Mimi Romanov


Name: Mimi Romanov
Academic Ability: Okay
Athletic Ability: Okay
Blood Type: Ω
Favorite Food: groundberries, cookies, anything that sparkles
Animal: Rat
Age: 7

XP Emotion: face-palm

some story blurb


(Magical) Changeling 2 - for sometimes having two differently colored eyes instead of the starry eyes, maybe
(Superior) Unreal 1 - you seem like you are not quite connected to the world
Writer 3 - you wrote yourself into existence, you better be good at this!
Cute 2 - like every little girl you know how to manipulate people through the secret art of being adorable


  • Bond: "I am the protagonist of this story!" - 2 - You are a bit of a storybook character and of course you want to be the protagonist! You're driven to insert yourself into whatever is going on and somehow make it about you / be the center of attention.
  • Affliction: "I am not real." - 0 - For better or worse, you are not a natural part of the world. You are a living lie, a tale you told the world. A walking paradox. This Affliction's rating is bound to the level of your Sickness Issue.

Arc Traits

Reality Syndrome 0

Experience: Mimi's fantasies


Side Quests

Basic Quest: Inspiring!

Work and Study

Whenever something happens in play, you can declare it an inspiration for your stories and add an XP to the Quest.
Say something like. "Ohhh! Inspiring!" or "That's going in the book!" or scribble in your notebook with excitement.

Knight Arc: Reality Syndrome 1

Knight Quest 1: Adventure GET

Or maybe some variation thereof.

Mutable Stats

Floating XP: 0

Will: 8/8
MP: 5/5

Health Levels

  • Normal
  • Normal
  • Tough
  • Divine
  • Divine


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