Vasilisa Titov

Shrine Maiden, Rumour Witch and Assistant Editor of the School Newspaper

You are a stoic and resolute spiritual guardian of the Titov line, who wields the magics of profound emptiness and necessity against the horror chained beneath the grounds of the Titov Shrine and you are at just the right age that you are *never* going to forgive your parents for this.

It's not because when you were four years old your father Iskandar Titov chained you to the weathervane above the family Shrine for three nights during a Dust Storm and called upon Dread Powers of Indifference and Cold to take you as a price for the continuation of existence. (To be fair, he *did* spend the rest of the week comforting you after the Dread Powers proved utterly indifferent to the attempted sacrifice, *and* brought you your own set of dolls which is more than can be said for your sister Isabella.)

It's not because when you were nine years old your mother Nirmala abandoned you, breaking herself upon the earth to call forth Diána and rescue Ezther. That hurt, but in the circumstances it was the best she could have done. Probably.

It's not even the fact that you are expected to devote your life to warding against (or possibly worshiping) a sacred horror that would unmake all that is real if it could. (You could, you suppose, always marry out of the family if you really hated it, but who wants to think about marriage at your age?)

It's because you are now 15 years old and your parents still insist on keeping you under a curfew! A curfew! This is an outrage! A scandal! An injustice!

So you joined an after-School club because it was about the only way you would get to spend any real time outside of the Family Shrine goofing off with your friends. Well you would goof off if you, you know, had all that many friends. So you joined the school newspaper, which was surprisingly short-staffed considering its wide circulation and the amount of leeway the Principle was prepared to give the club to let them run the gargantuan printing presses next to the Home Economics department.

Anyway you got your big break with your expose on how the Soylent Purple served in the lunchroom was being produced through forced labour of Nimblejacks. There was a clamour and an uproar and the Principal backed down and promised to pay the Nimblejacks so long as they only kidnapped ingredients who had been at least a third of the way towards deserving it! He put a Fair Trade sticker on the posters and everything!

After that Moritaka-senpai (the Editor) took a shine to you and made you Assistant-Editor. Power! Prestige! Recognition! Now you run errands for Moritaka-senpai, make the necessary sacrifices to keep the printing presses running. (It requires one murder a day to keep the wheels spinning and the paper flowing. It's why we can have newspapers and societies and civilisation, Moritaka-senpai says. Generally you use the magic of the Titov family to catch a mouse, or scoop up an earthworm or similar.)

And also, last term, when sales were lagging and you needed something to spice up the gossip column you went into the newspaper archives and used the most dire rituals of the Titov family to summon up an Ancient and Terrible Evil that ate most of the back-issues and the rumours board. You *think* you managed to get away with that one, I mean the archives had partially flooded anyway due to one of Lee Scathing's more ambitious experiments so everybody just assumed that was what did for all the old newspaper copies and you just told everyone that you found the shiny new wall of rumours on a rubbish tip.

But now whenever you find yourself on the trail of an exciting rumour you get the feeling that the new rumours board is *staring* at you, egging you on. You get the feeling it's going to take far more than one murder a day to solve that problem. Your parents are going to be *so* mad.

Vasilisa Titov

Academic Ability: Bright Pupil
Athletic Ability: Average
Blood Type: A+
Favorite Food: Miso Mackerel Ramen
Age: 15
Animal: Rat
Club: School Newspaper (Assistant Editor), Photography Club

Appearance: A slightly shorter than average raven-haired young woman with a tall black pointy hat and an intense stare that always makes her seem a little *too* interested in everything. If you had to assign a spirit-animal to her you’d probably go with some kind of scavenger bird, though you also get the feeling it would be a bad idea to actually tell her that.

Mortal Skills

Student 1 - You're no prodigy, but you do well enough when you apply yourself.
Rumour-monger 1 - You're out to find the truth! Or just make something up. Either way, as long as it works towards your goals.
Photographer 2 - If you hadn't been born a Titov, you'd probably be a photo-journalist. As it is you augment your talents by tainting the developing room with Outside Dust.
Titov Family Magic 2 - You are well-trained in the rituals and observances of the Titov family line.
Cool 2 - The shrine maidens of the Titov line are resolute in their duties, if a little creepy. Bad things still happen to you, but they don't seem to affect you as much as they would ordinary people.


  • Bond: I can perceive lies, and change how people perceive lies.
  • Affliction: The rumours I spread become real!

Miraculous Arcs and Powers

Reality Syndrome (2)

Experience: The story I am telling.
Hack: I can spread rumours that supplant the truth when enough people believe them.

  • Shared Experience: Vasilisa can share vivid and sometimes interactive images of the stories she tells, usually as Rashomon-style changeable flashbacks.
  • Dreams Made Flesh: Vasilisa can take some aspect of one of her rumours, make it real, and use it in a comparatively peaceful interaction with the world.
  • Childish Dreams/A little Push: Vasilisa can enhance mundane intentions so that they interact with details of her rumours. (E.g. if she spreads a rumour that the lunch-lady is actually an undercover arms dealer, she could use a mundane intention to purchase an AK47 along with her vegetable curry.)

Arc Power: Sickly

XP And Quests

XP Emotion: Shake your fist at (And give an XP Token to) Vasilisa Titov
Really, you're a tabloid journalist. You wouldn't be doing your job properly if *someone* wasn't mad at you.

Basic Quest

You know what I heard…
XP: 0/15
Any-Time Struggle (Orange) Quest
Public face: Icy social manipulator. The truth is what I make it.
Private face: I wanted to know the truth right? What’s even true anymore?

You're trying to spread a rumor! You know what you're saying isn't true, or even if it is true, it's not something that ought to be spread… but you're doing it anyways. Maybe you're just trying to bring facts to light, or teach someone a lesson… whatever your reason, it's not as easy to lie as you pretend it is. When you’re saying or emoting this to everyone…

"I heard something about so-and-so…."

Some deeply- or shallowly-buried part of you is actually thinking this:

"I really shouldn't be saying this, should I?"

Create or pick out a two-sided sign: one side is your public face, the other shows your hidden thoughts. You can earn a bonus XP at any time (though only once per 15 minutes/scene) by expressing that emotion—normally, by holding up the sign. The back side of the sign reminds you of your flaws. If you’re not playing in a place where you can actually hold up the sign, it’s OK to just remind yourself quietly of what it says, or, if you must, ignore the back side in its entirety.

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