Remilia Scarlet

(Copywrite note: Remilia Scarlet is a character from the Touhou games. The creator has given permission for Touhou fanworks to freely use them, with some stipulations about becoming more famous then the original games.)


Why did you rise from the dead?

"Because the Noble blood of Vlad Tepes flows through my veins!" is what she claims, but the actual reason has more to do with taking care of her sister.

Why did you come back?

"We needed a place where horrors can be tamed. Weather for her sake or ours I can not say."

Vampiric Adoption

"No. I am a descendant of Tepes him self, what other family do I need."

Do you Drink Pillow-Teeth Tea?

"… I’m not drinking it to make humans happy or anything. I just like the taste."

Skin Sensitivity

"I am strong enough, vital enough to go about in daylight (as long as I use a


  • [Superior] Vampire 2
  • Superior Vitality 1
  • Superior Physical Control 1
  • [Superior] Bat Wings 2
  • Superior Connection to Fate 2
  • Trying to be Cool -1


Sentimental 3


  • Connection: Sakuya Izayoil - Silver Haired Maid of Time- 4
  • Accessory: Gungnir - Odin's Spear.

First Quest

  • Bindings : Find a way to keep Flandre safe and the world safe from her.

Basic Quest

Generic Over-the-top Quest:

*Fitting in School.

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