Jasper Irinka

the Angel of Fortitude


Long ago, you lived in the clouds and played in the sky. Your mother was the Sun herself, the goddess Jade Irinka, and you loved her and stayed by her side. You did not, then, know your father, but your mother sometimes told stories of him, of the island that he forged to fly up from the ground and meet with her, of his cruel sorrow and hidden love of the light. For he was Lord Entropy, the King of All Evil, and in the Sun he saw something that he disdained (or despaired of) in humanity - hope.

And so it was that, when he knew that she must die, he took steps.

You do not know precisely what those steps were, but they killed him. When the Bleak Academy came calling, the Headmaster claiming the life of even the deathless Sun, Lord Entropy stood against him, and the battle cast you out of the sky, and you watched as the sun fell and your parents died together, alone against the dark. You feel that your mother may have been willing to die. She understood the need for death to match life. But your father never did, and you fear that he may have broken the world trying to save her.

You don't think your mother is dead, but she's not quite alive, either. At the very least, she's gone now, and you've been left with two very problematic legacies. Your father's remnants have spread throughout Town, and your mother's light shines dimly over the endless Outside. The task of reining these things in seems… nearly impossible, frankly. But you're trying. During the day, you are a beacon of hope and light to the people of Fortitude. At night, you don your helmet and ride through the streets as the Angel of Fortitude, solving problems and bringing justice to the world.

You don't have a handle on your duties yet. You aren't even sure if you can [i]be[/i] a goddess of the Sun and a master of the lands of Evil at the same time! You may have to choose one of your brothers and give that role to him. But there's still time to worry about all this. Time to worry about the Bleak Academy, and whether they were right or wrong to tear your world apart - and, incidentally, guard the borders of Town against more incursions. For now, you already have two lives to manage, and that's quite enough!

Skills and Arc

Arc: Child of the Ash 1
A Keeper of Gardens 2
Current Arc: A Keeper of Gardens 2+
Emotion XP: Gratitude Hands


  • Courtly Manners 2. You’re quite graceful.
  • Incarnation of the Sun 2. You’re in tune with the sun.
  • Superior Land-Rule 2. You're safe and loved within your realms.
  • Riding 1. You’re familiar with horses and bicycles (and your motorcycle-horse).
  • Lore 1. You know scraps of secret lore about the sun, the sky, the lake, and the Bleak Academy beyond the world.


  • Connection: The Prodigy [2] (She interests you)
  • Accessory: Perkins (Perkins was once one of the horses that pulled the sun's chariot. He is now your treasured motorcycle.)
  • Skill Trick: Caring (You may use your Riding skill to care for animals and fix bikes and motorcycles.)
  • Garden: The Shrines of Fortitude and Little Island. +1 to resist the Outside, and doesn't count towards your 8-Perk limit.
  • Garden: The Streets and Parks of Fortitude. +1 to resist the Outside.
  • Garden: My Father's Evil Island. +1 to rest and recover.
  • Garden: The shores of Little Island and Fortitude. +1 to resist the Outside.

Miraculous Powers: Child of the Ash

You are born from the union of the Goddess of the Sun and the King of Evil. This has given you several important powers.

The Light Of Community

When you're around people, you create an aura of friendship and camraderie that helps people get over their cynicism and problems, at least for a little while. Over the course of a few minutes, you can create a Region property, There Is Value In Others. This property will generally keep people from giving up or getting frustrated or cynical; it can get them into trouble when they go too far, of course. If you need people to believe this instantly, it costs 4 MP.


Once per season, you can just let off a burst of godly peace and love that forces everyone present to get along and like each other. Mechanically, it functions like a wish, "I wish everyone would just get along!" You have no control over the exact effect, and this won't necessarily solve problems (people aren't going to all pitch in to build the town's new hall, necessarily, they might just wander off and have a picnic together.) But they won't be arguing anymore! If you want to do this a second or more times in a season, you need to spend 4 MP.

The Angel of Fortitude

You're your mother's daughter by day, but your father's daughter by night. You may enter your Angel of Fortitude mode by shrugging into your leather jacket and putting on your motorcycle helmet. This reverses your Light of Community, changing the region property that you create to, [b]"There is Evil in this world"[/b]. This can help people stand against evil, but it also escalates situations as a rule and keeps people from just being misunderstood. Your Evil-splosion in this situation is a wish saying, "I wish everyone would just understand how bad this situation is", and generally stops people from being complacent and forces them into action. Not always 'good' or 'productive' action, but something will definitely happen.

Kaiju Form

You're generally human, but you don't - technically - have to be. You can transform into a massive behemoth of light and shadow, a mass of tendrils and flicking blood that awes and terrifies everyone around you.

It's kind of useless for actually doing things, but it certainly looks impressive.

