Remy Chiaroscuro

The Ace of Rats

As Remy you'll be playing an exciting adventurer—

Nope. No. If we're gonna do this, we're gonna do it right. Move over!

What? Oh, okay, Remy, but this is highly irregular…

Right. As me, you'll be playing the most exciting, adventurous rat in all of Fortitude! You'll play someone ready and able to tangle with monsters, rescue damsels, and perform the sort of derringer-do that is talked about in bars all over Town. "Did you hear about Remy's dance with the Fire Queen?" they'll say, or, "Did you hear about Remy's trip to the Ghost Roofs? I heard he wrestled Spectre, who is called Ruin". Being Remy is never having to pay for your own milkshakes!

You want to have stories to tell your friends. Sharing a tall tale with good friends over a table full of Coke floats… What else could be better? So you venture out onto the Far Roofs and you make a name for yourself as the biggest badass and you make yourself into the hero you always knew you needed to be! And at the end of the day, when your adventures are over, you walk back to the bar and find your usual booth with your usual friends and tell stories until the sun comes back up.

That's why, when the Prince asked you for a favor, you jumped at the chance. Impersonate a Prince, go on an adventure? Think of the stories you'll be able to tell at the end!

So, do you want to be the coolest badass to ever come from the Warrens?

Remy Chiaroscuro, the Ace of Rats

Academic Ability: Nothing to Write Home About
Athletic Ability: Outstanding
Blood Type: R+ (It’s a rat type)
Favorite Food: Milk Shakes
Age: 3
Animal: Lion


  • (Superior) Fortitude Rat 2+1
  • Adventurer 2
  • Way of the Sword 2
  • Storyteller 2
  • Nervous Around Rat Girls 0
  • Cool 2


  • The Roofs of Fortitude 1
  • The Rats of Fortitude 1
  • The Humans of Fortitude 1
  • Ayako Vasili 1

Emotion XP

  • Thumbs up XP


  • Basic Quest: Tall Tale Teller
    • 1xp/Scene: When witnessing or doing something exciting, dangerous, or unbelievable, say "The boys back at the bar won't believe this!" or something like it.
  • Wicked Creatures (Simplified)
    • 3xp, up to 3:
      • you tell people that you think your corruptor is lonely.
      • your corruptor reveals its identity.
      • some quasi-abandoned or pointless member of the cast takes on new story life as a minion of this corrupting power.
    • 1xp/Chapter:
      • you’re spending too much time in your corruptor’s Chapel
      • you fall under the sway of your corruptor’s voice, power, or dreams
      • you’re sucked into a dramatic dream or memory of your corruptor
      • your corruptor or a minion thereof comforts you
      • your corruptor, some power you got from them, or one of their minions helps you out with your chores or your ordinary life.
  • Bindings 1 Quest Miracle: Taming the Fang
    • 1xp/Scene: Propose a theory of how Hedge the Fang can be useful in Fortitude or grow beyond his omnicidal rage.

