Dana Green


Dana Green is a swimmer and lover of the ocean, who also seems to have a sort of bond with its creatures. Naturally, this love has also let to hir reading up about ocean lore, and ze knows quite a bit about the various myths and legends associated with it. Ze's also quite protective over younger children, and often serves as a mentor and lifeguard to them.

Ze has recently arrived in Fortitude by boat. Unfortunately, in the process, ze has become separated from hir parents. Part of hir is also happy about this, since said parents have not been very approving of hir gender identity. Ze's hoping that this town will be a new beginning.

(Dana is DMAB agender, and uses ze/hir pronouns. Currently presenting as mostly-masculine.)

XP Emotion:

  • Aww!


Mystic (Called by the Sea) 0: There's no real ocean shoreline in Town, technically, but Dana still feels as if ze's somehow more connected to it nonetheless.


Basic Quest: Mentoring the Kids of Town (Blue) (1/9)

You are trying to watch over the kids in this new town, similarly to how you watched over the younger kids back when the world still existed. Once per page you can get one XP by proposing a theory of how something might help out the kids of Town.

Arc Quest : Down (Simplified) (0/21)

Major Goals

  • You visit a throne room and stand before a seated (e.g.) King or Queen.
  • You’re sent into an underworld, be it basement, cave, oubliette, dungeon, or literal world of the dead;
  • You’re hung on a hook, crucified, tied to a wall, suspended by telekinesis, used as a scarecrow, or otherwise imprisoned or bound above the ground. Agony is optional (you could be in a canvas sack that is hung from a hook, or stage-show-style crucified); suspension and imprisonment are not.

Quest Flavor

1/chapter, you can earn a bonus XP towards this quest when:

  • you have to abandon something precious, leaving it behind
  • you’re lost
  • you’re thirsty
  • you encounter the dead
  • you share a meal with someone while sitting on cracked stones

You can combine this with an XP Action, but you’re not required to



  • Understanding and Surviving the Ocean 4
  • Mentor Figure 2
  • Randomly Relevant Mythology 1
  • Cool 1


I must express my love for the ocean whenever possible 2


Something in the ocean is calling to me.

Misc XP: 0

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