The downside is, engaging that form involves unleashing both your Sun and Evil sides, and they don't merge well. Getting yourself back together can take days, and you always have a brutal headache afterwards. You really don't like to do this, and you really don't see the point.

You can also alter the size of your form, so you don't have to worry about exactly how large it is. It can be the size of Town, or just a little bit bigger than you are. It's free to do this gradually over the course of a scene, but it costs MP to do it a lot.

Miraculous Powers: A Keeper of Gardens

As incarnations and possible replacements for the Sun go, you are a very personal deity. You've begun to learn how to shine across the holy places of Town, and you're growing familiar with the quiet, friendly places of Fortitude. Eventually, you hope to be a beacon of safety and hope for all of Town. It's going to take some time, though, and you may lose a part of yourself along the way.


You are a goddess of the world, and you are gradually, piece by piece, becoming used to what that world represents. You have a number of Perks defining areas of Town as your 'Gardens', and many of these miraculous powers only function there. In addition, each Garden has a rough ability you can draw on when inside it; usually, this defaults to a +1 Tool bonus to resist the Outside.

By default, each Garden represents a single facet of a single Region (or of a full mini-Region, such as your late father's evil flying island). However, by taking a Divine Wound, you may expand the scope of one of your Gardens, either by adding an extra aspect to it, or by adding an extra Region to it. At the end of every season or two, one of these changes becomes permanent and you may recover the related Wound. You may abandon one of these changes at any time, but your wound must still heal normally. The first time you expand a Garden in a book costs only the one health level; additional expansions also cost 4 MP.

At the start of the campaign, you have by default expanded your "Shrines of Little Island" Garden to permanently include Fortitude, and have spent your two Divine health levels to expand "The Streets of Fortitude" into "The Streets and Parks of Fortitude", and "The Shores of Little Island" into "The Shores of Little Island and Fortitude".

Light of Existence

You are a beacon against the Outside, regardless of whether you want to be. Soft light shines from you at all times. During daylight hours within Town, this is generally invisible, and you can bundle up heavily to conceal your light (as you do when you become the Angel of Fortitude), but normally it's always noticeable, and it makes it hard for you to hide when it's dark. Anything or anyone touched by your light becomes more real and stable; this helps fight the Outside, and makes magic a little more real, but also keeps people from changing their minds and harms illusions and creatures of the Outside.

Generally, you can use your light to bolster your attempts to make things real or reinforce objects or ideas, either mystically or through mundane actions. Doing so is treated as having a Bond (2) or Strike (2) bolstering the Intention or miracle in question. When your light makes things harder, which is usually your (the player's) decision, you can recover 2 MP. You can also gain 2 MP by spending a chapter actively spreading your light to reinforce Town against the Outside.

It is notionally possible for you to replace the need for food, water, or sleep by simply turning up the light and becoming a changeless being, but this gets unpleasant fast and usually requires some serious Will expenditure.

The World, Like Clay

Your light makes things real, but it also lets you change what 'real' means. Just by shining light on any object within your Garden and undertaking a mundane action (using your Incarnation of the Sun Skill), you can transform it as though it were malleable clay. You can only affect objects that are quite close to you, generally, but once per season you can shine brightly throughout a Garden, completely reshaping a neighborhood-sized area (doing this a second time in a season costs 4 MP).

These changes are real, and permanent, and generally must follow the basic rules of reality. However, Town being what it is, the rules of reality are a little more fluid, so you might be able to shape a bird out of leaves and have it fly away, say. You don't have any control over the things you shape after shaping them, although your Incarnation of the Sun generally protects you from problematic side effects.


You can imbue the things you shape with a fragment of your divine light, empowering them as Guides to your gardens. A thing shaped in this way tends to glow with faint sunlight, and develops enough intellect to instruct, guide, or lead others through the area, or instruct them in a general principle or rule. This is free once per chapter, and costs MP to use multiple times. As the Angel of Fortitude, your Guides are instead imbued with a slightly frightening air, and tend to lurk in shadows and dispense cryptic advice. You've been scattering them all over Town. You expect people will thank you soon!


Recently, you've learned how to create angels -

That is, you can imbue the nature of divine effects and principles into the clay of your Gardens, creating sentient beings motivated to defend or enforce the ideas you fold into them. These beings tend to develop feathers, or windy powers, and are by nature inclined to express their powers by helping others, not by harming them - at least, when you are in your natural state. When you take on the mantle of the Angel, these guardians become judgmental, blood dripping from their fingers and eyes turning into pools of darkness, lurking in the corners of Town and punishing transgressors in whatever method you prefer. Neither of these things are critical, of course - you can build an angel who just wanders around asking questions, or a monster who offers people delicious, non-poisoned candy - but you have definitely noticed a trend when you don't crack down.

You can construct one guardian angel per chapter; constructing more will cost you MP.

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