Miramie Yatskaya

The Cat-Witch


You don't know exactly who you are.

In your life, you are Miramie Yatsakya, the youngest child of the Yatskaya family. Years ago, you were a shining child. But when you were young, you grew sick. Your family worried over you, as you lay in bed, shivering and cold, and when you emerged you were never quite the same. You were quieter. Stranger. You saw darkness in people, where you had been innocent before. Your family accepted this. A brush with death, they whispered, changes a person. At least their little Miramie is still alive. But your secret - your worry - is that they're wrong. You died that day, and someone else came back.

In your dreams, you remember another life, a woman named Melanie Malakh. You were a powerful witch, trained at the Bleak Academy and directed against the world. You came to Town years ago, and you met with Professor Hideo Hayashi, and you poured your hatred into his heart, and the two of you made a glass dragon and set it against the world.

And it broke. And your body was torn apart by the blast, and a shard of glass sliced through your heart, and carried your memories and your soul with it, and then it found a girl and lodged in her heart, and killed her. And now you are her. Miramie Yatskaya.

Your family is made up of legendary heroes and champions. Your brother speaks for death, your sister is a witch, and you - you are incomplete. You aren't even really a Yatskaya. You're an imposter! A dream-witch hiding in the one place no one would look for her, the one place that you would be safe. And you have been! You have lived quietly, in the image that everyone expects of you. You goof off, and make trouble sometimes, but your heart isn't really in it, because you can feel that shard of glass filtering your blood and your dreams, and you know that while you want to be a Yatskaya, you're just the cuckoo who stole her shape and her destiny.

And more than anything else, you want to understand. You want to know why Melanie Malakh died, why the glass dragon broke. You want to find her memories, and understand why she had so much hatred in her heart, and lately you've begun to sense where she might have gone to. There's a Wishing Boy, and he has a shard of her inside him - not like you, not pushing him out, but enough that you might finally be able to understand. You're just… you're also worried that if you do, it will be the end of Miramie Yatskaya, and you owe it to her family to be her for a little longer. Just as long as you can.

Skills and Arc

Arc: Creature of Fable 2, Sentimental 1
Current Arc: Creature of Fable 2+, or Sentimental 1+
Emotion XP: Pity and Comfort


  • Storytelling 2: You've studied a lot of stories.
  • Crafts 1: You like to work with masks.
  • Domestic Tasks 1: You also like helping out around the house.
  • Superior Cat-Speaker 2: You have a natural gift for speaking to cats.
  • Superior Dreamer 2: You are in impressive control of your dreams.


  • Connection (Chuubo) 2: You have a mysterious connection to him.
  • Connection (The Yatskayas) 2: You know these people.
  • Bond: I Must Honor My Debt To My Family 1
  • Bond: I Am Responsible For Hideo Hayashi 1
  • Superior Hunter 1: You are good at tracking people down.

Miraculous Powers: Creature of Fable

You're not who you pretend to be. You define yourself by your stories, by the people around you rather than yourself, and by the emptiness hiding in your heart. This has given you many powers, but really, it might have been better not to have them. You're still working on it, though! If the stories are strong enough, they might help you find what your purpose once was.


As long as you're working on Creature of Fable, you have the Arc Power, Frantic.

Cuckoo's Gift

You're a bit of a storybook figure, with an empty core, and you've realized that when you aren't around people who are important, the world can get a little… fuzzy. Your dreams take over, and things happen the way that you feel like they should, instead of how others experience every moment correctly. You can accomplish background tasks by simply claiming to have been working on them, because how much time did that take? As much as it needed, of course.

These things are often surprisingly mundane. They seem to make sense, until someone realizes that [i]no they don't[/i], and rely on impossible coincidence rather than outright impossibility.

You start with the ability to use your Cuckoo's Gift to:

  • already have met anyone that you encounter, and
  • already have constructed some minor mask or other craft that someone might be wanting now.

This is an Affliction, whose power is based on your [b]Something To Deal With[/b] Issue. The more time you spend laid back, avoiding your problems, the more likely it is that you've been preparing for something in the future.

