The Exultant

Chair of the Travel Committee

Academics Skill: Moderate
Sports Skill: Moderate
Favorite Foods: Wasabi Potato Chips, teriyaki spaghetti
Blood Type: B
Animal: Monkey
Age: 16


  • Normal Health: 2
  • Tough Health: 1
  • Divine Health: 2
  • Will: 8
  • MP: 5


  • People Skills 2
  • Love For The Wicked 2
  • Travel Magic 2
  • Dramatic Speeches 1
  • Superior Timing 1
  • Playing With Fire -1


  • Bond: Domino Effect (Vice): When you're indulging yourself, little things have a way of turning into big problems. (If you're an NPC, this should probably be based on a PC's Hero or Complex Issue.)
  • MP Bonus: +1 MP

Miraculous Abilities: Self-Made [3]

You are a monster of your own creation. Long ago, you witnessed the death of Lord Entropy, and it was so beautiful that you have spent your life trying to find something to match him. You have embraced wickedness and been transformed by it, and you gather monsters and wicked children in the hopes that one of them might come close to his terrible light. You travel the worlds, and you revel in every little cruelty that you find. You are often very cruel, but never mocking - you hope that people will join you in laughter at their own pain, and thus banish it. As a result, you make many enemies, but occasionally friends as well.

As long as you remain on this path, you are Sickly; your constant travels have a way of corrupting and changing you.

The Mask of the Exultant

Your mask is a yellow Chinese opera mask, marked with silver eyeshadow and crimson lines. While you wear it, your words resonate with everything you meet. You can communicate with anything if it's possible in principle, and people and things are almost never inherently hostile to you. There is a permanent Obstacle 2 to any decision to dislike, distrust, or take hostile action against you. (With that said, once such a decision is made, you're on your own!)

Wicked Creatures [Bond]

You're great at getting people organized, or disorganized in a very organized way. Whether it's a massive prank, flash mob, or even a riot, you're a great ringleader. This gives you the Bond, Ringleader 2.

You Know You Want To [XP Action, Bleak]

You inspire the worst in people. As an XP Action, you can cause someone to consider a course of action to be both the right and the natural thing to do, and put it into play as an Intention 4 (so it will generally work out okay for them, if not for others). A target can build a higher Intention to refrain from acting, but unless they take a wound they still feel the action is correct.

The Travel Committee.

In your travels, you’ve run into a small host of weird and magical folks, and you’ve brought them all back and enrolled them in School. Your Travel Committee is made up of the Fortitude Rat Jeremy Hanzo, a pair of elementals (bismuth and copper, incidentally) a jotun named Lou and a couple of seemingly-ordinary kids, the Jimminy Twins. They all have Superior Skills at 3 reflecting their natures (Superior Twins 3 is just weird, seriously), and you can get 2-3 Edge on an action by leveraging them well.

I Have Friends Everywhere

Through your travel magic, you’re great at getting people to join you for a bit. You can use this power to either summon a member of the Travel Committee, summon a person you have a Connection to, or whistle up some temporary minions that you once met in the area and who miss running with your crew. Afterwards, they tend to end up back wherever they were before you called for them. This is free once a book, and costs 2 MP each time you use it afterwards.

Where Are You?

You always know where people are. By spending 1 MP, you can locate any member of the Travel Committee, or anyone you have a Connection to, and also know roughly what’s happening around them.

You Know You Have To [XP Action]

You can make people do wicked things even without their active involvement. Choose someone, spend 1 MP, and take an XP Action to create a free Level 5 Intention surrounding that person. You may choose whether they’re able to direct the Intention, turn it on and off, or otherwise control it, or whether it basically just happens regardless of how much they would prefer it not. They’ll thank you later!

Let’s Be BFFs

You have a knack for just getting to know people, and becoming their friend – whether they like it or not! Once per book, you can choose someone you’re talking to, and start a Ritual declaring them to be your friend. This creates a free Level 3 Connection to that person, which lasts until the end of the book. Using it a second time in a book costs 4 MP.

You can technically use this power on places or organizations, provided you have a way to communicate with them (befriend a Club by giving a presentation to its members, befriend a garden by whispering to the trees) but you almost never do.

You’re No Fun Any More

When someone is bothering or boring you, you can use your travel magic to make them leave. And by leave, you mean magically vanish to anywhere that you want, and they will be stuck there for a while. PCs will usually return after an XP action, while NPCs tend to appear at the end of the chapter or book. This is free once a book, costs 2 MP each additional time, and costs 4 MP if you do it without a scene taking place first.

Slipping In

By spending 4 MP, you can totally redefine your relationship, or the relationship of your Travel Committee, to someone you have a Connection to. This creates an Obstacle 3 to denying this relationship, remembering that it didn’t always exist, or ending it. It doesn’t make people actually feel the relationship’s feelings, though; if you make yourself a parent of someone who hates you, they will still hate you.

Take A Break, You’ve Earned It [Bleak]

Sometimes people just need to chill out and smell the roses. When you trigger this power, a person or everyone in a targeted place starts to feel like hard work isn’t worth it, and just want to relax and maybe goof off a little, but not in a really rowdy way. This creates a Level 3 Obstacle against effective or productive work for everyone involved.

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