Who Continues To Show Up To Student Council Meetings Despite Having No Clear Duties Or Reason To Be There

Academics Skill: Exceptional
Sports Skill: Poor
Favorite Foods: Has Never Been Seen To Eat
Blood Type: Smoke
Animal: Snake
Age: 17


  • Normal Health: 2
  • Tough Health: 1
  • Divine Health: 2
  • Will: 8
  • MP: 5


  • Vampire 3 - You are a vampire prince.
  • A Map In Your Head 3 – You are never lost in space or time.
  • Superior Physical Control 1 – You have a certain amount of control.
  • Cool 1 – You’re hard to phase.
  • Superior Vitality 0 – You are oddly fragile for a vampire.


  • Bond: I can see into your heart and soul (2). You have a keen insight into the motives of others.
  • Affliction: I’m Already Dead (3). This makes you rather hard to kill, and impedes a lot of normal activities.

Miraculous Abilities: Called Away [3]

Your home is in a faraway land, or rather a faraway time. When you were young, grieving the loss of a loved one, the Death of Lord Entropy settled upon you, and you were consumed. You awoke at the end of Time itself, in a vast field of the dead, and were imbued with its power. You have found your way back to where you once lived, but that time is your home now, and you must protect it from the well-meaning idiocy of Principal Entropy and those who weaken your land by futilely fighting against death.

As long as you remain on this path, you are Sickly; the world weakens you easily, and you draw power from that.

The End of Time

Your Estate is the End of Time – a land of death, in which there can be no sorrow or despair because there is nothing fool enough to feel. Its goods are necromantic and its denizens are immortal – they are golems, zombies and creatures that never decay or grow. You are the only vampire present; your ability to feel is a weakness that you have not yet banished. The Shadow that falls over it is the actions of those in the Present – actions that seem to delay the end of the world, but only weaken the treasures of your realm. They are manifested in Principal Entropy II, your nemesis.

Within the End of Time, the following things are true:

  • There Is No Pain
  • There Is No Anger
  • There Is No Hope
  • All Things Have A Use
  • Nothing Exists For Itself

The things of the End of Time falter in the face of entropic reality; if you bring them to the world, there is a Level 2-4 Obstacle to their continued existence and effective operation, depending on how weird they are (a bone flute probably just has Obstacle 2, whereas a giant zombie golem is definitely Obstacle 4).

In His Shadow

You are mystically bonded to Principal Entropy – as he is the Life of the late Lord Entropy, you are the Death. This takes the form of a Level 2 Bond that allows you to impersonate, dream of, and spiritually mimic the Principal.

Time Traveller (Imperial)

You travel to the world from the End of Time. While you generally run on the same causality as everyone else, you don’t always quite match up. When you use this power, you manifest somewhere else. Anywhere else, as long as it’s somewhere that you aren’t expected to be, and you can reasonably just walk up. Because this other you needs to obey the laws of temporal causality, though, you have to be careful what you say or do. Your doubles have an effective Obstacle 2 to take any kind of meaningful action. This Obstacle increases to 4 for really major actions. Fortunately, this works both ways – no one can kill your past self if your present self is hanging around, right?

This power can be used once per chapter for free. A second usage costs 1 MP, multiple uses in a scene cost 2 MP, and multiple simultaneous uses cost 4.

The Mask of Mourning

Your Mask is a thing of shadows and dust, that swirls over your face and conceals all but your too-sharp fangs. No matter the light, no one can see you clearly. This Mask isn’t real, and you can’t take it off – it is a manifestation of the End of Time. By unleashing it, sending shadows racing around you, you can transform a patch of shadows into a gateway to the End of All Things. Most people still have a lot of trouble walking through, but your Map In Your Head always shows you the correct paths to walk. This is free once a chapter, costs 1 MP a second time, 2 MP if used twice in a scene, and 4 MP if you want to trigger it instantly.

The Vampire Prince

You are the lord of your domain, and safe from its hazards. You can spend 1 MP to shield yourself from the stuff of death, avoiding serious injury, or to find something useful within your Realm. Alternately, you can give yourself a +2 Tool Bonus to shape and modify the things of the End of Time.

Break the Boundaries

No locks can bar your way. Normally, you use this power by dissolving into smoke and seeping through any barrier, or by simply finding a pathway without needing to fall back on your Map, although if this is totally impossible you can instead cause the barrier to decay to dust. This can generally only be done once a book, although you can spend 1 MP to use it a second time, or 2 MP to use it once per chapter. 4 MP lets you stay in this state, slipping through every barrier or ward that you face.

For 8 MP and a wound, you can activate this power as an Imperial Miracle, unleashing entropy on your entire region and causing every lock, barrier, or ward to spontaneously dissolve as the shadows rush over them.

The Touch of Death

Your touch leeches the life from people, leaving nothing but a vague desire to be useful. Normally, this manifests as a faint chill and a shiver down the spine of anyone you interact with, but by spending 1 MP, you can gain a +3 Tool bonus to attempts infect someone with a point of Sickness. (Generally, this requires an Intention 5-6). You usually use your Vampire Skill for such attempts. Doing this a second time in a chapter costs 2 MP, and using it more than once in a scene costs 4 MP.

Cold Treasures [Imperial]

You can, with some effort, bring necromantic wonders from the Lands of the Dead back to the world of the living. This costs 1 MP the first time you do it in a book, and 2 MP afterwards. This removes the usual Obstacles for things to thrive outside of your realm.

Once per book, you may immediately discover something in your realm that will resolve a problem that you or someone you care about is having, or a role that someone needs to fulfill, and bring it into the world instantly. This is an Imperial Miracle. Doing it a second time in a book costs 4 MP.

The Kiss of the Vampire [Major, Bleak]

Your bite can infect someone with death on a scale that your mere touch never could. Once per book, you can reshape a person or thing into a creature or object of Death by either draining their blood, or spreading your blood on the object. You can’t really control what they become – it’s not like you infallibly get vampire minions or anything – but you can prepare them, or invoke the Properties of the End of Time to try and shape the result. This is free once a book, and costs 2 MP each time afterwards. Doing it with no preparation costs 4 MP.

Time And Space Have No Meaning [Imperial]

Once per book, you can impose your will upon the End of Time, as the only thing left within it that desires. This reshapes the Realm in a large, wish-like way. Doing this a second time in a book costs 4 MP.

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