Mad Scientists

Letselina & Rionet Sirida


  • Cackle 2

Awakening 2

Creature of Delirium 2

Knave of Hearts 0

Role: The Dexterous and Sinister Hands of Sirida Science

Dantalion Fisk

Arcs: Accursed 2+, Gatekeeper 2


  • Deviant Science 3
  • Ruthless Business Practice 2
  • Shameless Self-Promotion 2
  • Break 'em 1
  • Humility -2


Accursed 2

World Breaker's Hand: Dantalion Fisk can rust physical objects to dust and halt the progression of processes like making lightning freeze mid-strike.
Curse: Dantalion gathers rust until he falls apart on the weight of his tarnish. Typically when trying to make progress or grasp another's attempts to make progress in their lives.

Gatekeeper 2

Principle: 'Futility' that which is skeptical of the promise of Progress.
Other: It is currently unknown what exactly Dantalion harnesses, but it seems to relate to other branches of science.

Outside Context Science: Dantalion Fisk occasionally sports inventions or abilities outside his field of science.

Gilis Wimarca, Mad Botanist

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