Value Augustine

Young Childhood

  • Spent in the deep below, on a pilgramage, it…was a thing.


Littermates: 7 annoyances.

Reason, Magnetic Moment, Natural Selection, Pandora, Romulus, Kirk, Kirika

Other Liters

I have older siblings!

  • It’s so awesome! They’re like extra parents, whom you can’t get in trouble with!
  • They’re kind of self-important, though.

I have some half Siblings

  • Because I’m part of this big family thing, it’s all formal and stuff.

Extended Family is the Augustine Shrine Family

Spiritual Aesthetic

  • Russian Orthodox Christianity
  • English 1800's Occultism
  • A little bit of Zen Buddhism, and shinto shrine, but darker.

Dust Use

Is more like a collection of human shrine's families, with different branches doing different things, but all part of one common organization and belief system.

High grade

  • used to make ink and paper and glue for the books
  • and worked into tools or weapons.
  • is mixed with water and oils and light and given to the throne of the King of Rats.

Low grade

  • is burned in candles and lamps, infecting the light, and giving person-meaning to time.
  • worked into the substance of the shrines, the silver work, the mortar, the paint, the fabric of the tapestries.
  • is used to consecrate paths into the darkness, and the deeps, and there by become the substance of the Deep Under. <— this the branch you are part of.

Varies, buy your branch gets:

  • a connection to an element of the Deep Under.
    • this is akin to the Vasils but a little less ecstatic and more contemplative. Not marriage but a guardianship, or reversing the direction an apprenticeship. Its about understanding, learning. It's still a form of love..but a quieter, respectful love.

Schooling: Anyway, how was your time at the Academy?

  • I found my passion there. I became dedicated to the order that had tasked my mother with her duties.

Life: What is your life about?

  • Exploration of the Mysteries

Age: 33 months.


  • Superior Fortitude Rat 2
  • Superior Awareness 2
  • Explorer 2
  • Monastic Ways 2


  • Deep Under 2

Previous Arcs and Perks

++Spiritual (The flow of water in the dark) 3

  • Affliction : My touch is a sacred bridge between the time of the candle and the timelessness of the underground river.
  • Power: 1?mp to cast someone into the deep time of the dark drips, that has been, is, and will be.


Arc: Primordial 0

First Quest: What are we hunting?

A 15? XP Pradynamic quest, 1 xp for suggesting a theory on what the Mystery is, or how ___ will help us figure out what it is.

Basic Quest: Studied the Scriptures

A 15 XP anytime quest. 1 xp when I quote some scriptures.

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