Copper, who may be Warg

The Fell Guardian/Noble Horror

You are a god among the rats, a beast of nightmare, earth, and steel. You seek your own glorification and the humbling of the world. You cast down the arrogant and the foolish into the pits of nonbeing.

Or you would, but you are also a police dog in Fortitude. You protect the innocent or at least the not-yet-guilty. You love Town, and there is very little you would not do to keep it safe.

Whoever you are, there is little danger you won't jump into on behalf of others. Animals hate you, and rats are not fond of you, but you try to look out for them.


Academic Ability: Unschooled
Athletic Ability: Yes
Blood Type: Dog
Favorite Food: Dog food, dog treats, a particular salmon dinner your Handler feeds you scraps of.
Age: Young adult
Animal: Dog

Mortal Skills

Superior Dog 3 You are a dog
Superior Outside Resilience 2 Outside storms don't bug you.
“I am a police dog, and that is what we do.” 2 You're concerned about ethics and procedure.
Nightcraft 1 Dreams of Warg have taught you some of his nightmare craft.
Unfamiliar Intelligence -1 You haven't been a person for too long. Some concepts and puzzles confound you.


  • Bond: "The hazards of Outside do not harm me."
  • Affliction: "I carry the scent of a Mystery" (autocritias = Sickness issue, HG invoked miracles = Sickness+1)
  • Fortitude 1
  • Far Roofs 1
  • My Handler 1 (Copper lives with his trainer/owner, and tends to refer to him by a formal title).
  • The Troublemaker 1
  • Judah 1
  • Magical Technique: Copper's Nightcraft allows him to dig the pits that Warg is infamous for.
  • Sickly (No Perk Slot, comes with Arc)

Miraculous Arcs and Powers

Become Somebody 2 (Knight of Town)

Truth: Protective
Frailty: Reckless
Role: Knight and Hound of Town.

You're Going to be Trouble (Wages of Sin)
Copper can see Recklessness and its influence at 0MP

We Both Want the Same Thing!(Shared Experience)
For 2 MP, gains a temporary Affliction of Arc Rating (2) where the world will grant Copper insights into those who wish to guard Town or its Citizens.

Town Backing (Your Truth)
A list of things that are True of you, that are protected with an Autocritas of Arc Rating (2) against miracles, wishes, and the Outside.

  • I am a Hound-Knight of Town
  • I am protective
  • I can banish the Enemies of Town

Commanding Aura

Wounded Angel 1 (Scent of a Mystery)

Warg Smiles (Dramatic)
Appears when one is about to suffer because they grasp beyond their reach.

Nightmare Archetypes (Devices)
Copper gained knowledge of Night-Craft from his first Warg-dreams, wherein Folly made servants from his nightmares. It was to Warg's deep shame that parts of him were too noble and life-affirming to be properly respected among his peers; each servant was to perform that part in his stead (they also have other, better uses, but this is their primary function). If Copper bases his magic on one of these servants, he gains a +1 or +2 tool in the work.

  • Mockerybird: Warg's laughter comes from Copper, and is too noble to come off as properly dismissive. The Mockerybird (while it is a serviceable scout and alarm) laughs mockingly in his stead. It is also able to echo his praises.

Mystery Fortitude (Divine Health)
Gains (Arc Rating +1) Divine Health

Warg is Not Impressed (Empowered Wounds)
Only Flesh (Recover)

Behold the Glory of Warg! (Blasphemy)
When he is out of Divine Health Levels, Copper becomes Warg, who is named Folly.

Empowered Wounds Sustained

Ritual Burial and Emulation
Copper is encrusted in sand, gravel, and stone to better emulate his Mystery-self. This may grant him a number of earth powers in the future.

1: Warg-Burial
Type: Miraculous Action (Wounded Angel 1, presumably)

  • 0 MP, invoke this power over the course of a few minutes
  • 2 MP, invoke this power instantly

Ancient cities may boast of their accomplishments, but Warg knows that they will be buried beneath his sands and forgotten. When activated, Copper begins the process of digging up pits or tunnels and/or luring others into them. At the end of the Action, Copper collapses the tunnel or pit, hopefully with some threat or enemy inside.

2: Lightning Coursing
Type: Miraculous Action (Wounded Angel 1)

  • 0 MP, shoot lightning 1/chapter
  • 1 MP, do so a second or later time/chapter
  • 2 MP, do so a second or later time in a handful of hours.

XP And Quests

Basic Quest

A Good Officer
XP: 1/9
Any-Time Paradigmatic Quest

You're always concerned about proper ethics and procedure for an officer. You gain a point of XP whenever you consider these things and say "A good officer should/must…"

Wounded Angel 2

XP: 21/60

First Quest: Haunted (Simplified)
XP: 8/12

5/3 XP options:

  • Found someone in Fortitude who can help you or teach you to help yourself
  • Committed to helping, connecting to, or making friends with whatever power is haunting you.

1 XP options:

  • abandoning a task or once-loved possession in disgust
  • having night terrors
  • realizing suddenly that you were very dumb sometime in the past 24 hours
  • talking with somebody about your dreams

Mutable Stats

Will: 8/8
MP: 2/5


  • +1 In Over Head
  • +1 It Never Stops!
  • +2 Hero
  • +2 Sickness

Health Levels:
Tough: (Wounded) Affliction: Cannot feel anything but burning salt.
Divine: (Wounded/Sealed): Lightning Course
Divine: (Wounded/Sealed): Warg-Burial

A link to his mystery sheet:

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