Judah Jackanory

A Directionally-Challenged Angel- Let's play detective!

Character Description

Name: Judah Jackanory (Angel Detective!)
Age: 14
Academic Ability: Never revises, but always gets by
Athletic Ability: Good
Blood Type: O
Favourite Food: Salt and vinegar crisps/chips
Zodiac: Dragon

A directionally challenged angel who fell from the heights of Celestea one day and landed in a ramshackle tower somewhere in Fortitude. If asked about his home he'll happily share stories of the high realm of the Sun Princess, of the higher flights of Angels behind barred gats. Of divine beauty and wrath.

If he is a fallen angel he certainly doesn't seem to have realised it yet, but he doesn't seem to know of a way back either. Currently he has taken up employment as a detective, mostly as an excuse to learn the ways of Fortitude.


  • Detective 2
  • Superior Wings 3
  • Shine 3
  • Household chores -1
  • Partaking of strange and exotic fruits -2
  • Perk: Superior Holiness 4


  • Copper 1
  • The Roofs of Fortitude 1
  • Celestea 1
  • Child of the Sun 1

Emotion XP

  • Oh no! Judah is in trouble! XP


Basic Quest: Solve mysteries, uncover secrets and understand the world.

  • Key action: Propose a theory about a mystery.

Miraculous Arcs

  • Storyteller(Creature of Light) 3
    • Tireless ("3 miraculous will that can be used for anything.")
    • Well-Lit (I can declare lighting out of nowhere for free.)
    • The Auctoritas Magister (I can cloak myself and my mundane actions with a 3-point Auctoritas, 1-4MP.)
    • Appear (Appear to someone I have a connection to. I can choose to specify that I appear "When you are beset by mystery." 0-4MP)
    • Transfix (Put a glamour on a slow, careful mundane action so that all observers are transfixed. 0MP, 4MP every time in a book after the first.)
    • Obsession (My actions may obsess, entrance or otherwise provide profound emotional effect on desired witnesses. 0-2MP)
    • Open the Vault (I can make someone experience a flashback that is significant to an emotion or experience I name 0-2MP.)
    • Fade (I can fade away to the closest portion of the near Outside. 0-2MP)
    • Transition (Non-interactively change the world according to my will. 0-4MP)
  • Shepherd (Sentimental) 01
    • Miraculous Ease (3 Miraculous Will, can be used with my treasure)
    • Haunt (When I am asleep I can project myself to those who I treasure. 1 MP)


  • Skill: Superior Holiness 4
  • Bond: I seek knowledge of good and evil (2)
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