Old Moulder Basements

Tad Preston
Age: 16
Academic skills: Detectable with high powered microscopes
Athletic skills: Good Frisbee player
Favorite foods: Pizza, takeout, soda

Tad is the lead guitarist of the Old Moulder Basements. He has visions of fame, mobs of screaming fans. Of course, there are a few problems, as demonstrated by his skill set:

Enthusiasm: 2
Come up with ideas for gigs: 3
Go with the flow: 2
Goofy charisma: 1
Know about Music: -1
Play music: -1
Learn music: -1

Willhelm Logan
Willhelm is Tad's best friend, and they've been hanging out forever. He is the lead singer of the Old Moulder Basements. You can distinguish them because Willhelm is likely to wear t-shirts.

His skill set is similar to Tad's, though not quite identical.

Birch Asawa
Birch is the drummer for the band. Unlike the other two, he has a bit of ability (insert comment about how much skill do you need to be a drummer here). The lack of talent of the two other singers doesn't seem to bother him. In fact, not much seems to get to him.

Birch's name comes because he has a bit of plant spirit about him. He uses custom made drumsticks from his home grove, which happens to be in Tad's neighor's back yard.

Josephine is the Old Moulder Basement's oboe player, or, as Tad introduces her, "And on keyboards, our very own JOSIE." She is a decent player, for a high school student, though she probably couldn't get a job with the Fortitude Philharmonic. She would like to be punk, but cares too much about her relatively conservative family's opinion to properly embrace the attitude.

She's mostly in the group because she thinks Willhelm is cute.

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