Miraculous Arcs

  • Frantic
    • Take a Be in Trouble action and gain +1MP per XP earned
  • Aspect(The Ace) 2
    • Tireless
      • Miraculous Will
    • The Prodigy
      • 0MP, mid-scene, enhance 1-2 actions in a scene with a +2 Tool bonus
      • 2MP, mid-scene, all actions are enhanced
      • 4MP, any time all actions are enhanced
    • Push Yourself
      • 1MP, mid-scene, execute a perfect actiom
      • 4MP, any time
    • Legendary Master
      • 2MP, starting mid-scene, take perfect control over your body
      • 4MP, do this at any time
    • Determination
      • 4MP, take a completely improbable (but not impossible) action
    • Example Quest Miracle: Special Training
      • Gain a level 3 Superior Skill that a human "could learn" (*wink wink*)
  • Bindings(Wounded Angel) 2
    • Dramatic
      • Show up in scenes that need a bit of excitement
    • Devices
      • +1 or +2 Tool bonus with my Magical Skill
    • Divine Health
      • Wounded Angel+1 extra Divine Health Levels
    • Cage for a Blasphemy
      • When all Divine Health levels damaged, loose a shadow of flame and binding and demystifying to steal all secrets and stories from the world.
    • Empowered Wounds
      • 0MP + 1 Divine Health Level - Empower a Wound 1/Chapter
      • 4MP + 1 Divine Health Level - Empower a Wound every other time
    • Recover
      • Heal empowered wounds.
    • Fanciful
      • Treasures of Ash and Dried Leaves
        • 0 MP - Create 1-2 props per scene after a few minutes of fiddling with whatever you've got to hand.
        • 1 MP - Create a handful of props over the course of a few minutes. Enough to accomplish a specific task such as donning an elaborate disguise.
        • 2 MP - Create as many props as you need for the rest of the scene, taking seconds rather than minutes for each prop.
      • Flights of Fancy
        • 0 MP - Once per chapter, after Remy spends a couple of hours telling stories or otherwise bragging about his exploits, the local area gains the region property: "Remy's tall tales are leaking out into reality."
        • 1 MP - Use this power a second time or later in the same Chapter.
        • 2 MP - Use this power after a few minutes of storytelling.
        • 4 MP - Use this power instantly.
    • Unmindful
      • Spirit-Cutting Wind
        • 1MP - As a Miraculous attack, cut away one of your enemy's senses.
        • 4MP - Instead, cut away an emotion, personality trait, or memory.
      • Coming Undone
        • 0MP - Over the course of several minutes, unmake your physical form and become a part of the scenery. You are a bodiless force rather than a physical entity. You can appear to speak through the background elements of a scene (i.e. manifesting your face in a painting or whispering your voice on the wind or making the moon seem to be your eye) but these are merely illusory effects and don't grant you any sort of control or affect on the objects you are appearing to be. Being a bodiless force in the world will make many actions more difficult
        • 1MP - Transform back into your physical form between Chapters;
        • 2MP — Transform back into your physical form over the course of several hours of difficult effort;
        • 4MP — Return to corporeality instantly;
    • Lawless
      • Free from Consequence
        • 0MP — 1/Chapter mid-scene perform an action and suffer no punishment, retribution, or other consequence (legal, social, or otherwise) from violating the law;
        • 1MP — Do so a 2nd or later time in a single Chapter;
        • 2MP — Do so a 2nd or later time in a few hours;
        • 4MP — Perform a blameless action at the beginning of a Scene;
      • Descend
        • 0MP — 1/Chapter; descend into a scene where someone else is grappling with some guilt, sin, or transgression and needs someone to talk to. This may cause plot problems if you are, otherwise, not able to get into that scene (for instance you’ve been banished to Hell and cannot escape)… but you still do.
        • 4MP — Do so a second or later time in a Chapter.
      • Washing it All Away
        • 1MP — Make another person feel better about something they feel guilty about;
        • 4MP — Completely erase all of someone's feelings of guilt;
      • Example Quest Miracle: Imbue
        • Imbue an object or person with some of yourself or your power.
      • Example Quest Miracle: Enchant
        • Unlock an enchantment in something, usually one that affects the world or opens some kind of gateway (9xp to activate an existing magical artifact; 21xp to craft a brand new magical wonder).


  • Cool: Cool = The Ace1
  • Bond (The Ace): You Cannot Defeat Me, I've Mastered Secret Techniques
  • Accessory: Pinion of the Cormorant Queen
  • Power Up*: +1 Superior Fortitude RT
  • Bond (In Over Your Head): I bind and wield Mysteries
  • Affliction (Wounded Angel): My name wards away Far Roofs spirits

Current Status

  • Health Levels
    • 2/2 Normal
    • 1/1 Tough
    • 2/5 Divine
      • Empowered Wound: FANCIFUL
      • Empowered Wound: UNMINDFUL
      • Empowered Wound: LAWLESS
  • Resources
    • 8/8 Will
    • 3/3 Miraculous Will
    • 5/5 MP
    • 1 Refresh Token
  • Issues
    • Something to Deal With 1
  • Progress
    • Active Arc: Bindings 0/72xp
    • Quests
      • Tall Tale Teller -1/9xp
      • Wicked Creatures - 0/15xp
      • Taming the Fang -1/9xp
    • Unspent XP: 0xp

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