The Guardian

XP Emotion: Putting My Faith In You

Will: 8/8
Miraculous Will: 3/3
MP: 6/5
Health: 2 Normal, 1 Tough, 2 Divine

Academic Ability: Quite good
Athletic Ability: Average strength, ridiculous speed
Age: Possibly centuries, but looks like he's in his 30s.
Blood Type: AB+
Favorite Foods: Sashimi, bouillabaise, Shirazi salad, dolmas, honey cakes, baklava
Animal: Pelican


Superior Physical Control 2: He is far faster and more limber than a normal human.
Eloquence 2: He is charismatic and good at rhetoric.
Watchful 2: He's alert and tough to catch off guard.
Repair Things 1: He dabbles in repair.
Baking 1: He enjoys baking, though presentation is still a struggle for him.
Deal With Insults -1: He doesn't take deliberate rudeness or attacks on his dignity well. Not at all.



Type: Miraculous Action

  • 0 MP—weather damage 1/chapter
  • 1 MP—do so a second or later time per chapter
  • 2 MP—do so a second or later time in a handful of hours

Invoke Weathered when you were just about to be badly hurt and you can declare that you’re fine instead—that you’ve weathered it like an old sea captain, with at most some trickling blood, torn clothing, or some smears of sweat and soot.
This power reduces the severity of a received physical wound by about one level. The HG can veto its use if the wound was already too trivial to worry about or so thoroughly overkill that even being Weathered wouldn’t help.

Bond (3): I am driven to make Yggdrasil Court a better place to live.
Connection (1): Seizhi Schwan. (I took him in not long ago. He is a kind and well-behaved young man, but something clearly troubles him, and I want to give him some guidance.)


Current Arc: Sentimental
Arc Progress: 0/72 XP

Child of the Ash 1

Become Somebody 2

Sentimental 0


Unspent XP: 0

Basic Quest

High Standards (2/9 XP)

As a proud (albeit unofficial) landlord, Forneus is always thinking about housework. As a consequence, he often reframes things as a performance of his duties. When he does this, he drops his catchphrase: "Would you expect any less from me?" and gains 1 XP.

Quest 1

Hammer and Nails (4/18 XP)

3 XP:

  • Set too high a goal for yourself and either miss the mark or push yourself too far trying to achieve it.
  • Step in and defend someone who's in serious danger.
  • Declare that you've made so much progress fixing up Yggdrasil Court that you can accept more tenants.


  • Work on fixing up Yggdrasil Court.
  • Consult a Utility Man or other knowledgeable figure about the state of the building.
  • Get overly excited about finding building materials.
  • Talk to someone about the progress of your work or your reasons for doing it.
  • Distribute baked goods to your friends and neighbors.
  • Sit back for a moment and take pride in the fruits of your labor.

Quest 2

Connecting (Dramatic Version) (3/15 XP)
Target: Old Molder

3 XP:

  • Get in trouble trying to reach out to or connect with the target of this quest;
  • Get in trouble trying to help the target of this quest, and it or they in some fashion support you.


  • listening to stories about Old Molder
  • consciously trying to connect with Old Molder
  • exploring how to live in Old Molder
  • talking to people about how they live in Old Molder
  • spending time with the target and thinking about the parts of that that are “different” from your usual life.


Calling 1: You feel like something's been left undone.

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