Owler Lendsme

Head of the Catering Committee

Academics Skill: Exceptional
Sports Skill: Not So Great
Favorite Foods: Ratatouille
Blood Type: Varies
Animal: Rooster
Age: 17


  • Normal Health: 2
  • Tough Health: 1
  • Divine Health: 2
  • Will: 8
  • MP: 5


  • Event Management 3: You are very good at planning for events.
  • Food Preparation 2: You take your catering duties seriously
  • Student 2: It is important to be studious.
  • Superior Owler 2: It honestly creeps people out how good an Owler you are.


  • Bond: I Am Impulsive And Prone To Hubris (2): You are confident of your ability to handle any situation, and definitely usually leap before you look.
  • Bond: The Mind Thief (3): You have a knack for stealing the thoughts and knowledge of others, even when not directly inducting them into your wars. This sometimes backfires on you. This Bond is tied to your Specialist Arc.

Miraculous Abilities: Specialist [3]

There is a war on in the halls of School. An invisible war, slowly spreading, between armies of beings wishing to birth a new universe. Not the Seed program; they are fools bound by a weak Principal's will. Not the clubs of Impious, or the clones of Lee Scathing. Let the Exultant laugh, and let Glass Spider scheme. None of them comprehend what is coming. None of them understand the war named Owler. You are not a person, you are a dream. An idea. A parasite consuming everyone and everything until you become complete.

As a student on the Specialist Arc, you are honestly quite Sickly. You tend to Suffer Corruption quite often, as the goals and designs of those you infect infect you in turn. This gives you the Sickness Issue (as an NPC, you probably don't need to track this, but it's interesting to remember.)

The Mask of Owler

Everyone in School believes that you are a body-hopping parasite. This is because they cannot accept the truth – that you are, in fact, an army at war with itself. You have seen the beauty of infection, the mind-worm that lives within you, and you share it with others, to create opponents worth devouring and uniting.

Whenever you wear your mask, people accept that you are the one and only Owler, suffering an Obstacle 2 to any attempt to recognize the truth. You can, however, infect anyone else with your mask for 4 MP, and they will receive the same benefits. In addition, you (and generally anyone you infect) possess the skill “Superior Owler”, allowing you to disguise yourself and be a Student Council Member.

If you are in a setting in which masks aren’t extremely effective disguises, the Mask of Owler also provides an Obstacle 1 to recognize who you are beneath it.

The Body of Owler

You are particularly tough; like a god, you can spread any harm you take around all of your fellow Owlers, preventing any of you from taking any real harm. You can use Superior Owler to heal from wounds, and resist most minor wounds.
Being Owler is also a perfectly functional shorthand explanation for all of the weird stuff that you do. You can spend 1 MP to use your Superior Owler skill to impress people, reveal that a situation was caused by an Owler and thus you are prepared for it, or provide a +2 Tool bonus to someone else because of Owler-based activities.

We Are Legion

You always know who else is Owler, and whether they are currenly wearing the Mask. You are also generally aware of what the other Student Council members are up to. Furthermore, everyone who is Owler, including you, can spend 1 MP to be aware of everything that every other Owler has done today – who they have spoken to, what they’ve spoken about, what traps they have laid. You don’t receive intentions or goals in this way, but you still know.

You can also spend 2 MP to declare that any minor NPC is actually an Owler, and has been for a while. You can hang on to two minor NPCs in this way at any time; you tend to devour their parasites eventually, and can swap one at the end of a Book or when you resolve your Vice Issue. For 1 MP, you can activate an NPC, forcing them to put on their Owler mask and behave like you for the scene.

Finally, you can use your Owlers to make people regret something that they’ve done – they accidentally harm a host instead of you, or another host gets in the way and causes trouble. This generally costs 2 MP.

Epic Understanding

Once per chapter, when your back is to the wall and things aren’t going well, you can declare a last-ditch burst of effort for a +1 Tool bonus to your actions. You call on all of your Owlers for knowledge, and use that knowledge to help out your current action.

The Perfect Host

You are in eternal search of the perfect host, the Owler that will birth a new world and end the spread of your Mask. Once per book, you can choose a host of any of your Masks, and bring their full potential to the surface, giving them rare and amazing powers and skills – until they next remove your Mask. When they do, it vanishes forever (unless you go and reinfect them, but you haven’t done that yet, because you haven’t found the right perfect person).

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