Important Vampires

Particular Vampires

Ilyana Celdinar: A cousin of Dracon's, she's not really into the whole revive Night London plan.
Alexandrel Celdinar: Former mayor of Night London, current Celdinar patriarch.
Bartholomew Strix: Pro Take Back Old Molder, and yet also pro watching any Celdinar fall on their face.
Antonia Forsyth: Forsyth Treasurer, potentially sympathetic.
Yuuto Antonescu: Doesn't hunt people, stop asking.

Vampire Families of Note

  • Celdinar: Dracon's family, natch. They're kind of THE vampire family, especially during the days of Night London.
  • Maksimov: Reuben's family. A tad fractious, the Maksimov patriarch was an exorcist of some kind before being a vampire.
  • Forsyth: The second most enthusiastic family regarding the Night London project, responsible for the Forsyth Mobile Works among other projects.
  • Strix: They took the loss of Night London and vampire hegemony poorly, and the Matron will never let Alexandrel forget about it.
  • Sukkashu
  • Antonescu
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