Dracon Celdinar

The Vampire Industrialist


Academics skill: Spotty.
Sports skill: Exceptional.
Favourite Foods: B-Positive
Blood Type: O
Animal: Dragon, probably. You’ve forgotten.
Age: 16, but he’s been 16 for about a century.

Arcs: Allegory 2, The Ace 1
Current Arc: The Ace
Emotion XP: Speechlessness.


Superior Vampire 3: You are a true vampire.
Superior Vitality 2: You are extremely strong.
Mechanic 2: You’re good with machines.
Explorer 1: You have a knack for exploration.
Humour -1: You keep shooting for “funny” and accidentally hitting “threatening”.


  • Bond (2): “My Vampiric Powers Are Weak In Sunlight.” Sunlight doesn’t actually hurt you, but it tends to mess up your vampiric powers.
  • Affliction (2): I’m Already Dead. You are, after all, a vampire. This affliction is tied to your Allegory rating.
  • Cool (1): As a vampire, you’re pretty cool. This Perk is tied to your Ace rating.
  • Superior Cloud of Bats (2): You can dissolve into a cloud of bats, fly on the wind, and slip into high places. You could maybe carry someone, but they’d have to be pretty light. Bats are not good at carrying large things. This Perk was created through your Allegory.
  • Connection (1): BOB. This is the perfect challenge for your industrialist ideals!
  • Connection (1): Ms. Suzu Shimizu. My ghost receptionist is pretty valued.

Quests and XP

Emotion XP: Speechless

Chapter One XP Actions:

  • Discovery: Mourning
  • Discovery: Jade Irinka (I AM SURROUNDED BY ENEMIES)

Chapter Two XP Actions:

  • Discovery: Shokyou (A good kid these days!)
  • Sympathetic Action: Reassure Shokyou (It sucks when your dreams are denied)

Chapter Three XP Actions:

  • Foreshadowing: Introducing Jade to the factory.

Basic Quest: The Good Old Days

3/9 XP - Melodramatic

You are a teenager, but also kind of a crotchety gothic old man at heart. You like to mope around about how things aren’t like they were, and everything used to be better. Once per scene, when you react to a situation by explaining why it would never have happened when you were a kid, you can claim 1 XP towards this quest.

Arc Quest: Adventure Capitalism

12/21 XP - Aspect 1

3 XP Triggers:

  • You have to take a huge chunk of cash you raised for your plans and use it to help someone help.
  • You discover a massive stash of treasure!
  • You miss out on an important social event because you’re busy treasure hunting.

1 XP Triggers:

  • You get hurt seeking treasure.
  • You decide not to sell a treasure you found because it’s cool.
  • A rival appears, and you race for a treasure!
  • Someone agrees to fund part of your plans.
  • Someone slaps you in the face.
  • You find something awesome, only to discover that it’s junk.

Side Quest: The Marvelous Factory of Dracon Celdinar

3/15 XP - Shepherd

3 XP Triggers:

  • You discover an amazing or particularly useful machine in your dives that can be used in the factory.
  • You have a big gathering to formally open the factory.

1 XP Triggers:

  • You spend the morning sleeping at the factory because you forgot to go home.
  • You hire someone to work at the factory when it’s finished.
  • You excitedly talk about how useful the factory’s going to be when it’s done.
  • You scavenge parts for your factory.
  • You run into a situation in which it would have been nice to have a local factory operational, but it isn’t.


Allegory 2

Your Role is “Industrialist”, your Failing is “Vampire”, and your Truth is that you have operated here since Night London.

Cloak of Shadows

When you don’t want to be seen, people shy away from you. There’s a menace you can wrap around yourself that says, “You do not want me to be your problem”. It creates a Level 2 Obstacle to recognize, describe, or notice you when you don’t want to be spotted.

The Legendary Factory of Dracon Celdinar (Major)

Your factory sits right on the edge of Old Molder and Horizon. A few parts of it have fallen into the abyss. But still, it… kind of works. When you’re there to run it, and to race around and grease the wheels personally, and coax miracles from its rusting gears. Once per Book, you can activate the factory to construct almost any complicated and dubiously scientific machine. Doing this more than once a Book costs you 4 MP per use.