Iconic Appearance

You are very you. You shaped yourself to be the right kind of Miramie, and it's stuck. The exact details of what you look like are up to you; probably it involves a tiny hat and a general air of cleanliness. But no matter what, you can generally get back to that state without any problems (as an Imperial miracle limited only by reasonableness), or spend 1 MP to miraculously return to your usual appearance instantly as a Major miracle.

Cut The Soul

The shard of glass in your heart makes you very good at breaking the magic of others. You have the ability to shatter minor miracles, remove supernatural skills, and force the world to behave how you expect it to. This power defeats any Level 1 miraculous action, and some Level 2 ones, weakens Imperial miracles, or defeats actions based on magical skills. More importantly, as long as you sustain an action based on your Cut The Soul, that power is removed from the victim's sheet.

This power can be used once per week for 1 MP. If you use it a second time in a week, it costs you 2 MP, and using it more than once in a scene costs 4 MP.


You aren't actually a normal human; your power lies in your glass shard, and while you have made yourself into Miramie, you could make yourself into someone else. With your Changeling power, you can infalliably take on the mannerisms, voice, and style. You often use this power in conjuction with your mask-making to properly imitate others. This costs you 1 MP for someone you've met and interacted with a lot, or 4 MP for someone you barely know or haven't met. Resuming a disguise you've used earlier in the chapter costs you nothing.

The Heart-Breaker's Touch

You don't only break what is impossible. You also possess a frightening power to destroy the dreams and hopes of others. You may, when interacting with someone, make any declaration about how they should react to a situation, and inflict that reaction on them as a miraculous emotion. As long as you sustain a connected Intention, and a little while afterwards, they will feel as you have told them to feel. This is free once per season, but costs 1 MP to use a second time, 2 MP to use more than once a week, and 4 MP to use more than once per scene.

You don't actually like to use your Touch, incidentally. It feels like a violation, to reach into someone's dreams and affect them that way. But you don't always do it deliberately. Sometimes, you just get flustered, and change people.

Miraculous Powers: Sentimental

Because you have trouble defining yourself as *yourself* you've been working on defining yourself by the people and things you care about, and you've worked until this gives you some special abilities:


You are spiritually connected to Professor Hideo Hayashi, your family (as a group, not as individuals), and the Wishing Boy (or Girl). You have access to special powers when interacting with them, as detailed below.

Miraculous Ease

You have an extra pool of 3 Will. When you're focusing on being a good daughter of the Yatskaya Family, and helping their name and image, or when you're working to understand or help the Wishing Boy, you can spend this Will. You can refresh this Will by completing, or being in a scene with someone who completes, an in-genre XP action.

The Cat-Witch's Shadow

When you are asleep and dreaming, you may project yourself into the dreams of anyone sleeping at the Yatskaya Shrine, or into the dreams of Chuubo or Hideo Hayashi. You can also faintly feel the area around where they are sleeping. You may use this ability to become present and be affected instead of, or in addition to, one of these people. Your dream-self is a woman in a cat-faced mask, shrouded in robes.

You may also use this power when still awake, giving them a +1 Tool bonus to their actions, and leaving yourself faintly aware of both where you are, and where they are. This costs you 1 MP, or 4 MP if you do it multiple times within a few hours. You can't use Lend Spirit (see below) while awake.

Lend Spirit

When you are dreaming with someone, you can shield them within the hollow places in your heart, hiding their spirit behind a shard of magic glass. This gives them certain abilities:

  • Any attempt to influence their thoughts or actions automatically fail, unless they also influence yours
  • You can help them move, a little - extinguishing candles in the Yatskaya Shrine, or rolling Chuubo out of bed.
  • They can use your Skills, powers, MP and knowledge in addition to their own.

The glass shard keeps its secrets; anyone who uses your abilities forgets them when they wake, and retain only muddled memories of what happened.

The Treasure's Call

You always know when your treasures are in danger, no matter what else is happening. This only really lets you know when the Yatskayas as a whole are in danger, rather than individual members.

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