would be easier to track if one had a clocktower.
  • Sweat it out over blueprints or clockwork mechanisms
  • Argue with the foreman/mayor/whoever about funding/time.
  • A rooster fails to crow with the dawn.
  • Glare balefully at the sun, the stars, or a nearby timepiece?

Quest Miracle 1: Fist of the Doomed Star

2/9 XP

Ptolemy perfects a technique to punch out the future. 1/scene flip an Over The Top sign

Mutable Stats

Will: 8/8
MP: 4/5


  • Complex 1

Health Levels:

  • Normal:
  • Normal:
  • Tough:
  • Divine:
  • Divine:


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