Suzi Watanabe


Name: Suzi Watanabe
Academic Ability: Passable
Athletic Ability: Good
Blood Type: O
Favorite Food: Rice porridge, malt balls, candy, secretly jam
Animal: Snail
Age: 6 (ish, at story start)

XP Emotion: Fist-shaking

Suzi is the black sheep and problem child of the Watanbe family. Spoiled, stubborn and seriously full of herself, she nonetheless has two major talents - making candy and making money. The mostly gentle Watanabes don't quite know what to make of her, and generally blame her reprobate uncle who sends her imported comics and DVDs from Arcadia. Suzi gets tired with the slow pace of life in Fortitude, and especially wishes the Watanabes would try a bit of variety in their candies. Not all of her alternate candy recipes work, but those that do are doozies.

Suzi and the Fire

Suzi wears her dark hair swept to one side, to cover her burned ear. When the fire hit, she was outside, stubbornly refusing to come in for dinner from the candy-and-tea party she was throwing for her Gobots, Pokedigimons and dolls. Suzi, on hearing her family scream, ran toward the house. The kitchen gas canister went off as she approached, and half a flaming roof tile hit her in the side of the head, knocking her out cold.

Mercifully, the Fortitude fire response team was on the scene before she awoke, and bundled her away to her grandparents so she didn't see the inside of the house. She's in a difficult place at the start of the game - old enough to understand her parents and relatives are gone, too young to truly understand or process it as yet, but stubborn and determined enough to keep going. She's very attached to her older sister Lily, who's come home from Horizon school to help look after her, and also to Uncle Mashashi in Arcadia, who spoils her terribly whenever she visits.


Serious Candy 2 - Making and selling candy
Making Money 1 - Making money through schemes
Bad Influences 1 - Age-inappropriate comics, films and games
Get My Own Way 1 - Manipulation and tantrums
Cool 1 - Stubbornly unflappable
2 Skill points currently unassigned


Bond 2: "I can bribe or flimflam anything!"
Second Perk to be decided

Arc Traits

A Keeper of Gardens 0 - Suzi's Gardens are the shops, market-stalls and cafes of Fortitude

The World, Like Clay (Suzi affects the Gardens and their inhabitants primarily through the liberal dispensing of candy, but also sometimes via verbal manipulation)
Land-Rule (not yet got Superior Land-Rule, or the 'It's like a home to me' perk)
Toxic (anodyne sentiment replaces negative emotions, and sometimes even positive ones)


Shepherd Quest 1: Generic project (from Fortitude: By the Docks of Big Lake, pg 225)

1/35 XP

Little Suzi is working on the ultimate candy recipe that'll make her fortune. Her catchphrases for this are "Candy always helps!" or "Candy makes everything better!"

Side Quests

Basic Quest: Surprisingly Unperturbed

Whenever Suzi glosses over her family tragedy, unruffled, add an XP to the pot. (This will change when she faces up to it).

Mutable Stats

Floating XP: 0

Will: 6/8
MP: 5/5

Health Levels

  • Normal
  • Normal
  • Tough
  • Divine
  • Divine


None yet!

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