Tikhon Orlov


Name: Tikhon Orlov
Academic Ability: Can't even read
Athletic Ability: Excellent
Blood Type: AB
Favorite Food: Anything self-caught or foraged
Animal: Wolf
Age: 22

XP Emotion: Finger snap and beckon over

You grew up in Old Molder, between the rusting, overgrown factories and under the web of walkways connecting the roofs. The sprawling wilderness among the ruins of a once great work always had something soothing to you. You never went to school, since the brooding darkness of Horizon didn't really fit you. You never even approached Arcadia, the bustling shopping district too frantic and alien to you. Even Fortitude, strangely enough, couldn't offer you a home.

So you wandered, always on the move, always scavenging in the shadow of rotting monuments to progress. Venturing out onto the Walking Fields every now and then. You aren't a complete loner, not really. You talk to people, trade with them, visit one of the taverns in the Fields, every now and then. But you never stay for long.

You work well with animals, though. Nature is always frantic, short-lived, malleable. Every day a fight for survival, every day brings a new challenge. You understand it, on some fundamental level. You may not have any long-term friends, but you can bond with animals, taking care of them and waking strange powers in them. Two companions travel with you now, a wolf named Artemis and a kestrel named Rudra. They are company, at least.

There is something inside you, like a nameless feeling of inevitability and dread. You can't commit, you can't hold anything dear, not for long. You afraid you will lose it and that it will hurt. For that is the way of all things. It might be something in Old Molder, some spirit or force that has attached itself to you. You don't know and maybe you are a little bit afraid to find out. To be wrong, to be wicked, to be broken.

And you don't want that, even though you doubt you can ever really heal from that. That's why you agreed to come on Ilyana's expedition. She is immortal, you think, she won't just die. This is something that can hold for a while, you think. But still, there are the doubts, the nameless fears of loss. You focus on your training, on improving your skills as a hunter to stem the tide of those feelings. It's the only way you can cope right now.
Maybe you lost something in the past and that left you broken?


  • Animal Ken 3 – Sometimes you feel like you understand animals better than people.
  • Wilderness Survival 2 – You are good at hunting, tracking, scavenging and traversing natural environments.
  • Archery 1 – You are decent enough to hit a moving target.
  • "I always pay my debts." 1 - You tend to honour a deal… and those who slight you will regret it.
  • Wood-Carving 1 – You like to make little wood carvings to pass the time.
  • Civilization and Artifice -1 – You just don't really get unnatural things.
  • Not Being A Brooding Emo Badass -1 - You really are a perfectly sociable and nice person - but nobody believes you!


  • Bond: “Artemis was with me for as long as I can remember.” 2 - Artemis is your pet wolf.
  • Bond: “Rudra is my eyes and ears in the sky.” 2 - Rudra is your pet kestrel.
  • Connection: Ilyana Sudovic 1 - She always bosses you around - unfortunately you owe her big time, so you tend to just go along with it.

Arc Traits

Sentimental 3

Your Craft: Animal Ken to train new companions and Wood-Carving to create magical trinkets.
Your Treasures:

  • Artemis - Your pet wolf who you know for as long as you can remember.
  • Rudra - A kestrel you found, fallen from it's nest as a chick. You nurtured him and he never left your side since.

Miraculous Ease

Type: Miraculous Action
Cost: 0 MP

You have access to Miraculous Will if you do something with or for one of your animal companions or something that expresses your feelings for them.

Dreams of the Hunt (Haunt)

Type: Miraculous Action
Cost: 0 MP

While sleeping, project yourself onto one of your animal companions, you can walk with them in spirit and perceive the world through their senses.

Spirit Bond (Lend Spirit)

Type: Special
Cost: -

When you use Dreams of the Hunt, you may strengthen the companion you possess with your own abilities, powers and knowledge, effectively taking actions through them.

