Leonardo Irinka

The Nightmare Sun


Your first clear memory is of your mother's death.

You have vague memories of what came before - your childhood in the sky kingdom, learning the ways of the Celestial Realm, studying at the foot of your mother, Jasper Irinka, goddess of the Sun. Occasionally, you would travel to the lands beyond the world, and study with your father in the Bleak Academy, learning the ways of the Dead, but you preferred your time in the light. But one day, your father came to the sky, and he shot your mother. And it all went wrong, and you fell to Town. You think that you did something, first, that saved the world. But you might be wrong. It might have been done to you.

The fall jarred you. You hit your hit pretty hard, in fact. You were taken into an orphanage, where your strange abilities frightened the other children, so you left. You tried to return to the Academy, to confront your father and demand to know why he did what he did. You spent a year just working your way through the curriculum until you won an award and were brought to face him, and then you revealed yourself and threatened him and asked him why he did what he did. And he told you that you would understand one day, and then he pulled open your chest and placed something glorious and shining and terrible inside, and he sent you away.

And now you don't know what to do. You distrust your father's motives. You want to protect Town, but it rejects you, filled with complacent fools who don't know the storm that approaches, so wrapped up in their tiny lives. Lives full of such insignificant pains. You wish you could take those pains away, so that they could focus on what actually matters, and so you've begun trying that. You know that you can save them. You just have to figure out how.

Skills and Arc

Arc: Wounded Angel 1
Primordial 2
Current Arc: Primordial 2+ or Wounded Angel 1+
Emotion XP: Speechlessness
Health: 3 Normal Health, 1 Tough Health, and 3 Divine Health (+2 wounded Divine Health)


  • Perseverance 2: You never stop trying.
  • Courtly Manners 2: Despite yourself, you know how to behave.
  • Lore 2: You have extensive knowledge of the sky, the Sun, and the Bleak Academy
  • Incarnation of the Sun 1: You have a connection to the Sun.
  • Shield 1: You are good at protecting others.
  • Cooking -1: You may actually be the worst cook alive.


  • The Wishing Boy (2): You do not like him.
  • Health: You have +1 Divine Health level! Nothing impedes you!
  • Health: You have +1 Normal Health Level. Not having a heart is surprisingly okay!

Miraculous Powers: Wounded Angel

You were scarred by your mother's death, and scarred further by your father's response when you demanded to know what he had done.

Oh, You Fool

You have a preternatural ability to arrive on the scene when someone is in danger of serious harm or embarrassment. You are not… always helpful. Sometimes you just rant at them for being stupid and leave. But you could help! That's what really matters.

Cage For A Sun

You think that your mother may still be alive, and you worry that she may currently be resting inside your chest, where your heart used to be.

You can't really prove this. If you're right, then the moment you lose your last divine health level, the Sun with burst forth from your chest, and rise into the sky, and shine on the world, and force the Outside real again. This will probably destroy everything that currently exists, but the next world might be nicer? On the other hand, you aren't sure what will happen if the Sun bursts forth before she is ready. She may just explode, bathing Town in flame and sinking into the sea. You can't really test these theories. Either way, it will probably not be great for the people currently alive.

You also aren't sure why your father put her there. Perhaps it was to protect her. Perhaps it was to punish you. Perhaps there was no reason. That is the most disturbing thought of all.

Empowered Wounds

Nothing can stop the incomparable Leonardo Irinka! When you suffer a Wound, or suffer something that you think should be a Wound, or suffer something irritating and choose to treat it as a Wound, you may assign it to one of your Divine Health Levels and gain a miraculous power like those listed below. You may release this power at any time, at which point your wound begins to heal normally.


You have torn out your heart and used it to kindle a new sun. When that sun's rays touch you, it flows through you, rendering you immune to blood loss, chest wounds, or feelings of insecurity or despair. Once per chapter, you may take advantage of this power to accomplish any physical task that is reasonably possible. Using the power more than once per chapter costs you 1 MP, whereas using it multiple times in a scene costs 4 MP.

This power is drawn from one of your Wounds. If you ever heal that wound, you will no longer be Heartless. This may have an impact on the universe.


When you fell from the sky, you forgot where you came from, and that pain and loss has become a bulwark, holding you seperate from others and protecting them. This power is identical to "Only I May Save You", including its weakness, and is also drawn from one of your Wounds.

Miraculous Powers: Primordial

You are not just wounded, however. You are a divine child of the Headmaster and the Sun, and you are well-prepared to advance towards godhood yourself. A blend of the hope of the sun and the resignation of death, you are becoming a god of Peace (to the surprise of many who know you), and while you will not replace the Sun (at least, you hope not!) you do have the power to tame the fears that lurk in the night, as the sunrise ends bad dreams.


No, seriously, it is impossible to kill you, and foolish to try. Nothing stops Leonardo Irinka!