Wonderful Toys (Major)

Your mechanical skills are impressive. Once per Book, when you build a fun device, it is shielded from miracles, and can even oppose or interact with them as though it were a miracle with a level equal to the Intention you used to build it. Doing this more than once per Book costs 1 MP, and doing it more than once per chapter costs 2 MP.

The Old Days (Imperial)

You’ve been in Town a very long time. Once per Book, when discussing any event that you might have been present for as a vampire industrialist, you can simply declare that you were either present, or a driving force behind, that event, and know all about it. Doing this more than once per Book costs 1 MP, and doing it more than once per chapter costs 2 MP.

Mystical Transportation

You have a lot of ways of getting around, between your vampiric powers and your huge amount of money. Once per Book, or by spending 4 MP, you can add a Superior Skill to your Perk list that functions as a form of travel that’s a little bit mystical and awesome. You’ve already done this for the first Book (Cloud of Bats). You do need to have Perk slots open for these skills, and they last as long as you keep the Perk.

Lives of Blood and Iron (Imperial)

Once per Book, you can bring life to the inanimate or sentience to animals. This technically works in two ways. When dealing with totally inanimate things, you need to grab a bunch of gears and power source, and spend a few minutes tinkering with them to animate him. When dealing with living things, you need to feed them a few drops of your blood and allow them to become just a little bit vampiric.

Once you do this, it lasts forever, or at least until the gears run down and the blood runs out. You don’t actually control things you animate, but you do get an inherent Connection 1 to them for the remainder of the book (and vice versa).

Doing this more than once per Book costs 1 MP, and doing it more than once per chapter costs 2 MP. Awakening something in a matter of seconds instead of minutes costs you 4 MP.

The Kiss of Shadows

You can turn people into vampires.

Once per Book, specifically, you can drain someone’s emotions, and then feed them back to them, transforming them into a vampire, for whatever a vampire really means to them. You need to build an Intention with your Superior Vampire, and if that Intention is beaten the transformation fails. Also, it doesn’t really last - it’s not proper vampirism, just a sort of ghoulish semi-shift. It lasts until the target resolves an appropriate Issue, or finishes an appropriate quest (although they could always take Superior Vampire 2 as a quest reward and actually become a vampire forever…). And of course, they can take a vampiric wound to resist this curse and then heal it through whatever means heal slow vampire transformation.

As usual, doing this more than once per Book costs 1 MP, and doing it more than once per chapter costs 2 MP. Transforming someone instantly instead of through a slow feeding process costs 4 MP.

The Ace 1


As long as you’re on the Ace, you’re Frantic. You can always Be In Trouble, and once per chapter, Being In Trouble gives you 1 MP.


You have a bountiful reserve of vampiric energy. You have a pool of 3 Miraculous Will that you can use for any action that could be expressed as a mundane skill, or a Superior skill that you have. Using this Will makes you more obviously vampiric, as you become pale, bloodless, and intense. It refreshes whenever you or anyone around you takes an XP Action.


You get the Cool Perk for free, at a level equal to your rating in The Ace.

The Ace

You’re pretty much awesome. Starting mid-scene, you can wrap your physical actions in vampiric precision and power, giving yourself a free +1 Tool bonus to a couple of physical actions. You can spend 2 MP to cover all of your actions for the rest of the scene, or 4 MP to cover all of your actions from the start of a scene.

Push Yourself

When you really try, you do particularly well. When using The Ace, you can spend 1 MP to increase your Tool bonus to +2.

Power Use Tracker

Book One

  • The Old Days (free use in Chapter Two)

Chapter Two

Current Status

  • Health Levels
    • 2/2 Normal
    • 1/1 Tough
    • 2/2 Divine
  • Resources
    • 8/8 Will
    • 3/3 Miraculous Will
    • 7/5MP
  • Issues
    • Something To Deal With: 2
    • In Over Your Head: 1
  • Progress
    • Active Arc: Aspect 0/72xp
    • Unspent XP: 0xp

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