Pack Bonds (A Waking Dream)

Type: Miraculous Action
Cost: 1 MP
4 MP if you do it a second or later time in a matter of hours

You may project your spirit onto one of your animal companions even while awake. You can't use Spirit Bond while you do it, but your presence grants your companion a +1 Tool and 1 Edge if both of you work in unison.

Wolf's Howl (The Treasurer's Call)

Type: Miraculous Action
Cost: 0 MP

You can sense your animal companions if they are in trouble or want to reach you, no matter where they are.

Nature's Blessing (The Shepherd's Blessing)

Type Miraculous Action
Cost: 0MP (Mundane version); 1MP (Miraculous version)

Mundane Version: Grant one of your Treasures a special power, they can invoke it as a mundane action.
Miraculous Version: Grant one of your Treasur a power that helps or strengthens you - they can use it as a miraculous action.

The first time you use this power for a given treasure, you define the power you grant it.

Granted powers:

Predator's Blessing (A Fearsome Blessing)

Type: Miraculous Action
Cost: 2 MP (attack version); 4 MP (major version); 4 MP (Weaving Destiny Version)

Attack Version: You may invoke the power you granted one of your Treasures to attack or inflict an unfavorable effect upon somebody.
Major Version: You may use the power granted to one of your Treasures as a major miracle. This will probably wound you or the Treasure.
Weaving Destiny Version: You may declare that your Treasure helps you accomplish a task and as long as you sustain the action, it eventually will. The more outlandish or difficult the task is for your Treasure, the longer it will take.

Hunt As One (Combo Move)

Type: Major Miraculous Action or Imperial Miracle, Ritual Power
Cost: 8 MP, 1 Deadly Wound

Supercharge the power of an innately Miraculous Treasure with your own power for a large, world-altering Miracle.

Accursed 0

Your Curse: Ancient cities, ground to dust. Old building reclaimed by nature. The site of a grand battle, dandelions growing in the skulls and vines entangling broken weapons. Man conquered nature, he thought, but in the great cycle, he is not more than a tiny speck. Nature reclaims all, everything will fall to ruin eventually. You can feel this inevitability inside you, both bleak and reassuring. An immeasurably old spirit, maybe. The thing that made Old Molder what it is today, maybe. Just who you are, maybe.
It's hard for you to hold onto things, to truly commit to something, in face of this truth. Better keep moving, a nomad, a lone hunter.

The Eternal Glade (Sanctuary)

Nothing is forever, nature will eventually reclaim everything you have built. Not so this place, not anymore. When you wander in a wild place and get lost in it, you will eventually end up here. An old ruin, a small creek, an immeasurably old tree. This place helps you recover whenever you get tired from the world.

Others may find it if they follow in your footsteps after you get lost in the wild.


Side Quests

Basic Quest: Crumbling Foundations

XP: 0/9

Whenever you find something, witness something or make something that has value to you, you may say or emote:

  • This is a good thing. This will last.

But deep inside you know:

  • It will all crumble, in the end.

Whenever you feel that way, add an XP to the Quest.

Emptiness Arc: Accursed 1

Emptiness Quest 1: Physical Training

XP: 1/24

XP Milestones:

  • You get in trouble—someone tries to shut down wherever you’re training, or keep you from attending it;
  • Your training is interrupted with a chance to help deal with some disaster (where heavy physical work is useful in prevention, mitigation, or recovery);
  • You have a vision or flashback of some sort as you pass out from exhaustion.


  • you wander home exhausted but happy after a lot of exercise
  • someone comes upon you as you’re training and watches for a while
  • there’s a training montage
  • you struggle against a (training) barrier you can’t get past
  • you bond with someone through fighting/competing with them
  • you let out your emotions through exercise/training/practice

Mutable Stats

Floating XP: 1

Will: 8/8
Miraculous Will: 3/3
MP: 5/5

Health Levels

  • Normal
  • Normal
  • Tough
  • Divine
  • Divine


Active Chapter

- emotion XP
- Decisive Action
- Training Quest Chapter XP

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