Rinley Yatskaya

The Wishing Girl


You have always been an ordinary girl.

This is kind of a problem, because you're a Yatskaya! And you're named after one of the greatest legends of the Yatskayas! But you don't sail across lakes on thimbles, or fight against giant golden serpents. You learned every story about your ancestors, and they're great stories, but they're not you. Your brother speaks for Death, and your sister is an amazing witch, but everyone around the Yatskaya shrine knows that you're just Rinley. Rinley, the girl who is normal.

And honestly, you kind of like it that way. You love your family, you really do, and you love hearing about their stories, but it just seems like such a hassle to be as incredible as they are. And yeah, sure, sometimes you think it might be fun to be a legendary hero, but it's not really your thing. Your thing is getting to know people, and hanging around Town with your friends, and collecting fun stories to tell to other people. Normal stuff.

Oh, and also you have a wish-granting engine. You guess that's pretty cool. You built it out of dream-stuff and cogs, in the back of your family's shrine, and now when you make wishes they tend to come true, but that's pretty normal, isn't it? You think it is. To be totally honest, it is faintly possible that living in your family has kind of eroded your idea of what is or is not normal, but no one else makes a big deal about this Engine, so you figure it must be normal. And it's fun! It lets you do the things you want to do, without all of the effort and terrible heroism that would otherwise require. So you have a pretty good life. You don't know if something's going to mess with it - probably - but for now, you can just be a normal kid who goes on normal adventures with her friends, and who hangs around with half the people in Fortitude.

Skills and Arc

Arc: Spiritual 3
Current Arc: Child of the Ash 0+
Emotion XP: Groan


  • Kindness 2: You're a really good kid.
  • Storytelling 2: You love to learn and tell stories.
  • Domestic Tasks 1: You help out around the shrine.
  • Hobby [ ] 1: You have a hobby.
  • Superior Cat-Speaker 2: You are an ordinary girl, and also you talk to cats.


  • Connection: The Yatskayas 2. You love your family.
  • Connection: The Best Friend 2. You have a best friend.
  • Affliction: Ordinary. You are a supremely ordinary girl, based on your level of Calling.

Miraculous Powers: Spiritual

You are the proud owner of a Wish-Granting Engine, which you've built out of bits and pieces at the back of your family's shrine. It grants wishes! Sort of. Basically. Honestly, you think probably you could have built it better, but hey, you're just a kid. Maybe the Mark III Wish-Granting Engine will work better. But for now, you've got a whole suite of funny tricks it lets you use…


The Wish-Granting Engine, Mk II, is designed to be in tune with the wishes of Town, so that its own wishes can sort of slot in as needed. Because of this, it starts buzzing a lot when wishes are in danger (or when it, itself is in danger, for that matter). As a rough rule, whenever someone's wishes are being granted wrong, going awry or twisting to provide the wrong sort of result, the Engine broadcasts this warning to you. It feels kind of like a buzzing in your teeth, and it gets stronger when you're closer to the problem. Occasionally, interference will keep you from noticing this, but when the HG remembers, you should get this warning!

Dreams Made Flesh

You have a way of speaking your daydreams as wishes, such that they sort of, almost come true. Like, you'll say, "It would be nice if the store was open", and then you get to the store, and they're just setting up, but they see you and decide to open up early. Or you say, "I hope there's a red seashell on the beach," and… wow! A red seashell! Or, well, maybe it's a brown seashell, but it looks kind of red, in the right light…

Basically, when you make a wish that isn't really very important, people will tend to see it in the right light. This doesn't take much work to see through, and it can't actually change the world. But if people let it, it gives them a little push in the right direction. Using this power more than once in a few hours costs 1 MP.


Invoke Wish-Reader to tell what someone is currently wishing for. You can tell if someone really wants what's happening, or if they just kind of want it a little, or if they hate it and are just pretending to want it. You can also usually get a rough idea about what they would be wishing for, or what would have been a happier outcome for them…

Not necessarily what they think they should do, mind you. Just what they wish they could do, the little voice of their inner child. Helping them do this isn't always going to be, well, helpful. And there are people who just don't wish for anything; there's too much bleakness in their hearts. But usually, you can see what's up.

What you can do, though, is bypass all of a person's reasonable arguments for why they shouldn't be doing that, and convince them to give it a try. Have some ice cream! Play in the bouncy castle! You can bypass any Obstacles related to emotional or logical reasons not to do something, when convincing someone to just have fun and do what they want, indulging their inner child.

A Wish For Help

Once a week, you can wish for someone to achieve their dreams. Your Wish-Granting Engine warms up, sparks fly, cats howl, and things just… kind of line up. This is a subtle but pervasive wish, which acts as a miracle to help someone achieve a desire. They get a +1 Tool bonus to their Intentions to achieve their wish, and an opportunity to live their dream presents itself. Sometimes, a trouble will manifest to force them onto the road, too, especially if the wish was kind of selfish or thoughtless. You can use it for yourself, incidentally, and you frequently do! Using this power more than once a week costs 1 MP, and using it more than once a day costs 2 MP.