An End To Darkness

You are the sunrise. As such, you can use your mortal skills to add pathetic fallacy to emotional situations, stopping rain when two people find one another, create dramatic light when something hopeful happens in a dark place, or conveniently have streetlights blow out when something dangerous approaches. Generally, this is directly related to your ability to bring peace and recognize fear. It's kind of a broad and not very powerful ability.

Nightmares' Angel

Spend a few minutes concentrating, and you can see someone's dreamscape - sending a mote of dreamstuff into their mind, to either see what they are currently dreaming, or what they dreamed last night. If you are actually with the person whose dreams you want to read, this is pretty simple, but if you have to search through Town for them it can take over an hour to locate their unique dream resonance (and that won't help you find where they are in the real world, incidentally). Actually analysing these dreams takes skills that you do not, strictly speaking, have, but they are interesting to read, and sometimes analysis doesn't really take much work.

You almost always see people's nightmares - dreams about the things they fear, the things that worry them, and the things that they are confused about. You very rarely get to see actual pleasant dreams. This is just one more of the burdens of being someone as impressive as you.


As a divine being, if only a divine being in progress, you can eat literally anything. Rocks. Books. People's shadows, if you work it out right. Dreams, if you shove your mouth into their mind somehow. Literally anything. This is an Imperial Miracle; anything that you can figure out how to eat (and you can, eventually, figure out how to eat anything), you can digest safely. If you eat something appropriately mythical, you may recover MP or even gain XP or a Perk.

You mainly use this power to eat your own cooking.

Nightmare Science

You always have a small collection of the nightmare devices that you've constructed; these are usually fairly specific in intent, so they don't help everything. But you can generally get a +1 Tool bonus to any Intention built out of Perseverance, by concocting a device that will help you with your problems.

More importantly, after you talk with someone about their fears and worries, or spend enough time studying their nightmares, you can draw those nightmares out of them, transforming them into materials which you fashion into terrifying nightmare devices with which to save people. The nature of these devices is based on the fears or concerns of the person you connected with - a strange device to root you to the ground, or to sense the presence of family members (horrors!) or which can turn anything into an orange.

These devices are powered by your own soul, and can't leave your presence. You may "store" them in one of your unwounded Health Levels, as follows:

  • Handheld, easily concealed nightmare devices that provide a Level 2 Bond or Level 1 Superior Skill can be stored in a Normal Health Level.
  • Large, impressive devices such as a motorcycle covered in eyes or a jet pack made of bone provide a small Affliction, a Level 2-3 Superior Skill, or a minor miraculous ability. They can't be concealed, but can be left places for a short time. They must be stored in a Tough Health Level.
  • Or, you can build them directly around your body, creating a large, impossible to conceal nightmare device that you can't really put down, and store it in a Divine Health Level.

This costs nothing, but if you want to skip proper dream analysis and just yank out what you need from a single glimpse, it'll cost you 4 MP.

Nightmare Heart

As long as you have crafted someone's nightmares into a device, you can use that device to communicate with them. Your nightmare science will behave oddly, in a way that lets you get rough information from someone - there's a fairly serious Obstacle to getting exact information, unless you built an "Exact Heart Information Monitor" or something. You can also spend 1 MP after a few minutes of fiddling with the device to use it to home in on their physical location (or 4 MP to do so instantly!)

Once per season, you may use this power to know everything about a person's fears, worries, and regrets. If the person is actively hiding these facts, this power transforms from Imperial to Bleak, and may potentially be resisted. Using it a second or later time costs 4 MP.

The Sun Always Rises

You may invoke this power when someone whose nightmares you have transformed is lost, confused, or afraid, in order to remind them that they have nothing to fear. This manifests as a temporary level 2 Bond for them, The Sun Always Rises, which gives them courage and confidence and drains away their worries. They have nothing to fear! (Or, if they do have something to fear, at least they're getting some Will for forgetting that and getting into trouble.)

Once per season, you may use this power to completely banish someone's concerns as an Imperial Miracle, helping them to do whatever they wanted to do without being held down by their fears and worries. This will generally work out in a way that makes them a happier, more fulfilled person, rather than just one who's gotten stupid-swaggering or something. You can use this a second or later time per season for 4 MP.

Memory's Surcease

Once per season, when fear and terror surround you and all hope seems lost, you may craft a nightmare device from the very terror that you face in order to resolve the situation. The device holds exactly the power required to make the danger that you face meaningless, and that danger fades away as though it had never existed. In fact, people tend to forget that the danger or terror existed in the first place, and the device itself dissolves into the ether as soon as its task is complete.

This power can only be used against a truly impressive threat; you can't just craft a limb because you don't have any clean clothes. It is often used to resolve particularly gripping Issues. Using it a second time in a season costs 4 MP.

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