Abyssal Luminaries, As Forneus Half-Remembers Them



  • Superior Mermaid 3
  • Marksmanship 3
  • Yaaarrr! 2
  • Superior Firepower 2 (Indomitable)


  • Sailing & Navigation 2
  • Skill Trick (Yaaarrr!): For partying around and resisting the effects of partying around.

Indomitable 2

Curse: Vepar's wounds are prone to infection and illness.
Unworldly Firepower: Vepar can pretty much shoot whatever she wants to shoot and resists mundane attempts to best her.
Tribulation: Vepar causes wounds to fester and putrefy.

Spiritual 2 (Guns & Cannons)

Peace Warning: Vepar knows when the world is a generally safer place.
Draw Gun: Vepar can summon a rifle or pistol.



  • Superior Formless Existence 4
  • Superior Eyes 2
  • Liberal Sciences 2
  • Flutist 1


  • Just, Just the Worst (Forneus's Calling): Crocell is driven to insert himself in events: either to profit from them or undermine things.
  • Superior 'Magister' 2 Like Superior Magister, but more tuned to Crocell's self-centeredness

Self-Made/Impresario 3 (Abyssal Days)

  • Demesne: The thermal vents of the Abyss
  • Minions: Usually had a gaggle of hell-imps and greater devils.



  • Superior Vitality 2
  • Abyssal Arts (or Other Magical Skill) 2
  • Rhetoric 2
  • Painting 1
  • Intrusive 1


Child of the Ash 2 (Fathomless Depths)

Origin/Estate: The Fathomless Depths
Mood: Order/Chaos
Kaiju Form: Something mollusc-like with elements of marine mammals.

Primordial 2 (The Light in the Dark)

Element: The Light of the Distant Surface and the Angler's Lure
Principle: Aspiration/Transformation - To reach to your higher self.
Transformation: Ever-refining taxonomy of sea and demonic beasts.

Impresario 0



  • Superior Physical Control 2
  • Pathways 3
  • Divining Answers 2
  • Artist 1


  • "It's Like a Home to Me" The Paths and Bridges of Old Molder
    • +2 Tool to reach where you are going.
    • "All paths lead to Gusion"
  • Some Prophetic Ability

Accursed 3

Sanctum: Currently a mysterious cross bridge area.
Curse: Never discovered

Keeper of Gardens 1

Toxic: Gusion's influence can remove anchors to space and time.

Everyone else

  • Baal: Toad monster
  • Focalor: Distant creature who manipulated storms
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