A Wish For Power

Your Wish-Granting Engine is astonishingly powerful, when it needs to be, and cuts through opposing miracles. You can spend up to 3 MP to add miraculous Edge equal to the MP you spend to all of your miracles for the rest of the scene.

A Wish For Ease

Your wishes usually fit within the world, but sometimes they make… weird things happen. You can make a wish and spend 1 MP to flat-out remove an Obstacle 1-3 from a single Intention connected to the wish, provided that it is possible that an event could happen to resolve it. Maybe a tree falls across a gorge, or a meteor crashes out of the sky and scatters all the wolves, or you look just like that guard's son so he doesn't wonder why you're trying to get on the train without a ticket, or whatever. Your Intention happens, because you wished really hard, and the Engine responded.

Wish Spirits

Wish spirits can tell that you have an Engine that grants wishes, and they love that. You can spend 1 MP to call up a wish spirit, and they will generally be helpful (at least as helpful as a wish spirit can be, which is honestly not very.)

That's Impossible

You don't… always wish for things to be better. Sometimes, you wish that something hadn't happened. This costs 2 MP (or 4 MP to use a second or further time), and can only happen after an action occurs that faced an Obstacle 2+, or an opposing miracle - something powerful enough to have potentially beaten it. The world shifts. The sky goes a little darker, just for a moment. And that thing? That miraculously lucky event? Well, it actually failed. Sorry to whoever was trying it, but it shouldn't have happened.

The Ordinary Girl

You spend enough time around people that they tend to share their stories with you. You have a surprisingly amount of knowledge about what people want, and you know everyone. You can spend 2 MP to know what people's secret, innocent wishes are, even if you haven't met and talked to them yet. Because you did, once. You must have. This costs 4 MP to use more than once every few hours.

Change The World

Your greatest wishes can actually modify the world, making something happen. You can, in fact, rewrite quite a large chunk of reality as necessary. But the wish that you make is fragile. It needs a lot of support. It doesn't, necessarily, need everyone in Town to support it, mind you, but if you can't get at least two people to want this thing for every person who doesn't (apathetic people don't really count), the wish won't happen.

But if everyone is okay with it? Wow. You can basically do anything. If you wish that there was endless cash pouring off the roof of the mayor's office, and the HG decides that most people in Town would also like that - bam! Free money! The only drawback is, once the wish happens, it's there for good. If everyone realizes that actually free money means an awful lot of inflation and society is collapsing, well, you're going to have to make a second wish to turn things back to normal. So be careful with your wishes! Wishing for the best soapbox derby ever is probably safe. Wishing for the Sun to come back could have side effects, and then what are you going to do.

Regardless, this particular wish always costs 4 MP, and is a Major miracle.

Miraculous Powers: Child of the Ash

Recently, you've begun to have strange dreams, and stranger daydreams. You remember a mysterious island, and a witch. You are becoming something… maybe something not ordinary. You have a mysterious connection to something otherworldly, and it has provided you with a few benefits…


You are basically impossible to restrain or stop; nothing really keeps you down, and you're pretty good-natured when people are trying. You have the Arc Power, "Immortal" for as long as you're on Child of the Ash.


When things are rough, and the world is becoming a stressful place, you like to just step in and remind people that it's okay. That they can take a breath. Over time, your presence reminds people, "Everything is normal", and they relax. You can target someone or something with this to make their problems just kind of melt away and not seem so bad; maybe it is a good idea to try skydiving! Maybe your arm isn't so broken! You can also trigger this power with a word, but it'll cost you 4 MP.


Once per season, you can really dial up that sense that everything's basically normal. You can trigger your cool-splosion power, and no matter what's going on, everyone will agree, "Nah, this is normal." You won't be able to stop fights, or put out fires, but you will be able to make the fights into friendly challenges, or the fires into a lovely… fire. Okay, maybe don't use this power when things are on fire, the firemen will probably stop trying to fight it.

Mostly, when you're really in over your head, and everyone is yelling at you, this power lets you remind them that it's okay! You wouldn't be doing it if it wasn't.

Serious Rinley

But life isn't all fun and games. Sometimes, you grab a hair band, and you pull your hair back into a ponytail, and you become Serious Rinley. Serious Rinley is a hard worker who puts her family first. Serious Rinley doesn't goof off all the time. And Serious Rinley reverses your Unconcerned power, changing its property to "We've got to put our noses to the grindstone." Everyone starts working on solving their problems. You don't spend a lot of time as Serious Rinley, but sometimes it's important.

Kaiju Form

Okay, so this is a little bit embarrassing…

But you have the ability to… well, to turn into a really big cat.

Like, really big. Like, building-sized. And a big building, too, not one of those little Fortitude houses. Like the size of the tallest buildings in Arcadia. You do not, as a rule, do this. Why would you? Giant cats aren't actually very useful. They are, in fact, basically useless. But conceivably, if you ever needed to… if there was a sixty-foot mouse terrorizing the docks… giant cat. Just sitting there.

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