Lee Scathing

Head of the Disciplinary Committee

Academics Skill: Focused
Sports Skill: Focused
Favorite Foods: A properly balanced diet
Blood Type: A
Animal: Dragon
Age: 17


  • Normal Health: 2
  • Tough Health: 1
  • Divine Health: 2
  • Will: 8
  • MP: 5


  • Nightmare Science 3 - You are a very skilled nightmare scientist.
  • By The Book 3 - You do everything in the proper order, with the proper tools.
  • Superior School History 2 - You know where the bodies are buried.


  • Accessory: The Hall Monitors. Your rotating army of Hall Monitors provides you with 3 Miraculous Will, which you may use to enforce order or gather information around School.
  • Eyes of Sin: You can spot a rulebreaker a mile away. Specifically, once per chapter you can recognize when someone is breaking School rules. Doing this a second time in a chapter costs 1 MP, as does doing it to several people at once.
  • Connection (School) 2: You know School in general.
  • Superior Secret Tunnels 2: School is riddled with them! (From your powers; see below)

Miraculous Abilities: Allegory [3]

  • Your Role is the Chair of the Disciplinary Committee, and you take it very seriously.
  • Your Failing is Sin - it is all that you can see, and you disdain it even as you are steeped in it.
  • Your Truth is that you are the First Sin of Principal Entropy I. This is a truth that you cannot deny.

As a student on the Allegory Arc, you are essentially Immortal. This is not to say that you cannot die, but you have prepared for such an eventuality, and can swiftly return from your labs in the event of bodily damage or destruction.

The Mask of Lee Scathing

Unlike some of the Six Sins, you don’t have some complex alter-ego. Alter-egos are for those with something to hide. Instead, when you remove your swan-feather mask, you simply become an anonymous student, able to spy on others and learn their secrets. There is a Level 2 Obstacle to recognize, describe, or spot you when you are not wearing your Student Council mask.

Covered In Invisible Eyes That Can Eat You [Major]

So hey, that’s pretty useful. Opening all those eyes takes a lot of energy, though, so you don’t actually do it very often. It’s the threat of the things that counts. You can still eat anything your invisible eyes can see when they open, which could be everyone, depending on the situation. Opening your eyes more than once a book costs 4 MP per use.

The Eyes of the First Principal

You remember all the things that Principal Entropy saw, up until 47 minutes before his death. When you invoke this power, once per book, you can declare that Principal Entropy saw, or participated in, any event in history, and thus you have knowledge of it. Using this power a second time in a book costs 1 MP, and using it more than once a chapter costs 2 MP.

The Blood of the First Principal [Imperial]

You have literally vats of Principal Entropy’s blood, and you know how to use it properly. Generally, this means that when you’re in your labs, you can create a nightmare device that will challenge, and even destroy, miracles, work with miracles directly. You can do this once a book for free, and beat miracles as though your device was a miracle of a level equal to your Intention. Creating a second device per book costs 1 MP, and using it more than once a chapter costs 2 MP.

You can also dip people or objects into your vats of blood, working terrible blood magics upon them to purify them and make them… better. You do this by purging the sin from them, creating a more innocent, terrible form. You can do this once per book each to inanimate objects or living people, and it takes a few minutes of work. Objects come to life, acting however you would expect an innocent object to act, and you can either awaken a single thing, or entire vats worth of stuff.

People, usually, turn into faceless Hall Monitors as everything sinful about them is burned away, leaving nothing but a shell. Sometimes, though, they actually become purified versions of themselves, a little more righteous, a little more naïve, and a lot more beautiful to the world. You transform them using your Nightmare Science, with a +1 Tool bonus, and they resist with mundane Intentions. The transformation isn’t permanent; after serving an appropriate detention, Hall Monitors return to normal. (This Detention generally takes the form of a mini-quest, or resolving a Sickness Issue, if it happens to PCs.)

Methods of Transportation

You can get ahold of some pretty cool stuff, be it borrowing a flying Evil island or using the secret tunnels throughout School. Once per book, you can fill an empty Perk slot with a Level 2 Superior Skill that lets you get to places that you need to be. Usually, you just have Superior Secret Passages 2, but sometimes you add something extra.

New Regulations

You are testing the boundaries of reality, and you have some… elasticity… with regards to them. Once per book, you may deploy the Principal’s corrosive blood, combined with your terrible invisible eyes, to attack the foundations of reality itself, creating new regulations that the universe must obey. You can make almost anything feasible, allowing anyone in the area to use mundane actions to accomplish it. The memories and effects of these rules fade away over the course of a few scenes.

A Stickler For The Rules

You don’t just use the rules as a weapon – you believe in them. This takes the form of a Level 2 Bond, “School Rules”, which compels you to take action when you spot people breaking the rules, and helps you when you issue appropriate, School-mandated punishments for rule violations.

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