Yami Kuroiyoru

Academic: Book smart

Athletic: Frail and weak

Animal: Snake

Reason to Come back

They brought me here, but I don't remember a before.

The Sun?

I am powerful enough that the sun only weakens me, at least as long as I bring my parasol.

My 'Family'

I am an heir to the Sukasshu. The need me for something. Possibly what I am doing. Possibly not.

Pillow Teeth Tea?

No. I don't drink such.


  • Superior: Vampire 3
  • Superior: Graceful Ninja-like Parkour 2
  • Superior: Dark Priestess: 3


Its hard to care.


I have a deep well of “vampire power” inside me.

Arc Become Someone 0

  • Truth : Impartial
  • Vice : Disassociated
  • 'Guardian of the ?Abyss?'
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