Jade Irinka

The Angel of the Houses of the Sun

XP Emotion: Gratitude Hands

Academic Ability: Pretty average, but good at science
Athletic Ability: Pretty good
Age: 15
Blood Type: AB
Favorite Foods: Ambrosia, golden apples, pancakes, udon, meat buns
Animal: Phoenix


Sun Magic 3
Technophile 2 - You love fancy new technology and are quick to learn how to use it
Courtly Manners 2 - You're graceful and refined
Martial Arts 1 - Even with amazing sun magic, sometimes a good punch to the face is the best solution for the forces of evil


Bond (2): “A Guiding Light.” As the angel of the houses of the sun, you're driven to inspire others to improve their condition.
Variable Affliction based on Trust “Oblivious”. Despite not actually having completed any Gatekeeper arcs, you're still Jade Irinka and prone to trusting those you shouldn't.
Raven Irinka -1 You're not at all sure how to deal with having a kid far older than yourself.


Raven Irinka -1 You're not at all sure how to deal with having a kid far older than yourself.

Sun Magic

Obstacle 0 - Be a warm and sensitive listener
Obstacle 1 - Know how hopeful or despairing somebody you care about is
Obstacle 1 - Inspire a local sense of hopefulness
Obstacle 2 - Shape the light around you, directing/focusing it and its shadows
Obstacle 2 - Light a path for someone nearby - Sunlight will point or guide the way to something lost or a distant friend
Obstacle 2 - Fly with perfect mobility and a top speed of more than 20 mph (from Mobility)
Obstacle 3 - Divine what would bring somebody hope
Obstacle 3 - Devour evil magic or conjure a lion of fire to do the same
Obstacle 3 - Send your senses away from your body, traveling through sunlight

General themes center on light, hope and, thanks to Mobility, flight.


Current Arc: Magical Hero (Aspect)
Arc Progress: 15/72 XP

Magical Hero 3

You're a pretty cool magical guardian of Town past, facing down Excrucians and inspiring the Townsfolk to greater heights. Just because you find yourself in a different time entirely doesn't mean you have forgotten how.

Enemy: The Bleak

Immortality: As long as you pursue the path of a Magical Hero, you're Immortal. You can still get beaten up and it'll hurt and look pretty bad, but it won't actually impair you and as soon as a scene break seems like it'd allow you to clean up and change your clothes all signs vanish. Sufficiently powerful miracles, powers fueled by taking wounds and wounds taken simply ignoring wishes can overcome this immortality.

Wild Magic: By drawing on the wishing power of your heart you can cast any spell involving sunlight or hope. No obstacle applies and the intention is equal to the number of MP spent +1, meaning that at the very least you make a pretty nice but meaningless display of magic and you can potentially create a genuinely impressive and useful display.

Secrets: Once per book, your dreams can give you hints about the secrets, plans and actions of anybody you believe might be aligned with the Bleak and a threat to your goals and plans. This is a matter of belief, you might discover that they're not associated with the Bleak or that they're a victim of it and not an enemy in which case your ability to spy on them would disappear.

For a cost of 1 MP you can spy on a new antagonist and for 4 MP you can check in on somebody for a second time. You even get 3 Strike trying to overcome their defenses against scrying!

Shield: At a cost of 1 MP, the power of the Sun shields you from attacks by the Bleak. At 2 or 4 MP you can shield a small or a large area respectively. The more you struggle, the more Strike you get to help overcome the attack.

Raw Magic: You can flood your aura with MP to get cool, sunlight-themed special effect and granting Edge equal to the amount of MP stored in it. You only lose the MP when the effect ends and it lasts at its full effect until you voluntarily drop it or spend the last MP stored in it.

Mobility: Your magical powers have grown enough that your Sun Magic has an obstacle 2 technique to let you fly, making flight a natural part of the theme of the skill.

Blast: You can blast the power of the Bleak with the concentrated radiance of the Sun. This will not only defeat its agents and destroy beings feeding off of the Bleak, but can also heal those infected by it and purify those possessed by it.

For most common Riders and minor Outside critters, this costs a single MP, but more powerful enemies cost more and a finishing move suitable for defeating the Headmaster or the Bleak Academy itself would cost 8 MP and a Deadly Wound if it was even possible.

If faced with miraculous defenses, the more you struggle and refuse to them beat you, the more strike you get.

Prodigious Magic: For the low, low cost of 4 MP, you can empower a technique of your Sun Magic with the power of miracles so that no mundane effort might oppose it. You still need to supply an intention to have it actually do anything, though.

Spirit Form: You are an angel and can walk with people in spirit for the cost of 2 MP. This imposes an obstacle of 2 for spotting you and an obstacle of 3 for touching you.

Drain Energy: Over the course of at least fifteen minutes, you can drain the power of the Bleak for similar effects as your blast. Taking in the power of the Bleak is fundamentally anathema to you and hurts you, however, even as it lets you develop new powers from the wound.

Metaphorical Magic: At the cost of 1 MP you can use your Sun Magic in metaphorical ways. This ranges from the obvious such as moving light within a work of art or inspiring a girl named Hope to stranger things such as letting your magic affect the light of truth, whether to shine its light on a topic or diverting it to shroud something in the shadows of secrecy.


Basic Quest

It's all New to Me (2/9 XP) - Melodramatic

The future is so full of cool stuff. Video games! Cell phones! Chilled coffee drinks with lots of fruit syrup and faux-Italian names! How can you not get excited learning all about it?

You can take an XP whenever the thrill of discovering the wonders of the new world makes you go over the top with excitement.

Arc Quest

Out of Time (13/21 XP)

You apparently did a lot in your future. You even died! It's all quite a bit to take in and you don't really have much energy for anything else right now. I mean, how do you cope with your child running around being the actual Sun when you're only a teen yourself?! It's going to take a while before you can start working on a way back or creating a new life or anything of the sort.

Storyline goals:
- You learn the truth about your death, including what it caused, who did and who he really was to you
- Face the fact that you were Town's patron god
- Your relationship with the Celdinar Family settles into a predictable pattern, whether this is a blood feud over destroying Alexandrel's work, a quiet understanding or a dedication to not destroy Night London once you get back

- You annoy or frustrate yourself or others struggling with verb tenses to express your situation
- You find a calm moment of familiarity eating a favorite food that hasn't changed all this time
- You lose yourself in something engrossing, but fundamentally unproductive like a video game or the romantic thrills of the latest Bloodfang novel
- You discuss the nature of time and what will happen if you were to never return and if you even can
- You come into contact with the Outside
- Some aspect of the future tempts you to stay (even if it might be kinda small and silly)
- You worry about returning to your preordained death, even if it's somewhere in the ambiguous future

Outcome: You learn enough about your situation to come to terms with being stuck out of time and can start working on what to actually do about it and just generally move on with your life.


Mystery 2 - Should it even be possible for Jade to be here?
Something to Deal With 1 - Try not to think about the whole predestined death thing

Current Status

  • Health Levels
    • 2/2 Normal
    • 1/1 Tough
    • 2/2 Divine
  • Resources
    • 8/8 Will
    • 6/5MP
  • Issues
  • Mystery 2 - There really is something to this whole time traveling thing
  • Something to Deal With 1 - Try not to think too much about the whole predestined death thing
  • Progress
    • Active Arc: Aspect 15/72xp
    • Unspent XP: 1xp

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