Teokritos Sun

Basic Facts

Academic Stubbornly average
Athletic Surprisingly fit
Blood type Sparkly
Favorite Food Tuna fish
Animal Fox

A young shop fox, living with his aunt and uncle, a mixed fox- human couple. He attends school, where he carefully tries not to stand out. He is a musician, and is always making up new songs about things. He is steadfastly loyal, and will always be there for his friends. Sometimes they wish he weren't.


(Magical) Tenko Magic (perception) 1
Help out in a shop 1
Lithe and Nimble 2
Musician 2
Surreptitiously smart 2


Bond: I'm always there for my friends 2
Affliction: I can't help without causing more trouble 2

Connection: The Best Friend 2
Connection: Arcadia 1
Connection: Tenko and Youkai 1

Bonus XP

Thumbs-up XP

Basic Quest

Make up a new song or tune that the current situation makes you think of. Introduce it with 'I should write that down' or similar phrasing.


Knight Arc (Become worthy of my friends) 0


Adventure GET!

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