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Undergrowth Discoveries

The Industrial Heart of Reuben Maksimov

Reuben Maksimov's tore out his heart in the days of industrial Molder in a bid to make him perfect. It just made him a vampire and his heart was lost in the earthquake.

It's rebuilt itself in that time.

  • Creature of Delirium 3+
    • Extracts your feeling heart
    • "Reuben Maksimov must feel something"
    • An affinity for lizards
    • Turns things into biomechanical horrors
  • Wounded Angel 1
    • It's presence is felt in scenes of violent emotion
    • Devices are mostly industrial tools and machines
    • It's bound its imobility and separation from Reuben currently.
  • Skills
    • Nightmare Science 2
    • Empathy 2
    • Superior Toughness 3
    • ??? 1
    • Mobility -2

The Kingdoms of Dame Yadon

  • The Court of Bees
  • The Court of Birds

The Broken Orrery of Pterri Ptolemy

The Observatory of Old Molder was in the care of the Ptolemy family before the earthquake broke everything and the family never really recovered. The astrologer Pterri Ptolemy set to work to wrangle fate with this mysterious mechanism. Despite its failure at its intended design, the mechanism still works to gauge the present and future.

There is an outpost of Fortitude rats who ply the machine for information on the Mysteries and other fates.

Nenavian Botanical Horror

Rivals, Foils, Etc.

Dantalion Fisk (???)

Dulcinea D'Avignon

Arcs: Creature of Delirium 2+


  • Nightmare Alchemy 2
  • Corralling Wish Spirits 1


  • Embodiment: Dulcinea cannot escape her nightmares.
  • Extraction: Dulcinea extracts nightmares and the capacity for nightmare from her targets, purifying them in a manner.


Accursed 2, Gatecrasher 2

Vampire 3
Physical Control 1
Propriety 2
Spiritual Energy 2
Woodwork 1


  • A Map in Her Head 2
  • Affliction (Accursed=2) "I can make a straw replica of anything I destroy."

Mad Science

Dantalion Fisk (Past)

Reuben Maksimov (Present)

The Sirida Siblings

Pteri Ptolemy


Reuben Maksimov (???)

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